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Baseball America Prospect Report -- May 6, 2019

MacKenzie Gore, LHP, Padres. The Padres’ top pitching prospect threw five hitless innings for high Class A Lake Elsinore. The lefthander struck out seven batters on the afternoon, retiring the side in order during each inning except for the fourth where he walked two batters. Gore continues to dominate and appears to have put aside his blister issues that he has dealt with since he was drafted.

Kody Clemens, 2B, Tigers. Clemens had a four-hit game for high Class A Lakeland on Sunday. The Tigers’ No. 12 prospect had two doubles and two home runs while coming around to score three times. Known as an offensive-minded second baseman, Clemens has a natural feel for the game and should be able to stick up the middle.

Lolo Sanchez, OF, Pirates. Sanchez had a four-hit game from the leadoff spot for low Class A Greensboro. The Pirates’ No. 12 prospect had two base knocks, a double and a triple with two RBI and two runs scored. Known as a plus defender in the outfield, Sanchez has to make the most of his plus speed on the base paths in an effort to mask his below-average power.

Jake Wong, RHP, Giants. Wong tossed six hitless innings for his second straight outing, striking out two batters without a walk for low Class A Augusta. He was very economical on the mound, needing just 52 pitches to navigate through six innings of work. The Giants’ No. 7 prospect features a three-pitch mix highlighted by a mid-90’s fastball and curveball that flashes above average. Wong has above-average control and is developing a future average changeup, both of which should help him to reach the ceiling of a mid-rotation arm.

Matt Manning, RHP, Tigers. Manning is showing more dominance at Double-A, adding another seven scoreless innings for the Erie Seawolves on Sunday. The righthander worked around three hits and a walk while striking out nine batters. It was the third start in a row that the Tigers’ No. 2 prospect collected nine strike outs, falling just one short of his season high. Manning is starting to see improvements with his changeup which will nicely compliment his low-to-mid 90’s fastball and future plus curveball.

Jordan Balazovic, RHP, Twins. After being promoted two days earlier, Balazovic spun a gem in his debut for high Class A Fort Myers. The Twins’ No. 20 prospect retired all 21 batters he faced, collecting a season-high 10 strike outs. The righthander was efficient, needing just 15 pitches to get through five of his seven frames. He has worked to maintain a repeatable delivery and has vastly improved his control over the past two seasons, making a ceiling of a mid-rotation starter within reach.

