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Baseball America Prospect Report -- May 15, 2019

Sixto Sanchez (Photo by Tom DiPace)

Sixto Sanchez, RHP, Marlins. Sanchez tossed his best game of the season in his Double-A Jacksonville debut, going six scoreless innings. The righthander allowed just one hit and two walks while striking out seven. Sanchez was locked in early, putting away the first ten batters he faced before allowing a single to right field. Miami’s top prospect has an injury history pertaining to his elbow and will continue to build up innings as the season progresses.

Alec Bohm, 3B, Phillies. Bohm had a three-hit game for high Class A Clearwater. Philadelphia’s top prospect had a single, two doubles with an RBI and a run scored. It was his fourth straight game with an RBI as well as a multi-hit performance. The third overall pick in the 2018 draft has brushed off his lack-luster performance at short-season Williamsport, where he hit just .224/.314/.290. While his future position on the diamond is up in the air, Bohm is proving that he can be a plus offensive force with the bat.

Anthony Kay, LHP, Mets. Kay tossed the first complete game of his career for Double-A Binghamton. The lefthander worked around three hits and a walk while only allowing two base runners to reach second base. It was his second straight start going seven innings while tying his season-high of 10 strikeouts. After missing his first two pro seasons with Tommy John surgery, the Mets’ No. 5 prospect is showing all the ingredients of a mid-rotation starter in the near future.

Yordan Alvarez, 1B, Astros. As he spends many of his other days, Alvarez was busy mashing for Triple-A Round Rock on Tuesday. The Astros’ No. 3 prospect had three hits in five at-bats with a run scored. He had a single and two doubles, good for his third multi-hit performance in his last four games. Alvarez has shown maturity with the bat, and should be able to provide an offensive spark for Houston whenever he gets called up to the big leagues.

Will Smith, DH, Dodgers. Smith had four hits in six at-bats while driving in four runs for Triple-A Oklahoma City. He had two singles and two doubles in his first four-hit performance of the season. The Dodgers’ No. 5 prospect needed a breakout night, as he has had one hit or less in 10 of his 12 games prior to Tuesday. Smith swings a bit uphill, which has helped him hit for more in-game power yet has also increased his swing and miss as well.

