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Baseball America Prospect Report – August 22, 2018

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Tuesday's Stars

Michael Kopech, RHP, White Sox. Kopech's MLB debut was a disappointing one. Not because Kopech was awful, but because an ill-timed rain delay meant that the 23,133 fans there to watch Kopech pitch saw him throw only two innings before he was lifted because of the rain. Kopech showed the lively 94-98 mph fastball that he generally has, but he also struggled at times with his control. He needed 52 pitches to get six outs. He struck out four while giving up three hits and he hit a batter.

Evan White, 1B, Mariners. White has impressed evaluators with his athleticism and his exceptional defense at first base. He hits for average and draws some walks. But first basemen need to hit for power as well and that's where White has struggled. White is showing a late-season power surge. He hit his 10th home run of the season and fourth of August yesterday. White's 10th home run came as part of a 4-for-5 game that also included a triple and a stolen base.

Estevan Florial, CF, Yankees. Florial is on an even more furious late-season surge. Florial missed significant time this year with a hamate injury that cost him half of May and all of June. But Florial seems healthy now. He went 3-for-4 with a double and his third home run of the season. It was Florial's seventh multi-hit game in the past nine games.

Austin Riley, 3B, Braves. Riley homered in each game of yesterdays Gwinnett-Durham doubleheader. Riley now has 14 home runs this season.

Casey Golden, OF, Rockies. Golden is old for the South Atlantic League, but his power is worth watching. Golden homered yesterday for low Class A Asheville giving him 31 this season which ties him with four other players for the minors home run lead. Golden, a 20th-round senior sign from UNC Wilmington, also hit 20 home runs for rookie-level Grand Junction last year (after hitting a school record 21 for UNC Wilmington that year). Golden has 51 minor league home runs in just 166 pro games.

Francisco Morales, RHP, Phillies. Morales has battled control troubles this year in his jump up to the New York-Penn League. But when he's on, he can be electric. Yesterday he struck out 11 and walked only two in six innings. He allowed three hits and one run.

