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Baseball America Prospect Report -- May 17, 2019

Yordan Alvarez, LF, Astros. As usual, Alvarez absolutely went off for Triple-A Round Rock. He had three hits and drove in a career-high six RBI. He hit a double and blasted two home runs, one in the first inning and one in the fifth inning. The Astros’ No. 3 prospect had an excellent month of April and is showing no signs of slowing down in May, collecting his second three-hit performance in a row.

Keibert Ruiz, C, Dodgers. Ruiz had a four-for-four night with Double-A Tulsa, driving in two runs and coming around to score three times. He had three base hits and also hit a solo home run in the fourth inning. It was Ruiz’s second multi-performance in his last three games.

Brendan McKay, LHP, Rays. McKay threw six scoreless innings for Double-A Montgomery, allowing just six hits without allowing a walk. The Rays’ No. 3 prospect struck out six batters, throwing 49 of 68 pitches for strikes. McKay has been really consistent lately, logging at least five innings in each of his last five starts with no fewer than six strikeouts per start. As he continues to pitch well, McKay is well within reach of fulfilling a mid-rotation starter ceiling for Tampa.

Alex Jackson, C, Braves. Jackson had three hits in five at-bats for Triple-A Gwinnett, driving in two runs and scoring twice. He had two singles and hit a home run to right center field in the third inning. Jackson had a bit of a lull at the plate, collecting just one hit in his previous three games. Atlanta’s No. 23 prospect is still developing as a catcher, but a plus arm and decent offensive performance can help him receive consideration to be a backup at the big league level.

Jorge Guzman, RHP, Marlins. Guzman tossed six scoreless frames for Double-A Jacksonville. The righthander navigated around two hits and two walks while striking out a season-high 10 batters. He was in a groove early on, not even allowing a hit until two outs in the fourth inning. The Marlins’ No. 7 prospect is adjusting nicely to the upper minors, although he needs to work on his control as he has allowed 22 walks in 44 innings to this point.

Brady Singer, RHP, Royals. Singer went six scoreless innings for high Class A Wilmington, navigating around six hits and a hit batter. The righthander collected a career-high 10 strikeouts, fanning at least two hitters in four of his last five innings on the mound. While the Royals’ top prospect has had to work around traffic on the bases during most of his starts, Singer’s advanced control and pitchability help him to be successful regardless.

Jeremy Pena, SS, Astros. Pena had three hits in five at-bats with three RBIs and four runs scored for low Class A Quad Cities. He had a robust stat line, and ironically fell a single short of the cycle, which is usually the easiest part to get. It was his third multi-hit game in a row, with six extra-base hits in that span. Houston’s No. 26 prospect is a plus defender and is starting to show more impact with the bat which is a welcomed sign, even if he does ultimately profile as a bottom-of-the-order type of bat.


