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Dave Serrano: There's Not Enough Focus On The West Coast

Ryan Kreidler (Nick Wosika/Getty Images)

As our college insider Dave Serrano pointed out in today's video, if you wanted to watch arguably the best series of the college baseball season, well...

You couldn't.

No. 1 UCLA vs No. 2 Stanford wasn't aired on the Pac-12 Network, or any television network. And, as Serrano points out, the fan bases, the stadiums, the pomp and circumstance out west doesn't quite match what you'll see in the SEC or ACC.

But make no mistake about it, he said, baseball out west is being played "at the highest level."

“I truly believe there’s not enough focus of what’s happening out there.”

In this week's video, Serrano touched on both UCLA and Stanford, but also looked at several others teams, including: UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, Fresno State, BYU, Saint Mary's, Pepperdine and more.

Check out the full video above.


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