Nolan Gorman, 3B, Cardinals. Gorman walked three times and had two big hits for low Class A Peoria. The Cardinals’ No. 4 prospect smashed a triple and also hit a two-run home run in the third inning. It was a bounce back for Gorman, who went on a small skid and had just one hit in his last 10 at-bats. Gorman is adjusting nicely in his second go-around with low Class A Peoria, with more power translating in-game while showing a better eye at the plate. He should be able to stick at third base, but his easy plus-plus power bat will be his calling card.

ARIAAChisholm, Jazz SS5112.183HR (10)
ARIAAEllis, Drew 3B3100.3042 BB (16)
ARIAAVarsho, Daulton C4210.307
ARIAAALeyba, Domingo 2B4100.287BB (10)
ARILoAAlexander, Blaze SS2000.2552 BB (3)
ARILoAThomas, Alek CF4111.293HR (2)
ARILoAYerzy, Andy C4010.111
ARIMAJKelly, Carson C3111.250HR (3)
ATLAADidder, Ray-Patrick SS4000.130
ATLAAPache, Cristian CF4000.289
ATLAAWaters, Drew LF3110.3332B (15), BB (8)
ATLAAAJackson, Alex C3000.255BB (4)
ATLAAARiley, Austin 3B4114.299HR (15), BB (18)
ATLMAJParsons, Wes P1000.000
BALAABannon, Rylan 3B4000.292
BALAAMcKenna, Ryan CF4011.215
BALAAAMountcastle, Ryan 1B5110.3212B (9)
BALAAAStewart, DJ RF2112.264HR (7)
BALHiAHays, Austin DH3000.100
BALLoAEncarnacion, Jean Carlos 3B4120.227SB (3)
BALLoAGrenier, Cadyn SS5112.252HR (3)
BALLoAHall, Adam 2B5110.306
BOSAAChatham, C.J. SS4010.321
BOSAADalbec, Bobby 3B4010.2502B (6)
BOSAANetzer, Brett 2B3000.256BB (8)
BOSAAWilson, Marcus CF4010.169
BOSAAAOckimey, Josh DH2223.2302 HR (10), 2 BB (27)
BOSAAATravis, Sam 1B4000.263BB (17)
BOSHiACastellanos, Pedro 1B4113.306
BOSHiADuran, Jarren CF3112.4102B (9), BB (14)
BOSLoACasas, Triston 1B4111.2462B (10), BB (13)
BOSLoAHowlett, Brandon 3B4010.229BB (12)
BOSMAJChavis, Michael 2B5121.289HR (7)
CHCAAPereda, Jhonny C3210.2232 BB (21)
CHCAAYoung, Jared 1B4100.261
CHCHiAAdeman, Aramis SS4000.255
CHCHiAAmaya, Miguel C3001.200
CHCHiAHerron, Jimmy RF2011.2132 BB (22), SB (10)
CHCLoARoederer, Cole CF5000.229
CHCLoAVelazquez, Nelson LF3021.2952B (8), BB (7)
CINAAFriedl, T.J. RF2000.213BB (17)
CINAARodriguez, Alfredo SS4000.303
CINAASiri, Jose CF4010.293
CINAAStephenson, Tyler C2010.279BB (9)
CINAATrammell, Taylor LF4010.259
CINHiAClementina, Hendrik C5021.265
CINHiAFairchild, Stuart CF5012.200
CINHiAGarcia, Jose SS5330.2573B (1)
CINHiAIndia, Jonathan 3B5221.2672B (6), HR (6)
CINLoABautista, Mariel LF5000.236
CINLoAMartinez, Juan 3B2000.255BB (15)
CINLoASiani, Mike CF4110.168BB (16)
CINLoASpillane, Bren RF3000.1542 BB (16)
CINMAJSenzel, Nick CF3000.217BB (6)
CLEAAJohnson, Daniel CF4020.254CS (3)
CLEAAABradley, Bobby 1B4100.296BB (11)
CLEAAAHaase, Eric C4110.222BB (13)
CLEHiAGonzalez, Oscar LF5000.358
CLEHiAJones, Nolan 3B3000.3042 BB (27)
CLELoABenson, Will DH4110.241SB (10)
CLELoAFreeman, Tyler SS4110.2933B (2)
CLELoAHolmes, Quentin CF3000.157
CLELoANaylor, Bo C4121.2132 2B (3)
CLEMAJMercado, Oscar LF3100.000
