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Baseball America Prospect Report – August 7, 2018

Monday's Stars

Deivi Garcia, RHP, Yankees. Garcia celebrated his promotion to the Florida State League by throwing seven perfect innings, striking out 12. The game was scheduled to go seven innings, so Minor League Baseball's extra-inning rules applied in the eighth inning, which leads to all kinds of questions about whether a perfect game can continue if there is a runner standing on second base.

Royce Lewis, SS, Twins. Lewis won the battle of No. 1's, as the first pick in the 2017 draft homered off of 2018 No. 1 pick Casey Mize. Lewis wasn't done there as he went 4-for-6 with two home runs. Lewis is hitting .318/.380/.489 with 12 home runs this season, living up to every expectation for a No. 1 pick.

Ford Proctor, SS, Rays. The Rays' third-round pick out of Rice has had an unspectacular pro debut, but he did have a spectacular Monday. Proctor went 3-for-4 with a pair of triples and a home run to raise his slugging percentage by 64 points.

Ibandel Isabel, DH, Reds. Isabel's prodigious power was apparent again on Monday. He doubled and hit his 25th home run of the season. Isabel leads the Florida State League in home runs by five over anyone else in the league.

Kyle Tucker, OF, Astros. Tucker was sent down from Houston after just 16 games with the Astros. He's responded by hitting .318/.375/.455 in his first five games with Triple-A Fresno since his demotion. Tucker went 2-for-5 with his 15th home run and 16th steal for the Grizzlies.

Will Benson, OF, Indians. Benson had drawn plenty of walks and hit his 17th home run yesterday, pulling himself into second in the Midwest League in home runs. The bad news for Benson and the Indians is that he's also hitting .162.

Jon Duplantier, RHP, Diamomdbacks. Duplantier returned to the Southern League after missing two months with bicep tendinitis. He made the most of his return by throwing five perfect innings. He struck out three.

Jesus Luzardo, LHP, Athletics. Luzardo made an impressive Triple-A debut. He allowed eight hits over five scoreless innings. He walked no one and struck out six.

Kyle Muller, LHP, Braves. The Braves promoted Muller for the second time this year, as he pitched for Double-A Mississippi last night. He allowed two runs on three hits (with one walk and four strikeouts) in 5.1 innings. Muller's velocity is back to the mid-90s that he showed in high school, a far cry from the 88-91 mph range he sat at last year.