ARIAAChisholm, Jazz SS30000.179BB (19)
ARIAAEllis, Drew 3B30000.284BB (17)
ARIAAMiroglio, Dominic PH10000.234
ARIAASmith, Pavin RF31200.233BB (21)
ARIAAVarsho, Daulton C40000.287
ARIAAYoung, Andy 2B20000.22BB (12)
ARILoAAlexander, Blaze 2B41100.266
ARILoAKennedy, Buddy 3B30110.348BB (6), SB (1)
ARILoAPerdomo, Geraldo SS40200.221SB (10)
ARILoAThomas, Alek CF41000.283BB (18)
ARILoAYerzy, Andy 1B40000.104
ATLAADidder, Ray-Patrick SS20000.1242 BB (17)
ATLAAPache, Cristian CF51310.292SB (6), CS (6)
ATLAAWaters, Drew LF51000.325
ATLAAAJackson, Alex C52320.274HR (7)
ATLHiAContreras, William C30110.280BB (11)
ATLHiAJenista, Greyson RF31110.232HR (4)
ATLHiARamos, Jeffrey LF30000.222
ATLHiAWilson, Isranel PR00000.179
ATLMAJRiley, Austin LF42310.5712B (1)
ATLMAJToussaint, Touki P10000.000
ATLMAJWebb, Jacob P0000--
BALAABannon, Rylan 2B40100.292
BALAAMcKenna, Ryan CF40100.216
BALAAAStewart, DJ RF50120.278
BALHiAHays, Austin CF40010.056
BALLoAEncarnacion, Jean Carlos 3B40000.214
BALLoAGrenier, Cadyn 2B41100.254
BALLoAHall, Adam SS52300.318SB (12)
BOSAAChatham, C.J. SS40000.316
BOSAADalbec, Bobby 3B30100.252BB (24)
BOSAANetzer, Brett 2B40200.264
BOSAAAOckimey, Josh 1B40110.2292B (7)
BOSAAATravis, Sam PH10120.263
BOSHiACastellanos, Pedro 1B40000.291
BOSHiADuran, Jarren CF50300.413
BOSLoACasas, Triston 1B50230.2502B (11)
BOSLoAHowlett, Brandon 3B41100.223
CHCAADe La Cruz, Oscar P21110.200HR (1)
CHCAAPereda, Jhonny C40110.224
CHCAAYoung, Jared 1B-LF41100.262
CHCHiAAdeman, Aramis SS20000.250BB (20)
CHCHiAHerron, Jimmy CF40000.211
CHCLoARoederer, Cole CF40100.2292B (9)
CHCLoAVelazquez, Nelson LF31110.3032B (10), BB (8)
CINAAFriedl, T.J. RF40000.194
CINAAMoss, Scott P10000.000
CINAARodriguez, Alfredo SS40200.307SB (5)
CINAASiri, Jose CF30000.277BB (15)
CINAAStephenson, Tyler C40000.267
CINAATrammell, Taylor LF30100.2662B (3), BB (26)
CINAAAGutierrez, Vladimir P10100.333
CINHiAClementina, Hendrik DH40000.255
CINHiAFairchild, Stuart CF40210.2272 2B (8)
CINHiAGarcia, Jose SS40100.260
CINHiAIndia, Jonathan 3B30000.27BB (17)
CINLoABautista, Mariel LF41210.2462B (3)
CINLoAMartinez, Juan 3B21100.2662 BB (17)
CINLoASiani, Mike CF40100.190
CINMAJSenzel, Nick CF51200.250SB (4)
CLEAAClement, Ernie SS31100.184BB (5)
CLEAAJohnson, Daniel CF42210.2603B (2), HR (9)
CLEAAABradley, Bobby 1B40000.292
CLEAAAHaase, Eric C21100.2282 BB (15), CS (1)
CLEHiAGonzalez, Oscar DH40100.366
CLEHiAJones, Nolan 3B30000.288BB (28)
CLELoABenson, Will RF41210.264HR (8)
CLELoAFreeman, Tyler SS40100.304
CLELoAHolmes, Quentin CF40000.171
CLELoANaylor, Bo C40000.204
CLEMAJMercado, Oscar PR-LF11000.000
COLAABoswell, Bret 2B40000.162
COLAAFernandez, Vince LF42330.2872 HR (10)
COLAANevin, Tyler 1B30000.224BB (22)
COLAAWelker, Colton 3B41100.317
COLAAADaza, Yonathan CF51200.3623B (3)
COLAAAFuentes, Josh 3B41110.246