ARIAAChisholm, Jazz SS4111.176HR (9)
ARIAAEllis, Drew 3B1111.2402 BB (12)
ARIAAGinkel, Kevin P0000--
ARIAAMiroglio, Dominic C3000.234BB (7)
ARIAASmith, Pavin 1B4000.232
ARIAAYoung, Andy 2B4110.219SB (1)
ARIAAALeyba, Domingo SS4012.311BB (4)
ARIAAAWidener, Taylor P2020.400
ARILoAAlexander, Blaze 2B4000.194
ARILoAKennedy, Buddy 3B4020.278
ARILoAPerdomo, Geraldo SS5010.2302B (3)
ARILoAThomas, Alek RF2010.301BB (12)
ARILoAYerzy, Andy 1B4010.102
ARIMAJLopez, Yoan P0000--
ATLAADidder, Ray-Patrick SS3000.143
ATLAAMuller, Kyle P2000.000
ATLAAPache, Cristian CF3000.327BB (9)
ATLAAWaters, Drew PH-RF1100.339
ATLAAAJackson, Alex C4010.250
ATLAAARiley, Austin 1B3100.301BB (12)
ATLHiAContreras, William C2000.306
ATLHiARamos, Jeffrey LF2000.257
ATLHiAWilson, Isranel CF2000.224
BALAABannon, Rylan 2B3010.309BB (13)
BALAAMcKenna, Ryan CF4010.196
BALLoAEncarnacion, Jean Carlos 3B4111.2172B (4), BB (8)
BALLoAGrenier, Cadyn SS2210.2233 BB (13)
BALLoAHall, Adam 2B5100.333
BOSAAChatham, C.J. SS2010.347BB (9)
BOSAADalbec, Bobby 3B3111.193BB (20)
BOSAANetzer, Brett 2B3220.2652 2B (6)
BOSAAWilson, Marcus CF2100.1712 BB (12)
BOSHiACastellanos, Pedro 1B5000.283
BOSLoACasas, Triston DH2110.2322B (9), BB (11)
BOSMAJChavis, Michael 2B3100.3092 BB (11)
CHCAADe La Cruz, Oscar P1000.000
CHCAAPereda, Jhonny C3000.229BB (16)
CHCAAYoung, Jared LF3000.301
CHCHiAAdeman, Aramis SS3100.243BB (15)
CHCHiAHerron, Jimmy RF4132.2352B (8), CS (2)
CHCLoARoederer, Cole CF3010.237BB (16), CS (2)
CHCLoAVelazquez, Nelson RF4010.284CS (3)
CINAAIsabel, Ibandel DH5011.255
CINAARodriguez, Alfredo SS5121.3042B (4), CS (2)
CINAASiri, Jose CF5121.2572B (6)
CINAAStephenson, Tyler C4110.258
CINAATrammell, Taylor LF4011.258BB (19), SB (5)
CINLoABautista, Mariel RF3000.239
CINLoAMartinez, Juan 3B3000.261
CINLoASiani, Mike CF4000.171
CINMAJSenzel, Nick CF3000.182BB (4), SB (1)
CLEAAJohnson, Daniel PH1000.230
CLEAAABradley, Bobby 1B4021.274
CLEAAAHaase, Eric C4110.241
CLEAAAMercado, Oscar LF5110.2792B (10)
CLELoABenson, Will LF4000.253
CLELoAFreeman, Tyler SS4021.2992B (9)
CLELoAHolmes, Quentin CF3010.149
CLELoANaylor, Bo C2001.177
COLAABoswell, Bret 3B4000.165
COLAAFernandez, Vince RF4111.2793B (2), BB (17)
COLAANevin, Tyler DH4110.240BB (17)
COLAAWelker, Colton 1B5131.3362B (12), SB (1)
COLAAADaza, Yonathan CF3010.393BB (7), SB (5)
COLAAAFuentes, Josh 3B3000.268BB (5)
COLAAAHilliard, Sam RF4000.230
COLAAARamos, Roberto DH3000.286BB (19)
COLAAARodgers, Brendan 2B4000.330
COLHiAVilade, Ryan SS4000.273
COLLoALavigne, Grant DH4100.245BB (21)
COLLoAMacIver, Willie C5121.2972B (9), CS (1)
COLLoAMontano, Daniel RF5000.269
COLLoAVavra, Terrin SS4001.317
CWSAABasabe, Luis Alexander LF3000.167BB (6)
CWSAAGonzalez, Luis DH5000.216
CWSAARivera, Laz SS3110.2132B (5), BB (8)
CWSAARobert, Luis CF5033.3503 2B (4)
CWSAARutherford, Blake RF4011.1612B (2)
CWSAASheets, Gavin 1B4010.192
DETAAAlcantara, Sergio SS3020.243BB (11)