ARIAADuplantier, Jon P1000.200
ARIAALeyba, Domingo 2B4020.290
ARIAALopez, Yoan P0000.000
ARIAAABrito, Socrates RF4110.332
ARIAAACron, Kevin 3B4111.332HR (20)
ARIAAAWalker, Christian 1B3000.303BB (23)
ARIRRobinson, Kristian DH5230.2562B (9)
ATLAAPache, Cristian CF5000.308
ATLHiAContreras, William DH3021.455BB (3)
ATLHiAWaters, Drew CF5220.211
ATLHiAWilson, Isranel RF-LF3010.227
BALSSHall, Adam SS4120.2342B (6)
BALSSNeustrom, Robert RF4032.2432 2B (9)
BOSSSEsplin, Tyler RF4110.212BB (14)
CHCAABurks, Charcer PH1000.240
CHCAAAMills, Alec P2000.059
CHCAAAVosler, Jason 3B4020.2832B (9)
CHCAAAZagunis, Mark LF3110.276BB (59)
CHCHiAWilson, D.J. CF4011.242
CHCLoAAmaya, Miguel C5120.263
CHCLoAHerron, Jimmy CF4011.179
CHCMAJBote, David 3B0000.328
CHCRDavis, Brennen CF2110.233BB (8)
CHCRRoederer, Cole RF3000.287BB (11)
CINAAAquino, Aristides RF4111.243HR (17)
CINAAFriedl, T.J. LF4010.287
CINAALaValley, Gavin 1B3000.195
CINAALong, Shed 2B4130.262
CINAASiri, Jose CF4010.244
CINHiAFairchild, Stuart LF4032.232
CINHiAIsabel, Ibandel DH4222.2512B (7), HR (25), BB (30)
CINHiARodriguez, Alfredo SS4220.1962B (3)
CINHiAStephenson, Tyler C3111.2712B (18)
CINHiATrammell, Taylor CF4012.2772B (14)
CINLoAGarcia, Jose Israel SS4000.231
CINMAJErvin, Phillip PH-LF1100.304
CINMAJMella, Keury P0000.000
CINRRuiz, Victor C4011.353
CINRSiani, Mike CF4131.326BB (12)
CLEHiAJones, Nolan 3B4110.200
CLELoABenson, Will RF3111.162HR (17), BB (67), SB (7)
CLEMAJGonzalez, Erik PR-3B1100.307
CLERGonzalez, Marcos SS5123.3332B (2), BB (9)
CLERNaylor, Noah DH3110.3172B (3), BB (11)
CLERRodriguez, Johnathan RF5122.2812B (8), HR (1)
CLESSFreeman, Tyler SS4110.3822B (18), SB (8)
COLAAAFuentes, Josh 3B4000.323
COLAAAHampson, Garrett SS4120.318BB (23), SB (15)
COLAAALambert, Peter P1010.250
COLAAAPatterson, Jordan 1B4121.272HR (20)
COLAAARodgers, Brendan 2B5000.250
COLMAJMcMahon, Ryan PH1000.219
CWSAABasabe, Luis Alexander RF2100.238BB (19)
CWSAACall, Alex CF4000.271
CWSAACollins, Zack C3122.2472 2B (22), BB (90)
CWSHiAGonzalez, Luis CF2211.2962B (16), 2 BB (15)
CWSHiAMadrigal, Nick 2B3002.333
CWSHiASheets, Gavin 1B3000.287BB (42)
CWSHiAYrizarri, Yeyson 3B2100.243BB (18), SB (14)
DETHiAHill, Derek CF3010.234
DETHiAMontgomery, Troy RF4010.346
DETLoAMorgan, Joey C3031.238
DETMAJGerber, Mike CF2000.2862 BB (2)
DETMAJReyes, Victor LF3010.220
DETRKing, Jose SS4010.305
DETRLiniak, Kingston CF4100.224BB (5)
DETSSMcMillan, Sam C4000.160
DETSSPerez, Wenceel SS5120.274
HOUAAAAlvarez, Yordan LF5113.202HR (6)
HOUAAAReed, AJ 1B5123.264HR (23)
HOUAAAStraw, Myles CF5120.2672B (6)
HOUAAAStubbs, Garrett C3100.325BB (25)
HOUAAATucker, Kyle RF5322.305HR (15), SB (16)