COLAAAHampson, Garrett 2B52220.333HR (1), SB (1)
COLAAAHilliard, Sam RF41210.2472 2B (10)
COLAAAMundell, Brian LF52200.360
COLAAARamos, Roberto 1B32330.277HR (9), BB (22)
COLAAATinoco, Jesus P00000.000
COLHiAVilade, Ryan SS30100.279BB (25)
COLLoALavigne, Grant 1B40000.229BB (25)
COLLoAMacIver, Willie DH41000.269BB (11)
COLLoAMontano, Daniel RF41200.232
COLLoAVavra, Terrin SS50300.315
CWSAABasabe, Luis Alexander CF41100.155
CWSAAGonzalez, Luis RF40100.219
CWSAARivera, Laz SS41200.250
CWSAARobert, Luis LF41320.3002B (6), HR (2), 2 SB (5)
CWSAASheets, Gavin 1B40000.226
CWSAAABooker, Joel CF-LF20000.209BB (4), SB (2)
CWSAAAJimenez, Eloy LF51200.364
CWSAAAZavala, Seby DH50110.233
CWSHiAMadrigal, Nick 2B51210.250HR (1)
CWSHiAWalker, Steele CF30000.167BB (13), CS (1)
CWSLoABush, Bryce DH40000.223
DETAAAlcantara, Sergio SS30000.250
DETAAParedes, Isaac 3B40000.254BB (15)
DETAAACameron, Daz RF40100.223
DETAAACastro, Willi SS40000.307
DETAAARogers, Jake C20000.400BB (2)
DETHiAClemens, Kody DH30000.1982 BB (13)
DETHiADeatherage, Brock CF51000.196
DETLoAMcMillan, Sam C10110.2192 BB (21)
DETLoAMeadows, Parker CF41100.218
DETLoAPerez, Wenceel SS30100.208
DETMAJLugo, Dawel 3B41130.250HR (1)
DETMAJStewart, Christin LF30000.195BB (10)
HOUAADawson, Ronnie CF30100.229
HOUAAToro, Abraham 3B41220.290HR (7)
HOUAAAAlvarez, Yordan LF53360.4092B (15), 2 HR (17)
HOUAAAStraw, Myles SS51100.306SB (13)
HOUAAAStubbs, Garrett C31100.2392B (3), BB (11)
HOUAAATucker, Kyle RF30000.2312 BB (14), SB (8)
HOUHiAArauz, Jonathan SS40000.181
HOULoAAdolph, Ross CF33000.122BB (20)
HOULoAPena, Jeremy SS54330.2642B (4), 3B (4), HR (3), 2 BB (19)
KCAAPerkins, Blake CF31110.167BB (4)
KCAAPeterson, Kort LF41210.2193B (4)
KCAAViloria, Meibrys C31200.147BB (16)
KCHiAHicklen, Brewer CF41110.2163B (1)
KCHiAMatias, Seuly RF21110.1562B (7), BB (19)
KCHiAMelendez, M.J. C41100.1502B (9)
KCHiAPratto, Nick 1B41110.1532B (5)
KCLoAGigliotti, Michael CF41210.266BB (16), SB (16)
KCMAJGutierrez, Kelvin 3B40100.281
KCMAJLopez, Nicky 2B20200.4552 2B (3), 2 BB (3)
LAAAAJones, Jahmai 2B40010.180
LAAAAKruger, Jack C50200.2082B (5)
LAAAAMarsh, Brandon CF40000.259BB (19)
LAALoAAdams, Jordyn CF50220.200
LAALoAMaitan, Kevin 3B40000.200BB (14)
LADAALux, Gavin SS50200.302
LADAAPeters, DJ RF51100.234
LADAARincon, Carlos LF41000BB (1)
LADAARuiz, Keibert C43420.278HR (2), BB (11)
LADAASantana, Cristian 3B42200.3122B (5), BB (6)
LADAAThomas, Cody CF31310.2872 BB (12)
LADAAAJackson, Drew CF30000.200BB (9)
LADAAAJoe, Connor 1B50100.357
LADAAARios, Edwin 3B31120.211HR (4)
LADAAASmith, Will C41100.2742B (7), BB (21)
LADHiADowns, Jeter SS51110.245
LADHiAWong, Connor 2B41100.2052B (9)
LADLoAAmaya, Jacob DH31000.223BB (26)
LADLoAVargas, Miguel 3B21000.2932 BB (23)
MIAAABrigman, Bryson 2B30000.217