COLAABoswell, Bret 2B4230.1632 2B (5)
COLAAFernandez, Vince LF5110.273BB (22)
COLAANevin, Tyler 1B5010.230BB (21)
COLAAWelker, Colton 3B6021.3282B (13)
COLAAAFuentes, Josh 3B3000.245
COLAAAHampson, Garrett 2B4110.2502B (1)
COLAAAHilliard, Sam CF4000.241
COLAAAMundell, Brian LF4021.358
COLAAARamos, Roberto 1B4111.260HR (8)
COLAAARodgers, Brendan SS4021.3562B (10)
COLHiAVilade, Ryan 3B3111.2713B (2), BB (24)
COLLoALavigne, Grant 1B4000.234
COLLoAMacIver, Willie DH3010.279
COLLoAMontano, Daniel LF3000.231
COLLoAVavra, Terrin SS4010.314CS (5)
CWSAABasabe, Luis Alexander LF4000.140BB (9)
CWSAARivera, Laz SS5010.238
CWSAARobert, Luis CF3012.244CS (3)
CWSAARutherford, Blake RF4220.181
CWSAASheets, Gavin DH3000.233BB (15)
CWSAAAJimenez, Eloy DH4110.2502B (1)
CWSAAAZavala, Seby C5121.219HR (4)
CWSHiAMadrigal, Nick 2B4010.244SB (8)
CWSHiAWalker, Steele CF4000.190
DETAAAlcantara, Sergio SS3001.258BB (14)
DETAAParedes, Isaac 3B4000.256
DETAAACameron, Daz CF3010.2132B (7)
DETAAACastro, Willi SS4010.319
DETAAALugo, Dawel 3B2000.3362 BB (11)
DETAAARobson, Jacob RF1000.202
DETAAARogers, Jake C3222.6672B (1), HR (1), BB (1)
DETAAAWoodrow, Danny LF3001.250
DETHiAClemens, Kody 2B4010.1932B (9)
DETHiADeatherage, Brock CF4210.205SB (13)
DETLoAPerez, Wenceel SS4000.207
HOUAADawson, Ronnie CF4000.218
HOUAAToro, Abraham 3B3010.2852 BB (22)
HOUAAAAlvarez, Yordan 1B5130.4022 2B (14)
HOUAAAStraw, Myles SS5010.309
HOUAAAStubbs, Garrett 2B0000.235
HOUAAATucker, Kyle LF4221.237HR (11)
HOULoAPena, Jeremy SS5230.2502B (3)
KCAALee, Khalil LF5321.259SB (14)
KCAAPerkins, Blake CF4000.143
KCAARivera, Emmanuel 3B4111.279
KCHiAHicklen, Brewer LF3000.211
KCHiAMatias, Seuly DH2000.155BB (18)
KCHiAMelendez, M.J. C3112.149HR (3)
KCHiAPratto, Nick 1B1000.1472 BB (16)
KCLoAGigliotti, Michael CF5020.267
KCMAJLopez, Nicky 2B4111.250BB (1)
LAAAAJones, Jahmai CF3211.1832 BB (16)
LAAAAKruger, Jack C4000.205
LAAAAMarsh, Brandon RF3000.2692 BB (18)
LAAAAABriceno, Jose C5022.2242B (3)
LAAAAALund, Brennon CF4110.176
LAAAAARojas, Jose 1B3111.281BB (10)
LAAAAAThaiss, Matt 3B4221.261BB (24)
LAAMAJRengifo, Luis 2B2100.1722 BB (4)
LADAAEstevez, Omar 2B1010.333
LADAALux, Gavin SS5132.2983B (3)
LADAAPeters, DJ CF5132.2402 2B (6)
LADAARuiz, Keibert C4232.248BB (8)
LADAASantana, Cristian 3B5221.315
LADAAThomas, Cody RF5022.2702B (6)
LADAAABeaty, Matt 3B5234.2992 2B (7), BB (10)
LADAAAJackson, Drew 2B5111.2092B (3), BB (8)
LADAAAJoe, Connor 1B2201.3912 BB (8)
LADAAASmith, Will DH6244.2752 2B (6)
LADHiADowns, Jeter SS3000.227BB (10)
LADHiARincon, Carlos RF2000.226
LADHiAWong, Connor DH4000.204
LADLoAAmaya, Jacob 2B3000.240BB (23)
LADLoAVargas, Miguel 3B3011.277
LADMAJVerdugo, Alex CF4010.330
MIAAABrigman, Bryson SS3011.230BB (9)