HOULoASierra, Miguelangel SS4010.2373B (3)
KCAAADewees, Donnie CF0100.221BB (9)
KCAAAGallagher, Cam C2000.261
KCAAAHernandez, Elier RF2220.3972B (6)
KCAAALopez, Nicky 2B3010.291
KCMAJDozier, Hunter 3B4020.218
KCMAJPhillips, Brett PH-DH1000.185
KCRCole, Eric RF4000.275BB (12)
LAAAAJones, Jahmai 2B5021.264
LAAAALund, Brennon CF4000.261
LAAAAAThaiss, Matt 1B3110.2812B (21)
LAAAAAWard, Taylor 3B3021.3562B (15)
LAALoAHunter, Torii DH3000.258BB (42), 2 SB (24)
LAALoAMenendez, Kiki 1B3000.167
LAALoARivas, Leonardo SS4120.2302B (15)
LAAMAJFletcher, David 2B4001.262
LAAMAJOhtani, Shohei DH2000.2682 BB (22), SB (4)
LAARDeveaux, Trent CF3100.2082 BB (17), SB (5)
LAAREnglish, William DH5010.208
LADAAAFarmer, Kyle 3B4011.2932B (21)
LADAAALocastro, Tim 2B5120.294
LADAAARios, Edwin LF4020.298
LADAAAVerdugo, Alex CF4031.345BB (24), 2 SB (6)
LADHiAKendall, Jeren CF2000.2202 BB (40), SB (30)
LADHiASantana, Cristian 3B4111.244HR (19)
LADHiAWong, Connor DH4111.265HR (17)
LADLoAMann, Devin 2B4110.254
MIAAAHarrison, Monte CF4000.233
MIAAALee, Braxton PH1000.238
MIAAAMiller, Brian LF4010.2732B (5)
MIAAAABrigham, Jeff P3010.167
MIAAAADiaz, Isan 2B4100.273BB (10)
MIAHiABrigman, Bryson DH5110.125
MIAHiADevers, Jose SS4111.250BB (1)
MIAHiAMahan, Riley 2B5332.2393B (3)
MIAMAJAnderson, Brian RF4011.288
MIAMAJSierra, Magneuris CF3010.2312B (2)
MIARMarinez, Ynmanol SS3220.268BB (14), SB (7)
MIASSBird, Corey DH3000.167BB (3), SB (1)
MIASSHernandez, Brayan CF4000.228
MILAAErceg, Lucas 3B3010.260BB (32), CS (1)
MILAAGrisham, Trent CF-LF4022.213
MILAARay, Corey PH-CF0100.253BB (53)
MILHiAFeliciano, Mario DH4010.2092B (5), BB (10)
MILLoAHarrison, K.J. 1B4012.2122B (25)
MILLoAHenry, Payton C3000.261BB (28)
MILLoALutz, Tristen LF4111.251
MILRBello, Micah CF3100.2632 BB (17)
MILRGray, Joe DH4000.175BB (14)
MINAAArraez, Luis 2B4112.276
MINAARaley, Luke RF3210.250
MINAARooker, Brent LF4000.276
MINHiABlankenhorn, Travis 2B4112.237HR (11), BB (29)
MINHiAKirilloff, Alex RF5122.378
MINHiALewis, Royce SS6345.3292 HR (3)
MINHiAMiranda, Jose 3B4100.000BB (1)
MINHiAWhitefield, Aaron CF3200.1832 BB (14)
MINLoABaddoo, Akil CF2010.2523B (9), 2 BB (66)
MINLoAJeffers, Ryan DH4000.327
MINLoAMaciel, Gabriel RF3000.275
MINRCelestino, Gilberto DH3011.387
MINRLarnach, Trevor RF2110.300
MINRSeverino, Yunior SS3010.288
NYMAAAConlon, P.J. P0000.133
NYMHiABrodey, Quinn CF3110.220BB (6)
NYMHiACarpio, Luis SS5000.228
NYMHiASanchez, Ali C4022.3002 2B (7)
NYMMAJGuillorme, Luis 3B1010.215
NYMREspino, Sebastian 2B3111.2792B (9), BB (9)
NYMRHernandez, Adrian CF3110.261SB (9)
NYMRKelenic, Jarred CF4000.170
NYMRLindsay, Desmond DH3100.000BB (1), SB (1)