MIAAADunand, Joe SS40000.206
MIAAAMiller, Brian CF40000.244
MIAAAADean, Austin LF20110.374SB (4)
MIAAAADiaz, Isan 2B31100.2362B (7)
MIAAAAHarrison, Monte RF30000.294
MIAHiADevers, Jose SS50100.380
MIAHiAMahan, Riley 2B30200.2402B (5), BB (20)
MIAHiAMesa, Victor Victor DH30000.263
MIAHiANelson, James 3B20100.1832 BB (11), CS (1)
MIALoABanfield, Will C41210.231HR (3)
MIALoAScott, Connor CF40010.194CS (3)
MIALoATorres, Chris SS41110.1333B (2)
MILAADiplan, Marcos P00000.333
MILAAGatewood, Jake 3B31000.125BB (1)
MILAAGrisham, Trent CF30000.228BB (20), CS (2)
MILAAADubon, Mauricio SS30100.273BB (7)
MILAAAErceg, Lucas 3B40100.219
MILAAARay, Corey CF51200.200
MILAAAStokes, Troy LF30000.206BB (5)
MILHiAHenry, Payton C31000.234BB (7)
MILHiALutz, Tristen DH30000.234BB (10)
MILLoAMcClanahan, Chad RF31000.240BB (18)
MILLoATurang, Brice SS40100.295BB (25), SB (9), CS (3)
MILMAJHiura, Keston 2B50000.167
MILMAJHouser, Adrian P00000.000
MILMAJNottingham, Jacob C0000--
MINAAKirilloff, Alex 1B50000.214
MINAAAArraez, Luis 3B50100.357
MINAAARaley, Luke RF41110.3032B (6)
MINAAARooker, Brent DH41100.2222B (5)
MINHiAHelman, Michael 2B60100.218CS (3)
MINHiAJeffers, Ryan C41310.2922 2B (7), BB (9)
MINHiALarnach, Trevor LF51110.3023B (1)
MINHiALewis, Royce SS52100.2402B (10)
MINHiAMiranda, Jose 3B52210.2572 2B (10)
MINHiAWhitefield, Aaron CF41230.241HR (3), BB (10), CS (3)
MINLoACelestino, Gilberto DH21100.2082 BB (14), SB (7)
MINLoAMaciel, Gabriel CF30000.256BB (14)
NYMAAGimenez, Andres SS50100.2562B (7), SB (4)
NYMAAToffey, Will 3B41100.211
NYMAAAGuillorme, Luis 3B42210.259HR (1)
NYMHiACortes, Carlos 2B31110.2292B (6)
NYMLoAMauricio, Ronny SS50210.273
NYMLoANewton, Shervyen 2B40100.114
NYMLoAVientos, Mark 3B51220.240HR (3)
NYMMAJAlonso, Pete PH10000.261
NYMMAJNido, Tomas C30000.200
NYMMAJZamora, Daniel P0000--
NYYLoABreaux, Josh DH40220.299
NYYLoAStowers, Josh CF40000.295
OAKAABarrera, Luis DH51110.2753B (5)
OAKAABlanco, Dairon CF41210.2632B (6)
OAKAAHeim, Jonah C20000.2882 BB (12)
OAKAAMerrell, Kevin SS41100.240
OAKHiAAllen, Nick SS30000.296
OAKHiAArmenteros, Lazaro LF30000.221
OAKHiAEierman, Jeremy 3B30000.181
OAKHiAHannah, Jameson CF20100.2742B (10), BB (11)
OAKLoABrito, Marcos SS21100.209BB (9)
PHIAAGamboa, Arquimedes SS41220.1192B (1)
PHIAAHaseley, Adam RF41210.2582B (9), SB (4)
PHIAAListi, Austin 3B41210.182
PHIAAMoniak, Mickey CF42220.2143B (5)
PHIHiABohm, Alec 1B40110.3132 BB (5)
PHIHiABrito, Daniel 2B51230.2422B (4)
PHIHiAOrtiz, Jhailyn DH43130.170HR (3), BB (11)
PHIHiAVierling, Matt RF40000.304
PHILoAGarcia, Luis 2B30000.174BB (11)
PHIMAJGarcia, Edgar P0000--
PITAAACraig, Will 1B41230.234HR (9), BB (13)
PITAAAHayes, Ke'Bryan 3B31100.2482 BB (18), SB (6)
PITAAAKramer, Kevin 2B50210.281SB (4)
PITAAAMartin, Jason CF51100.239
PITAAAReyes, Pablo SS40100.1362B (1)