MIAAADunand, Joe 3B4000.208
MIAAAMiller, Brian LF3000.246BB (11)
MIAAASanchez, Sixto P0000--
MIAAAADiaz, Isan 2B4000.218
MIAAAAHarrison, Monte CF4030.2872B (4), SB (13)
MILAAGatewood, Jake 3B4010.154
MILAAGrisham, Trent CF4010.238SB (5)
MILAAADubon, Mauricio SS5022.271
MILAAAErceg, Lucas 3B3000.218
MILAAARay, Corey CF5000.188
MILAAAStokes, Troy LF3100.226BB (4)
MILHiAFeliciano, Mario DH5000.267
MILHiAHenry, Payton C4100.239
MILHiALutz, Tristen CF5020.2392B (9)
MILLoAMcClanahan, Chad DH4011.250
MILLoATurang, Brice 2B4123.296HR (1)
MILMAJBurnes, Corbin P0000.333
MILMAJHiura, Keston 2B3020.667BB (1)
MINAAKirilloff, Alex RF5000.239
MINAARortvedt, Ben C3010.333BB (1)
MINAAAArraez, Luis 2B5120.400
MINAAARaley, Luke RF5120.304
MINAAAWade, LaMonte LF5111.241HR (2)
MINHiAHelman, Michael 2B5230.2212B (4)
MINHiAJeffers, Ryan C5000.275
MINHiALarnach, Trevor LF5011.300
MINHiALewis, Royce SS5122.2502 2B (9)
MINHiAMiranda, Jose DH5111.252
MINHiAWhitefield, Aaron CF4021.2292B (9)
MINLoAMaciel, Gabriel DH4010.271
NYMAAGimenez, Andres SS3220.243
NYMAAKay, Anthony P3000.167
NYMAAPeterson, David P2000.000
NYMAAToffey, Will 3B3000.209
NYMLoAMauricio, Ronny SS4011.269
NYMLoANewton, Shervyen 2B4000.098
NYMLoAVientos, Mark 3B4030.235
NYMMAJAlonso, Pete 1B4110.270
NYYHiALopez, Jason C3000.234
NYYLoAStowers, Josh CF4122.305HR (1), BB (15)
OAKAABarrera, Luis CF5122.2822B (2), 3B (4)
OAKAADeichmann, Greg RF3000.230BB (16)
OAKAAHeim, Jonah C5030.296
OAKAAMerrell, Kevin SS4120.2462B (8)
OAKAAABolt, Skye CF4120.309BB (9), SB (4)
OAKAAAMateo, Jorge SS5113.327HR (5)
OAKAAANeuse, Sheldon 3B5121.2802B (6)
OAKAAARamirez, Tyler LF2000.2133 BB (18)
OAKHiAAllen, Nick SS4120.303BB (17)
OAKHiAArmenteros, Lazaro LF3100.2302 BB (27)
OAKHiAEierman, Jeremy 2B4000.189
OAKHiAHannah, Jameson CF4121.2642B (9), BB (10), SB (2)
OAKLoABrito, Marcos SS5200.208BB (8)
PHIAAGamboa, Arquimedes SS3100.092BB (16)
PHIAAHaseley, Adam RF4111.250
PHIAAListi, Austin 3B4122.1702B (5)
PHIAAMoniak, Mickey CF3100.205BB (6)
PHIHiABohm, Alec 3B4131.3452 2B (4), CS (1)
PHIHiABrito, Daniel 2B3110.220
PHIHiADuran, Rodolfo DH4020.1822B (1)
PHIHiAOrtiz, Jhailyn RF4000.161
PHIHiAVierling, Matt LF4110.313
PHILoAGarcia, Luis SS1110.175
PHIMAJGarcia, Edgar P0000--
PITAAOliva, Jared CF3000.212
PITAAACraig, Will 1B4000.233
PITAAAHayes, Ke'Bryan 3B4012.2542B (14)
PITAAAKramer, Kevin 2B3021.253
PITAAAMartin, Jason CF4220.2703B (2)
PITAAAReyes, Pablo SS2000.111BB (1), SB (1)
PITHiAMitchell, Calvin RF4000.284
PITHiAStafford, Deon C3000.189BB (6)
PITHiASwaggerty, Travis CF3011.230BB (15)
PITLoADavis, Jonah DH3000.111BB (9)
PITLoASanchez, Lolo CF3010.322BB (6), SB (13)
PITMAJReynolds, Bryan PH-LF1000.304
PITMAJTucker, Cole SS4112.194HR (2)