NYMRVientos, Mark 3B1100.2873 BB (19)
NYMSSCortes, Carlos 2B4011.276
NYYHiACastillo, Diego SS3000.253
NYYHiAFlorial, Estevan CF3000.235
NYYHiAGilliam, Isiah RF2000.268
NYYMAJAndujar, Miguel DH3100.288BB (17)
NYYMAJTorres, Gleyber 2B5122.279HR (18)
NYYRGreen, Ryder CF2121.2083B (2)
NYYRSeigler, Anthony C4013.222
NYYSSBreaux, Josh C1000.250
OAKAAAFowler, Dustin CF4000.322
OAKAAAMateo, Jorge SS3000.235
OAKAAANeuse, Sheldon 3B4110.255
OAKLoAAllen, Nick SS4010.217
OAKLoAArmenteros, Lazaro LF4000.270
OAKLoABeck, Austin CF4000.285
OAKRMerrell, Kevin SS11101.000BB (1), SB (1)
OAKSSBrito, Marcos 2B4000.221
OAKSSEierman, Jeremy DH4020.2222B (4)
OAKSSRivas, Alfonso 1B4110.264
PHIHiABrito, Daniel 2B3001.091SB (1)
PHIHiACrawford, J.P. 3B2100.1762 BB (5)
PHIHiAGamboa, Arquimedes SS3000.215
PHIHiAMoniak, Mickey CF3000.254
PHIMAJAlfaro, Jorge C4001.254
PHIMAJCozens, Dylan LF1000.100
PHIMAJDominguez, Seranthony P0000.000
PHIMAJKingery, Scott SS2000.225
PHIMAJQuinn, Roman RF1000.316BB (1), SB (2)
PITRMartin, Mason 1B3010.274BB (28)
PITRUselton, Conner RF3011.240
PITSSKaiser, Connor DH3122.218
PITSSKoch, Grant C3011.190
PITSSSwaggerty, Travis CF2100.2772 BB (13), 2 SB (8)
SDAAAMejia, Francisco C3110.3782 BB (5)
SDAAAUrias, Luis 2B3222.2752B (23), HR (8), BB (62)
SDLoAArias, Gabriel SS3121.2312 2B (18)
SDLoARosario, Jeisson CF4110.2772B (13)
SDLoARuiz, Esteury 2B4000.250
SDRBarley, Jordy SS4010.200
SDREdwards, Xavier SS5110.389
SEAAAAMiller, Ian LF4000.275
SEAAAAVogelbach, Daniel DH3000.300BB (65)
SEALoAAdams, Johnny SS3110.225
SEALoARosa, Joseph 2B4210.220BB (39)
SEARIzturis, Cesar SS5230.256
SEARRodriguez, Julio RF3021.320BB (23)
SEARRosario, Ronald RF3000.146BB (4)
SFAAAGomez, Miguel 2B4010.270
SFAAAShaw, Chris LF3020.267BB (19)
SFHiAFabian, Sandro RF4000.207
SFMAJDuggar, Steven CF3000.260
SFMAJMoronta, Reyes P0000.000
SFMAJSlater, Austin 1B4000.299
SFRCanario, Alexander CF4020.282CS (3)
STLAAAArozarena, Randy RF4011.226
STLAAAKelly, Carson C3010.294BB (35)
STLAAASosa, Edmundo 2B4110.2502B (7)
STLAAAWilliams, Justin LF4000.250
STLHiACapel, Conner CF4010.3002B (1)
STLHiACarlson, Dylan LF4000.254
STLHiAHurst, Scott RF4130.1252 2B (2)
STLMAJBader, Harrison CF4020.275
STLMAJMunoz, Yairo 2B3000.289BB (20)
STLRGil, Mateo SS5221.2583B (1)
STLRGorman, Nolan PH-3B1000.343
STLRMachado, Jonathan CF3100.281BB (11)
STLSSPerez, Delvin SS4110.233BB (21)
STLSSYnfante, Wadye CF4120.213BB (11), SB (7), CS (2)
TBAACronenworth, Jake 2B5224.2432B (17)
TBAAFox, Lucius SS5121.2502B (1)
TBAASanchez, Jesus RF4100.235
TBAASolak, Nick LF4232.273SB (20)
TBHiABrujan, Vidal 2B4120.500SB (1)
TBHiALowe, Josh CF4120.2452 SB (17)