ARIAALeyba, Domingo 2B5011.271
ARIAAWidener, Taylor P1011.278
ARIAAABrito, Socrates LF4020.325BB (40)
ARIAAACron, Kevin 1B5100.319
ARIAAAVargas, Ildemaro 2B5030.3112B (25)
ARIHiAEllis, Drew 3B3010.257CS (6)
ARIHiAGrier, Anfernee LF3000.190
ARIHiAVarsho, Daulton C4010.278
ARIHiAWilson, Marcus CF3010.227
ARIRRobinson, Kristian LF2110.200
ARIRThomas, Alek CF4010.3332B (5)
ARISSMcCarthy, Jake CF5110.2832B (12)
ARISSYerzy, Andy C3220.3042B (10), BB (23)
ATLAAPache, Cristian CF3121.339HR (1)
ATLAAAJackson, Alex C3000.224
ATLAAAPeterson, Dustin LF3100.269
ATLAAARiley, Austin 3B3112.275HR (7)
ATLHiAContreras, William C3010.283BB (5)
ATLHiAJenista, Greyson DH3000.139BB (3)
ATLHiAWaters, Drew CF4110.256
ATLHiAWilson, Isranel LF3010.209
ATLMAJAcuna, Ronald LF3000.2862 BB (26)
BALAADiaz, Yusniel RF4000.231BB (15)
BALAAHays, Austin LF5011.242
BALAAAStewart, DJ RF4000.229
BALMAJMullins, Cedric CF4111.333HR (2)
BALMAJNunez, Renato 3B3000.240BB (14)
BALSSHall, Adam 2B3010.278CS (4)
BALSSNeustrom, Robert LF3011.258BB (11)
BALSSSantander, Anthony RF3000.292BB (2), 2 SB (2)
BOSAAChavis, Michael 3B4112.297HR (6)
BOSAADalbec, Bobby DH4010.2952B (6)
BOSAADe La Guerra, Chad 2B3110.264BB (29)
BOSAAATravis, Sam 1B2010.262BB (24)
BOSLoASuarez, Kervin CF5000.245
CHCAABurks, Charcer PH1000.232
CHCAARucker, Michael P1010.2002B (1)
CHCHiAAdeman, Aramis SS5011.213
CHCHiAWilson, D.J. CF5011.234
CHCLoAAmaya, Miguel C0000.264
CHCLoAHerron, Jimmy LF4100.260
CHCMAJBote, David 3B4000.278
CHCRRoederer, Cole CF3110.283SB (11)
CHCSSSierra, Jonathan RF3000.241BB (21)
CHCSSVelazquez, Nelson PH1000.227
CHCSSWeber, Andy 2B4230.296
CINAAFriedl, T.J. LF4010.283
CINAALaValley, Gavin 1B4111.207HR (12)
CINAALong, Shed 2B4000.260
CINAASantillan, Tony P2000.100
CINAASiri, Jose CF4010.233
CINHiAIsabel, Ibandel DH5011.260
CINHiARodriguez, Alfredo SS3121.2212B (4), BB (6)
CINHiAStephenson, Tyler C2011.2592 BB (41)
CINHiATrammell, Taylor CF2200.271BB (53), 3 SB (23)
CINLoADowns, Jeter SS4110.252
CINLoAIndia, Jonathan PH-3B1011.206
CINMAJErvin, Phillip LF5021.302
CINRSiani, Mike CF4010.300
CLEAAClement, Ernie SS5231.3203 2B (3)
CLEAAKrieger, Tyler LF5243.280
CLEAAABradley, Bobby 1B2211.239HR (2), 2 BB (5)
CLEAAAChang, Yu SS3020.2492 BB (42)
CLEAAAHaase, Eric C5000.233
CLEAAAMercado, Oscar CF4000.170SB (5)
CLEHiACollins, Gavin C4222.2302B (19), HR (4)
CLEHiAJones, Nolan 3B4121.2912B (5)
CLELoABenson, Will RF4001.169
CLELoAPalacios, Richie 2B3221.3003B (1), HR (2)
CLEMAJAllen, Greg CF3021.2572B (5)
CLERGonzalez, Marcos SS3110.318SB (4), CS (4)
CLERKwan, Steven CF3010.200BB (6)
CLERNaylor, Noah 3B4110.2943B (3)
CLERRodriguez, Johnathan RF3100.289BB (21)
CLESSFreeman, Tyler SS3000.376
COLAAHilliard, Sam RF2111.2653B (3), 2 BB (38)
COLAANunez, Dom C5011.227SB (6)
COLAAAFuentes, Josh 3B4000.316
COLAAAMurphy, Tom C3110.265BB (19)
COLAAAPatterson, Jordan 1B4221.2782B (23), HR (23)
COLAAARodgers, Brendan SS4011.231
COLHiABoswell, Bret 2B3000.310BB (9)
COLHiAFernandez, Vince RF3100.265BB (60), SB (9)
COLHiANevin, Tyler 1B3000.314BB (26)
COLHiAWelker, Colton DH4111.333HR (12)
COLLoAVilade, Ryan SS3110.271BB (45)
COLRLavigne, Grant DH3010.364BB (32)
COLRMontano, Daniel CF3001.272BB (15)
COLSSVavra, Terrin 2B4221.3172B (7), HR (4), BB (18)
CWSAABasabe, Luis Alexander CF4000.247
CWSAACall, Alex RF4010.253
CWSAACollins, Zack DH3000.241BB (97)
CWSAAAJimenez, Eloy LF4120.337
CWSAAAZavala, Seby DH4020.2462B (8)
CWSHiAGonzalez, Luis RF4000.319
CWSHiAMadrigal, Nick 2B4001.273CS (3)
CWSHiARobert, Luis CF4110.2752B (3)
CWSHiARutherford, Blake DH4110.296
CWSHiASheets, Gavin 1B3021.286
CWSHiAYrizarri, Yeyson PR-LF1000.248
CWSLoAWalker, Steele DH3012.2032B (4)
CWSRSosa, Lenyn SS6010.294SB (2)
DETAAAlcantara, Sergio SS5010.280
DETAACastro, Willi DH5010.263
DETAAMontgomery, Troy RF3000.235BB (31)