DETAARogers, Jake DH3112.274HR (5), BB (14)
DETAAACameron, Daz RF4221.2062B (5), HR (4)
DETAAALugo, Dawel 2B4130.320
DETAAAWoodrow, Danny LF4011.269
DETHiAClemens, Kody 2B5342.1932 2B (6), 2 HR (3), SB (4)
DETHiADeatherage, Brock CF5000.194
DETHiAStewart, Christin DH4011.455BB (2)
DETLoAMcMillan, Sam C4020.2102B (3), BB (10)
DETLoAPerez, Wenceel SS6231.258HR (1), SB (8)
HOUAADawson, Ronnie CF4112.225BB (10)
HOUAAToro, Abraham 3B4100.272BB (12), SB (3)
HOUAAAAlvarez, Yordan LF2000.398BB (18)
HOUAAAStraw, Myles SS3000.298
HOUAAAStubbs, Garrett C2010.2412B (1)
HOUAAATucker, Kyle RF3000.216
HOUHiAArauz, Jonathan 3B4000.204
HOUHiABeer, Seth LF-1B4010.3122B (7), BB (11)
HOULoAAdolph, Ross CF2000.116BB (14), 2 SB (4), CS (2)
HOULoAPena, Jeremy SS4120.220
KCAALee, Khalil RF4000.262
KCAAPerkins, Blake CF2001.000BB (1)
KCAAPeterson, Kort RF0000.164
KCAARivera, Emmanuel 3B4021.276
KCAAViloria, Meibrys DH4000.108
KCAAALopez, Nicky 2B3010.337BB (15)
KCLoAGigliotti, Michael CF4000.242
KCMAJGutierrez, Kelvin 3B4011.350
LAAAAJones, Jahmai 2B5000.135
LAAAAKruger, Jack DH4010.207
LAAAAABriceno, Jose C4001.230SB (2)
LAAAAALund, Brennon LF4000.186
LAAAAARojas, Jose 3B4110.287BB (8)
LAAAAAThaiss, Matt 1B4011.2692B (6)
LAAAAAWalsh, Jared DH5021.2952 2B (9)
LAALoAMaitan, Kevin 2B4121.192BB (13)
LAAMAJRengifo, Luis 2B3000.185
LADAAEstevez, Omar 2B5000.352
LADAALux, Gavin SS3122.301HR (5), BB (7)
LADAAPeters, DJ CF3211.231HR (5), BB (9)
LADAAThomas, Cody RF3211.237BB (8)
LADAAARios, Edwin 3B5111.2202B (7)
LADAAASborz, Josh P0000--BB (1)
LADAAASmith, Will C4211.235BB (17)
LADHiADowns, Jeter SS5000.196
LADHiARincon, Carlos RF4010.237
LADHiAWong, Connor C4010.213
LADLoAAmaya, Jacob 2B4000.252
LADMAJVerdugo, Alex RF4000.329
MIAAABrigman, Bryson 2B4010.1962B (5)
MIAAADunand, Joe SS4000.228BB (9)
MIAAAMiller, Brian LF4010.219BB (7), SB (5)
MIAAAYamamoto, Jordan P2000.000
MIAAAABrigham, Jeff P0000--
MIAAAADean, Austin LF6133.3772B (7)
MIAAAADiaz, Isan 2B2200.226BB (13)
MIAAAAHarrison, Monte PH-RF2000.309
MIAHiADevers, Jose SS4010.364BB (5)
MIAHiANelson, James 3B4210.165BB (6)
MIALoABanfield, Will C4120.188
MILAAGrisham, Trent DH4110.228
MILAAADubon, Mauricio SS4010.226
MILAAAErceg, Lucas 3B3212.2612B (4)
MILAAAHiura, Keston DH2012.345BB (9)
MILLoAMcClanahan, Chad RF3020.2552B (7), BB (18), SB (4)
MILLoATurang, Brice 2B5120.300
MILLoAWard, Je'Von DH4010.191
MINAAArraez, Luis 2B5121.3332B (5)
MINAAKirilloff, Alex 1B4110.308
MINHiAHelman, Michael SS4000.233
MINHiAJeffers, Ryan C4241.295HR (2)
MINHiALarnach, Trevor RF5020.2722B (10)
MINHiALewis, Royce DH5022.2212B (3), SB (6)
MINHiAMiranda, Jose 2B4011.2222B (6), BB (10)
MINHiAWhitefield, Aaron CF4020.2322B (7), CS (2)
MINLoACelestino, Gilberto RF3011.186
MINLoAMaciel, Gabriel CF4121.328
NYMAAGimenez, Andres DH2000.242
NYMAAToffey, Will DH3111.2602B (5), BB (25)
NYMAAAGuillorme, Luis 2B-SS4111.344
NYMLoAMauricio, Ronny SS3110.266
NYMLoANewton, Shervyen 2B1000.0912 BB (7)