SDAAMiller, Owen SS4000.286
SDAAPotts, Hudson 3B4111.2212B (7)
SDAAReed, Buddy CF4110.200SB (6)
SDAAANaylor, Josh RF4001.300
SDAAAUrias, Luis SS4110.368
SDHiAArias, Gabriel SS5010.2612B (3)
SDHiACampusano, Luis C3312.321HR (3), 2 BB (19)
SDHiAOrnelas, Tirso DH3100.2482 BB (20)
SDHiARosario, Jeisson CF5221.2032 SB (9)
SDHiARuiz, Esteury 2B4010.2442B (6)
SDLoAEdwards, Xavier 2B5132.360
SDLoAMarcano, Tucupita 3B5012.290
SDMAJFrance, Ty 3B3000.196
SDMAJPaddack, Chris P2000.000
SEAAAFraley, Jake RF4010.304CS (4)
SEAAALewis, Kyle CF4010.235
SEAAAWalton, Donnie SS4121.2682B (4), HR (4)
SEAAAWhite, Evan 1B4010.269
SEAAAABishop, Braden CF5233.2732B (8), 2 HR (5)
SEAHiARaleigh, Cal C3110.2132B (7), 2 BB (12)
SEAHiARizzo, Joe 1B5110.326
SEALoAKelenic, Jarred CF3110.316
SEAMAJVogelbach, Daniel DH4111.256HR (12)
SFAAMiller, Jalen 2B4100.239
SFAAQuinn, Heath RF2012.2063B (1)
SFAAShaw, Chris LF4110.2752B (5)
SFAAAAvelino, Abiatal SS4120.2582 2B (6)
SFAAAHoward, Ryan 3B4020.1252B (1)
SFAAAJerez, Williams P0000--
SFLoAGonzalez, Jacob 3B3000.211
SFMAJBeede, Tyler P1000.000
STLAAArozarena, Randy RF4000.182
STLAACarlson, Dylan CF4020.282CS (2)
STLAAWilliams, Justin LF4112.321HR (1)
STLAAAEdman, Tommy 2B4111.336
STLAAAGarcia, Adolis RF3210.220BB (8)
STLAAAKnizner, Andrew C4000.308
STLAAASosa, Edmundo 3B4110.2972B (7)
STLAAAThomas, Lane CF4010.301
STLHiABaker, Luken DH4110.273
STLHiAHurst, Scott CF4110.375
STLLoACedeno, Leandro LF-1B4021.2712B (3), BB (5)
STLLoAGorman, Nolan 3B3123.2673B (2), HR (9), 3 BB (18), SB (2)
STLLoAHerrera, Ivan C3001.264BB (13)
STLLoANunez, Malcom DH5000.000
STLLoATorres, Jhon RF3000.0002 BB (2)
STLMAJGallegos, Giovanny P0000.000
TBAAFox, Lucius SS2001.188BB (21)
TBAALowe, Josh CF3100.226BB (21)
TBAAMcKay, Brendan DH4000.167
TBAASanchez, Jesus RF3010.286BB (10)
TBAAALowe, Nate 1B5110.2642B (10)
TBAAASolak, Nick 2B5131.283SB (1)
TBHiABrujan, Vidal 2B5120.286
TBHiAGomez, Moises LF3000.231BB (14)
TBHiAHernandez, Ronaldo C4121.242HR (2)
TBHiAWalls, Taylor SS5000.211
TBLoAFranco, Wander SS4221.277HR (4)
TBMAJLowe, Brandon PH-2B1000.286
TBMAJVelazquez, Andrew PH1000.000
TEXAAAWhite, Eli SS3110.270BB (14)
TEXHiAArias, Diosbel DH3121.3102B (9), BB (13)
TEXHiAHuff, Sam C4000.238
TEXHiATaveras, Leody CF4110.3293B (4)
TEXHiATejeda, Anderson SS3001.263
TEXLoAOrnelas, Jonathan SS5030.339SB (6)
TORAASmith, Kevin SS3000.142
TORAASpanberger, Chad RF3010.203
TORAAAAlford, Anthony CF4010.184
TORAAABiggio, Cavan 2B2000.330BB (27), CS (1)
TORAAAMcGuire, Reese C4120.241
TORMAJGuerrero, Vladimir 3B4234.2352 HR (2), BB (7)
TORMAJJansen, Danny C3000.163BB (9)
TORMAJMcKinney, Billy LF4011.2412B (9), BB (7), CS (1)
TORMAJThornton, Trent P3220.667
WASAABarrera, Tres C4012.3082B (8)