PITHiAMitchell, Calvin RF50000.272
PITHiASwaggerty, Travis CF42100.244BB (17)
PITLoADavis, Jonah CF40100.139CS (1)
PITLoASanchez, Lolo LF41100.321
PITMAJNewman, Kevin SS41200.3502B (3)
PITMAJReynolds, Bryan LF40100.300
PITMAJTucker, Cole SS10000.182
SDAAMiller, Owen SS40210.297
SDAAPotts, Hudson 3B40000.218
SDAAAUrias, Luis 2B40100.364
SDHiAArias, Gabriel DH40000.252
SDHiARuiz, Esteury 2B31000.241
SDLoAEdwards, Xavier SS40100.358
SDLoAMarcano, Tucupita 3B42300.3112 2B (7)
SEAAAFraley, Jake DH40000.286
SEAAALewis, Kyle LF40200.242
SEAAAThompson-Williams, Dom RF40000.286
SEAAAWalton, Donnie SS30110.279BB (20)
SEAAAWhite, Evan 1B40000.256
SEAAAABishop, Braden CF42220.282HR (6), 2 BB (14)
SEAAAALong, Shed LF62410.295HR (6)
SEAHiARaleigh, Cal C40000.209
SEALoAKelenic, Jarred CF40100.313CS (4)
SEAMAJVogelbach, Daniel DH41130.256HR (13)
SFAAMiller, Jalen 2B40100.254
SFAAShaw, Chris LF30100.2742B (6), BB (13)
SFLoAGonzalez, Jacob 3B40100.205
STLAAArozarena, Randy RF21000.1883 BB (5)
STLAACapel, Conner LF51100.226
STLAACarlson, Dylan CF51340.2932B (9), 3B (4), HR (5), SB (6)
STLAAACabrera, Genesis P10000.250BB (2)
STLAAAEdman, Tommy 2B40110.333
STLAAAGarcia, Adolis RF41110.221HR (10)
STLAAAHelsley, Ryan P0000.000
STLAAAKnizner, Andrew C40000.296
STLAAAO'Neill, Tyler LF41210.294HR (7)
STLAAASosa, Edmundo SS40000.287
STLAAAThomas, Lane RF00000.301
STLHiAHurst, Scott CF40000.200
STLLoACedeno, Leandro LF20100.2883B (1)
STLLoAGorman, Nolan 3B40000.246
STLLoANunez, Malcom DH30000.150BB (1)
STLLoATorres, Jhon PH1000.000
TBAAFox, Lucius SS30000.176BB (22)
TBAASanchez, Jesus RF40100.292
TBAAALowe, Nate 1B41000.255BB (21)
TBAAASolak, Nick 2B30010.286
TBHiABrujan, Vidal 2B30100.284BB (15), SB (17)
TBHiAGomez, Moises RF40000.224
TBHiAHernandez, Ronaldo C41100.242
TBHiAWalls, Taylor SS30110.239BB (4)
TBLoAFranco, Wander SS50100.283
TEXAAAWhite, Eli SS41210.277HR (3)
TEXHiAArias, Diosbel 3B40100.3012B (10)
TEXHiAHuff, Sam C30100.250
TEXHiAMartinez, Julio Pablo DH30000.122
TEXHiATaveras, Leody CF40000.325
TEXHiATejeda, Anderson SS40000.248
TEXLoAOrnelas, Jonathan DH50000.322
TORAASmith, Kevin SS51310.1712B (5), SB (4), CS (2)
TORAASpanberger, Chad RF50210.206
TORAAAAlford, Anthony LF31110.191BB (11)
TORAAABiggio, Cavan RF40110.3252B (5)
TORAAAMcGuire, Reese DH31000.221
TORHiANoda, Ryan 1B31100.2542B (9), BB (15)
TORHiAStevenson, Cal LF30100.244BB (18)
TORLoAMoreno, Gabriel C20000.429
TORMAJGuerrero, Vladimir DH40000.207
TORMAJJansen, Danny C20000.160BB (10)
TORMAJMcKinney, Billy LF40000.224
WASAABarrera, Tres C40100.305
WASAACrowe, Wil P20000.083
WASAAGarcia, Luis 2B-SS40000.216
WASAAPena, Ronald P0000--
WASAAWard, Drew 3B10000.315
WASHiAAgustin, Telmito LF40100.222CS (3)
WASHiACanning, Gage RF41100.236
WASLoAPineda, Israel C40000.193
WASMAJRobles, Victor CF51100.252