NYMLoAVientos, Mark 3B3110.237
NYMMAJAlonso, Pete 1B4000.280
NYMMAJNido, Tomas C3011.143
NYMMAJZamora, Daniel P0000--
NYYLoAStowers, Josh LF5000.313
OAKAABlanco, Dairon CF4000.284BB (8)
OAKAADeichmann, Greg RF4000.223
OAKAAHeim, Jonah C4110.2882B (6)
OAKAAMerrell, Kevin SS3122.239BB (7)
OAKAAAMateo, Jorge SS4110.3413B (8), BB (8)
OAKAAANeuse, Sheldon 3B3110.269BB (13)
OAKHiAAllen, Nick SS4321.2832B (11), HR (3), BB (13)
OAKHiAArmenteros, Lazaro LF3123.237HR (7), 2 BB (22)
OAKHiABeck, Austin RF5011.2182B (7)
OAKHiAEierman, Jeremy 2B3010.1982 BB (11)
OAKHiAHannah, Jameson CF5220.2462B (8)
OAKHiARivas, Alfonso 1B5021.2672B (5)
OAKLoABrito, Marcos SS2100.212BB (6)
OAKMAJBolt, Skye PH1000.250
PHIAAGamboa, Arquimedes 3B3000.100
PHIAAHaseley, Adam RF4441.2732 2B (8), BB (15)
PHIAAListi, Austin 3B-1B2111.1383 BB (24)
PHIAAMoniak, Mickey CF5100.208
PHIMAJDe Los Santos, Enyel P0000--
PITAAOliva, Jared CF4000.225
PITAAACraig, Will 1B2000.240
PITAAAKramer, Kevin 3B4000.246
PITAAAMartin, Jason PH1000.188
PITHiAMitchell, Calvin RF4110.282
PITHiASwaggerty, Travis CF4000.260
PITLoASanchez, Lolo CF4242.3372B (5), 3B (5), SB (11)
PITMAJNewman, Kevin LF1000.308
PITMAJReynolds, Bryan PH1000.424
PITMAJTucker, Cole SS4110.227BB (3)
SDAAPotts, Hudson 2B5231.2412 2B (6), HR (5)
SDAAReed, Buddy LF4110.1862B (2)
SDAAAAllen, Austin C3113.305HR (4)
SDAAANaylor, Josh RF4111.310
SDAAAUrias, Luis SS3110.3642 BB (8)
SDHiACampusano, Luis DH5021.333
SDHiARosario, Jeisson CF3110.176BB (22)
SDHiARuiz, Esteury 2B2111.226BB (6), CS (3)
SDLoAMarcano, Tucupita 3B4020.311BB (10)
SDMAJFrance, Ty PH1000.208
SDMAJMejia, Francisco C3012.1673B (1)
SEAAAFraley, Jake RF4010.301BB (11)
SEAAAThompson-Williams, Dom DH4112.316HR (5), BB (13)
SEAAAWalton, Donnie SS4110.260BB (15)
SEAAAWhite, Evan 1B5121.273HR (1)
SEAHiARaleigh, Cal C4020.224
SEAHiARizzo, Joe 1B4111.355
SEALoAKelenic, Jarred CF4010.337
SEAMAJBishop, Braden CF4122.182
SEAMAJVogelbach, Daniel 1B4211.286BB (23)
SFAAHoward, Ryan SS4000.182
SFAAMenez, Conner P1100.000BB (1)
SFAAMiller, Jalen 2B4111.237HR (6)
SFAAQuinn, Heath RF3010.2052B (4), BB (9)
SFAAShaw, Chris LF4221.274HR (5)
SFAAAAvelino, Abiatal SS4111.247HR (3)
SFAAAGarcia, Aramis PH1000.211
SFAAAJerez, Williams P0000--
SFLoAGonzalez, Jacob 3B4011.213
STLAACapel, Conner LF4111.212HR (5)
STLAACarlson, Dylan CF4100.268BB (14)
STLAAHurst, Scott DH3210.202
STLAAAGarcia, Adolis RF3000.243
STLAAAKnizner, Andrew C4122.3412B (4), HR (2)
STLAAAO'Neill, Tyler LF3100.182
STLAAASchrock, Max 3B3111.261SB (5)
STLAAASosa, Edmundo 2B4110.3443B (3)
STLAAAThomas, Lane CF3120.3242B (7), SB (5)
STLLoACedeno, Leandro LF5134.276HR (2)
STLLoAGorman, Nolan 3B3110.280BB (11)
STLLoAHerrera, Ivan C2300.2912 BB (11)
STLMAJGallegos, Giovanny P0000.000
TBAAFox, Lucius SS3010.202BB (22)
TBAASanchez, Jesus RF2012.317BB (8), CS (2)
TBAAASolak, Nick 2B3010.241
TBHiADodson, Tanner CF4000.208
TBHiAHernandez, Ronaldo C4000.188