TBHiAMcKay, Brendan DH2000.2242 BB (11)
TBLoAHernandez, Ronaldo DH4011.290BB (25)
TBRFranco, Wander SS5111.342
TBRWitherspoon, Grant CF4021.214BB (11)
TBSSDodson, Tanner DH3110.286BB (10)
TBSSFrank, Tyler 2B3100.281BB (26)
TBSSProctor, Ford SS4133.2362 3B (2), HR (1), CS (2)
TEXMAJCalhoun, Willie PH-LF3000.241
TEXMAJRobinson, Drew PR-DH0000.181
TEXMAJTocci, Carlos CF2010.169CS (3)
TEXRRodriguez, Keyber DH4122.253BB (18)
TORHiAAdams, Riley C4010.234
TORHiASmith, Kevin SS4110.285
TORHiASpanberger, Chad DH3010.333BB (1)
TORHiAWarmoth, Logan 2B4000.220
TORLoANoda, Ryan 1B2100.2592 BB (86)
TORRHiraldo, Miguel SS4020.325
WASRFranco, Anderson DH3010.227BB (3)
ARIAADuplantier, Jon5.000003
ARIAALopez, Yoan2.000002
ATLAAGraham, Josh1.000002
ATLAAMuller, Kyle5.132214
BALRRom, Drew2.221101
BALSSFenter, Gray5.041125
CHCAAStinnett, Jake1.010000
CHCAAAMills, Alec5.033318
CHCHiALange, Alex6.023353
CINLoANaughton, Packy5.230039
CINMAJMella, Keury2.031102
CINRRichardson, Lyon4.043213
CLELoAOviedo, Luis5.0200440.00W (1-0)
COLAAALambert, Peter5.1744264.71L (2-3)
CWSAAFlores, Bernardo6.21033112.50
CWSHiAJohnson, Tyler1.0000001.77Sv (2)
CWSMAJVieira, Thyago1.02331110.38
DETHiAMize, Casey3.0533114.50L (0-1)
DETHiAPinto, Wladimir0.2355218.20
HOUAAAFerrell, Riley2.0211236.00
HOULoASolis, Jairo3.1522153.74L (2-5)
HOURSchroeder, Jayson3.0100040.00
KCAAAOaks, Trevor5.0744432.62W (8-5)
LAAAACastillo, Jesus3.0422124.77
LAARButtrey, Ty1.0000030.00
MIAAAABrigham, Jeff6.0822172.54W (3-0)
MIAHiAGuzman, Jorge2.2544433.57
MIASSKolek, Tyler0.2133214.76
MINAAAlcala, Jorge2.22333210.13L (0-1)
MINAAJay, Tyler1.2644024.15
MINMAJGarver, Mitch1.0100000.00
NYMAAAConlon, P.J.1.0000127.17
NYMHiAPeterson, David6.0832166.50
NYMRUceta, Adonis0.0000100.00
NYMSSGilliam, Ryley0.2122122.08L (0-1)
NYYHiAGarcia, Deivi7.00000120.77
NYYRAbreu, Albert2.22212323.40L (0-3)
NYYSSSauer, Matt5.11155044.44L (2-4)
OAKAAALuzardo, Jesus5.0800060.00W (1-0)
OAKLoAFeigl, Brady2.0322029.00L (0-1)
PHIHiALlovera, Mauricio6.0332074.31
PHIMAJArano, Victor1.2300012.09
PHIMAJDominguez, Seranthony0.1322002.45
PITMAJSantana, Edgar1.0100012.81
PITRAshcraft, Braxton3.0211135.40
PITRBaz, Shane4.2400364.46
SDAAAQuantrill, Cal6.0722043.00W (1-0)
SDLoAColeman, Dylan1.0110020.84L (1-1)
SFAAAAnderson, Shaun6.0653134.88L (1-2)
SFHiAMartinez, Rodolfo1.1000026.46
SFMAJMoronta, Reyes1.0000111.75
STLAAAGreene, Conner1.0243113.54
STLLoASeijas, Alvaro5.1722244.49
STLRHelsley, Ryan2.2100340.00
TBSSMercado, Michael5.0644235.44
TORLoAJimenez, Emerson1.0322018.87W (1-0)
WASSSSchaller, Reid5.0533114.00W (1-0)

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