ARIAAAGinkel, Kevin1000114.50
ARIAAAWidener, Taylor3.17772410.8L (2-3)
ARILoATabor, Matt4311130.77
ATLAAAWilson, Bryse7.1420154.66W (2-3)
ATLLoARiley, Trey5.1755326.32W (2-5)
ATLMAJToussaint, Touki2211026.08
ATLMAJWebb, Jacob1111002.45
BALAAAraujo, Pedro2000124.91
BALAAAAkin, Keegan6300193.60W (2-1)
BALHiAHall, D.L.2.2544155.40L (1-2)
BOSAAHernandez, Darwinzon75432114.10L (1-3)
BOSAAALakins, Travis1200104.30Sv (1)
BOSAAAShawaryn, Mike5222652.87
BOSLoAAybar, Yoan1000017.71
CHCAADe La Cruz, Oscar6.1322321.56W (1-1)
CHCHiALange, Alex4.26554510.88L (1-6)
CINAAMoss, Scott5522523.55L (2-2)
CINAAAGutierrez, Vladimir4999019.26L (1-4)
CINLoAMarinan, James4.2743246.18L (1-5)
CLEAASandlin, Nick2100040.73Sv (1)
COLAABowden, Ben1000011.62Sv (13)
COLAAATinoco, Jesus1100104.26
COLLoANikorak, Mike1110127.94
CWSAAAHamilton, Ian2200049.98
DETAAGarcia, Bryan2000050.00
DETAAManning, Matt6722132.47
DETAAABaez, Sandy1000017.58
DETAAAHall, Matt5844356.87L (2-2)
DETMAJTurnbull, Spencer4561262.40L (2-3)
KCAAGarabito, Gerson5544354.06L (2-3)
KCAAAStaumont, Josh2111252.70
KCHiASinger, Brady66000102.47W (4-2)
LAAAAMadero, Luis6533084.29
LADAAASborz, Josh1000015.28
LADHiAGray, Josiah5522197.94
LADLoARooney, John4300240.00
MIAAAFerrell, Riley1000010.00
MIAAAGuzman, Jorge62002103.27
MIAHiAGarrett, Braxton6300273.1
MILAADiplan, Marcos1000107.36
MILHiAWebb, Braden4.2311451.86
MILLoAAshby, Aaron5.26441114.19
MILMAJHouser, Adrian2000015.11
MINAAJax, Griffin5.1733041.79
MINLoAEnlow, Blayne7622164.95W (4-3)
NYMLoASzapucki, Thomas1211132.16
NYMMAJZamora, Daniel0.2011112.08
NYYAAWhitlock, Garrett3.2522232.39
NYYHiAGerman, Frank5.1322553.63L (1-2)
NYYLoAGil, Luis6500040.82W (2-2)
PHIAALlovera, Mauricio5722274.06W (2-0)
PHIHiAWarren, Zach2110112.93W (1-0)
PHIMAJGarcia, Edgar1322226.00
PITAAAAgrazal, Dario3.2555332.84L (2-1)
PITAAAEscobar, Luis1.1322027.71
SEAAAAMcKay, David2000135.91
SEAHiABautista, Gerson1000234.5
SEAMAJSwanson, Erik3988038.04L (1-5)
SFAAMenez, Conner6422292.38
SFHiADoval, Camilo2000124.71
SFLoAWong, Jake6400261.99
STLAAElledge, Seth0.2211024.00
STLAAOviedo, Johan6733125.94W (1-0)
STLAAACabrera, Genesis6822146.95
STLAAAHelsley, Ryan1.2000024.95
TBAAMcKay, Brendan6500061.51
TBAAAPoche, Colin1000036.11
TEXAAPalumbo, Joe5531163.55
TEXAAAPelham, C.D.1.14551111.81
TEXLoAWinn, Cole3322226.00
TORAAPerez, Hector6733136.82
TORLoAWymer, Sean5.21399018.36L (2-3)
WASAACrowe, Wil6655252.66L (4-2)
WASAAPena, Ronald1322017.43
WASHiAJohnston, Kyle7200174.78W (4-4)
WASLoAIrvin, Jake6311275.06

Jeremy Peña Looks To Make The Most Of September

The 23-year-old shortstop returned from wrist surgery to see September time with Triple-A Sugar Land as he auditions for 2022.

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