WASAAGarcia, Luis 2B2200.2272 BB (7)
WASAAWard, Drew 3B4010.317
WASAAARainey, Tanner P0000--
WASAAARead, Raudy C4211.264HR (5)
WASHiAAgustin, Telmito LF4000.214
WASLoAPineda, Israel C4000.196
WASMAJRobles, Victor CF4112.246HR (6)
ARIAAAClarke, Taylor4.0666337.14
ARIHiAMercer, Matt5.0655245.88L (1-2)
ARILoAWeiss, Ryan5.21085043.72L (1-3)
ATLAAAnderson, Ian3.0333654.04L (2-3)
ATLAAAWright, Kyle6.0322267.23W (3-2)
ATLMAJParsons, Wes3.0100223.38
BALAALowther, Zac7.2600172.17W (3-3)
BALHiABaumann, Michael5.0211363.45W (1-2)
BALHiAHanifee, Brenan2.0222135.91L (2-4)
BOSAAFeltman, Durbin2.0311137.71
BOSAAReyes, Denyi4.2954446.00L (0-5)
BOSAASchellenger, Zach1.0000019.00
BOSAAALakins, Travis0.2111314.61
CHCAAHatch, Thomas5.0422235.54
CHCAAAMaples, Dillon2.0111223.65
CHCHiARichan, Paul6.2711073.22W (4-2)
CLELoAOviedo, Luis3.2233514.13
COLHiARolison, Ryan6.0311281.52
COLLoAPint, Riley1.01000114.09
CWSAAHansen, Alec1.0100113.00
CWSAAMedeiros, Kodi5.0411416.04
CWSAAAThompson, Zach0.2544018.22
DETAACastro, Anthony4.0422264.43
DETAAABaez, Sandy1.0000018.00
HOUAABielak, Brandon5.0511124.20
HOUAABukauskas, J.B.4.0222268.25
HOUAAAArmenteros, Rogelio2.0554105.55L (1-3)
HOUAAARodgers, Brady4.2633233.22
HOUMAJValdez, Framber1.0000204.32
KCMAJLovelady, Richard0.0200003.75
LAAAAAJewell, Jake2.0322016.00W (2-2)
LADAAASborz, Josh1.0100105.65
LADLoAWilleman, Zach4.0533403.38L (0-1)
MIAAASanchez, Sixto6.0100270.00
MILLoAHill, Adam5.1211443.31W (4-2)
MILMAJBurnes, Corbin2.0210048.10
MINAAGraterol, Brusdar5.0300231.71W (5-0)
MINAAALittell, Zack5.0755164.50
NYMAAKay, Anthony7.0300181.24W (4-2)
NYMAAPeterson, David5.0411074.17
NYYAAAbreu, Albert6.0211384.13
NYYHiASchmidt, Clarke5.0853024.23L (1-2)
OAKAAAWendelken, J.B.2.0111044.50
PHIAAMedina, Adonis4.2643145.79L (0-2)
PHIAAADohy, Kyle2.01001411.88
PHIHiAEastman, Colton6.0411231.84W (1-1)
PHIHiAWarren, Zach2.0111263.38Sv (2)
PHIMAJGarcia, Edgar2.0311213.60
PITAAAKeller, Mitch6.0322283.83W (4-0)
PITHiABolton, Cody2.2755031.91L (5-1)
PITLoAJennings, Steven5.2655365.19L (2-4)
SDMAJPaddack, Chris4.2563131.99L (3-2)
SEAAAMills, Wyatt1.0000006.19
SEAAAAFesta, Matt1.0000126.30Sv (1)
SEAHiAGerber, Joey1.0200013.38
SEAHiAGilbert, Logan5.0400252.89W (1-0)
SFAAAJerez, Williams1.1000031.83
SFMAJBeede, Tyler2.14113513.50
STLAAWarner, Austin7.07111104.26W (2-2)
STLAAAWoodford, Jake7.0500261.74W (3-0)
STLMAJGallegos, Giovanny1.0000024.50
TBAAMcWilliams, Sam6.0611163.49W (2-1)
TBLoABaz, Shane5.0321251.80
TEXAAPhillips, Tyler5.0733025.40
TORAAPearson, Nate2.0000030.00
TORLoADe Paula, Juan1.1333317.76
TORMAJThornton, Trent5.2322574.81W (1-4)
WASAAARainey, Tanner1.1100044.00
WASLoAAdon, Joan5.0211232.32
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