TEXHiAArias, Diosbel 3B3212.328HR (1), BB (9)
TEXHiAMartinez, Julio Pablo LF5012.159SB (2)
TEXHiAReed, Tyreque 1B4000.215
TEXHiATejeda, Anderson DH4120.2892B (7)
TORAASmith, Kevin SS4000.167
TORAASpanberger, Chad RF4000.167
TORAAAAlford, Anthony RF3000.173
TORAAABiggio, Cavan 2B4120.345SB (4)
TORAAAMcGuire, Reese C3011.190
TORMAJGuerrero, Vladimir 3B4000.167
TORMAJJansen, Danny C3000.188
TORMAJMcKinney, Billy PH1010.237
WASLoAPineda, Israel C4110.177BB (8)
WASMAJKieboom, Carter SS4000.097
WASMAJRobles, Victor CF4010.254
ARIAAGinkel, Kevin1.0000021.98Sv (3)
ARIAAAWidener, Taylor5.05444510.41W (2-2)
ARILoATabor, Matt4.0100070.00
ARIMAJLopez, Yoan0.2000000.68
ATLAAMuller, Kyle7.0500342.77
ATLAAAWilson, Bryse4.0744125.68L (0-3)
ATLHiADe La Cruz, Jasseel6.0322292.25L (1-1)
BALAAAraujo, Pedro2.0100133.55
BOSAAFeltman, Durbin1.0244219.90
BOSAASchellenger, Zach1.0000126.75Sv (1)
BOSMAJBrewer, Colten1.0000027.20
CHCAADe La Cruz, Oscar5.0111451.80L (0-1)
CHCLoAMarquez, Brailyn4.0320233.15
CINAASantillan, Tony4.0544414.03
CINLoAMarinan, James7.0944055.40L (1-3)
CLEAASandlin, Nick1.0000001.42
COLAAGarcia, Rico7.0311071.71W (3-0)
COLLoANikorak, Mike1.00000310.38
COLLoAPint, Riley1.00002227.00
DETAAManning, Matt7.0300192.27W (3-1)
DETAAAHall, Matt6.1622096.41W (2-0)
DETHiAGarcia, Bryan1.0111029.00
DETMAJTurnbull, Spencer7.0611172.31
KCAAAStaumont, Josh1.0000103.00
LAAAAASuarez, Jose5.0200140.00
LAAHiAHernandez, Aaron5.0722434.35
LAAMAJButtrey, Ty1.0100001.06
LADAAASborz, Josh2.0231015.56
LADLoAWilleman, Zach4.0400220.00
MIAAAYamamoto, Jordan6.0100264.06
MIAAAABrigham, Jeff2.0000023.60
MIAHiAHolloway, Jordan5.0200232.29W (2-1)
MILAADiplan, Marcos2.0355337.77
MINAAJax, Griffin6.2520150.53W (2-0)
MINHiABalazovic, Jordan7.00000100.00W (1-0)
NYMAAAHanhold, Eric1.0200013.86
NYMMAJZamora, Daniel0.1000000.00
NYYLoAMedina, Luis4.2222638.20
OAKAADunshee, Parker7.0422161.89
PHIAAMedina, Adonis4.2244445.79
PHIMAJDe Los Santos, Enyel2.0200046.00
SDHiAGore, MacKenzie5.0000271.15W (3-0)
SEAHiAGerber, Joey1.0200023.18
SEAMAJSwanson, Erik6.0100334.94W (1-3)
SFAAMenez, Conner6.0100082.01W (2-1)
SFAAAJerez, Williams1.0000012.40
SFHiADoval, Camilo0.2111315.93
SFLoAWong, Jake6.0000022.20
STLAAElledge, Seth1.0111104.20
STLAAOviedo, Johan5.2743234.76
STLAAACabrera, Genesis5.0422357.06W (1-2)
STLAAAHelsley, Ryan2.1444237.24
STLMAJGallegos, Giovanny0.1000003.75
TBAAAPoche, Colin2.0100148.53W (1-1)
TEXAAClase, Emmanuel1.02210111.12L (0-1)
TEXHiAEvans, DeMarcus0.1000001.46Sv (5)
TORLoAWymer, Sean5.1555177.20W (2-1)
TORMAJLuciano, Elvis0.1222104.20
Juan Soto (2)

Trade Central: Padres Acquire Juan Soto and Josh Bell From Nationals For Six-Player Haul

The deal brings Soto to San Diego for the rest of this season and all of the 2023 and 2024 seasons. It also brings the team Bell, one of the best hitting first basemen in the National League.

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