DETAAParedes, Isaac 3B3110.3112 BB (12)
DETAARogers, Jake C5212.216HR (17)
DETAAACameron, Daz CF4110.222
DETAAALugo, Dawel 2B4221.267HR (3)
DETAAAStewart, Christin LF4112.248HR (20)
DETHiAHill, Derek LF4010.238CS (12)
DETLoAPerez, Wenceel SS5111.304
DETMAJReyes, Victor CF3020.235
DETRLiniak, Kingston CF4000.232
DETSSKing, Jose SS3010.194
DETSSMcMillan, Sam C1000.163BB (19)
HOUAADawson, Ronnie CF5000.258
HOUAAAAlvarez, Yordan LF5120.2422B (5)
HOUAAADavis, J.D. DH4233.354HR (16), BB (30)
HOUAAAReed, AJ 1B4111.260
HOUAAAStraw, Myles RF4111.2542 BB (31)
HOUAAAStubbs, Garrett C3121.3142B (18), BB (30)
HOUHiABeer, Seth LF4110.2242B (4)
HOUHiAMatijevic, J.J. DH4021.2582B (16), BB (31)
HOULoASierra, Miguelangel SS4232.2262B (14)
HOURNova, Freudis 2B5221.311HR (6)
KCAADuenez, Samir 1B4112.265HR (7)
KCAAGutierrez, Kelvin 3B3010.2922B (8)
KCAAADewees, Donnie CF5223.2392B (9)
KCAAAGallagher, Cam C2100.259BB (26)
KCAAAHernandez, Elier LF2010.316
KCAAALopez, Nicky 2B5111.277
KCLoAIsbel, Kyle LF-CF4000.298
KCLoAMelendez, M.J. DH3000.246BB (39)
KCLoAPratto, Nick 1B3120.265BB (39), SB (20), CS (5)
KCMAJDozier, Hunter 3B4010.213
KCMAJO'Hearn, Ryan 1B4111.182HR (5)
KCRCole, Eric CF6241.2732B (11), SB (6)
KCRVallot, Chase DH3111.289HR (5), BB (11)
LAAAAAdell, Jo CF2000.222
LAAAAJones, Jahmai 2B1100.261BB (21)
LAAAAAThaiss, Matt 1B5012.2722B (23)
LAAHiAHunter, Torii LF5010.3333B (1)
LAAHiAMarsh, Brandon CF4020.2542B (13), BB (43)
LAAHiATodd, Jonah RF2000.2052 BB (52)
LAALoAMenendez, Kiki 1B4010.262
LAALoAPina, Keinner C4224.2653B (2), BB (19)
LAALoARivas, Leonardo SS5240.238
LAAMAJFletcher, David 2B5132.2783B (2)
LAAMAJOhtani, Shohei PH1000.267
LAAMAJWard, Taylor 3B4000.240
LAARDeveaux, Trent CF5000.204
LAAREnglish, William DH4010.190
LAARMaitan, Kevin 3B4122.252
LAARSoto, Livan SS3010.297
LADAAJackson, Drew 2B4010.257
LADAALux, Gavin SS4120.3502B (2)
LADAAPeters, DJ CF4010.227
LADAARuiz, Keibert C3001.254
LADAAABeaty, Matt DH4010.292
LADAAAFarmer, Kyle 3B3010.299BB (14)
LADAAALocastro, Tim 1B-CF5000.300
LADAAARios, Edwin LF3122.301HR (9), BB (18)
LADAAASmith, Will C2010.1432B (3), 2 BB (3)
LADHiAKendall, Jeren CF4110.213SB (35)
LADHiASantana, Cristian 3B4000.258
LADHiAWong, Connor C4110.259
LADLoAMann, Devin 2B4012.245
LADMAJFerguson, Caleb P0000.200
MIAAABrinson, Lewis CF4000.056
MIAAADunand, Joe SS3013.1972B (11)
MIAAAHarrison, Monte RF3110.244BB (39)
MIAAAMiller, Brian LF4230.2542 SB (15), CS (5)
MIAAAADiaz, Isan 2B3001.210
MIAAAAGallen, Zac P2000.130
MIAAAALee, Braxton CF3220.2263B (2), BB (12)
MIAHiABird, Corey RF4020.217
MIAHiABrigman, Bryson SS4010.328
MIAHiAMahan, Riley 2B4011.2502B (21)
MIAHiANelson, James 3B4010.2192B (10)
MIAHiAPompey, Tristan CF3010.372BB (10), SB (3)
MIALoABanfield, Will C3010.216
MIALoAJohnson, Osiris SS3000.186
MIALoAJones, Thomas DH3100.220BB (22), 2 SB (19)
MIALoAScott, Connor CF3010.275BB (7), CS (2)
MIALoASoto, Isael RF2100.2222 BB (32)
MIALoATorres, Chris 2B3110.311BB (16)
MIAMAJAnderson, Brian 3B4020.276BB (49)
MIAMAJLopez, Pablo P2000.133
MIAMAJSierra, Magneuris CF4000.156
MIASSHernandez, Brayan CF4000.221
MILAAErceg, Lucas 3B2000.248BB (36)
MILAAGrisham, Trent RF3111.222HR (7)
MILAAHiura, Keston 2B3000.278
MILAARay, Corey CF4111.244HR (26)
MILAASupak, Trey P2000.105
MILHiAFeliciano, Mario C4000.202BB (12)
MILLoAHarrison, K.J. 1B4010.222
MILLoAHenry, Payton C3000.248
MILLoALutz, Tristen RF3000.243BB (43)
MILLoAMcClanahan, Chad LF4000.139
MILRBello, Micah LF4000.240
MILRTurang, Brice DH3000.281
MINAAArraez, Luis 2B4110.2992B (6)
MINAARaley, Luke RF5120.306
MINAARooker, Brent LF4114.263HR (22), BB (50)
MINAAAGordon, Nick 2B3100.205
MINHiABlankenhorn, Travis 2B4010.235
MINHiAKirilloff, Alex DH4011.378
MINHiALewis, Royce SS4000.298
MINHiAMiranda, Jose 3B4000.207
MINHiAWhitefield, Aaron CF2111.191
MINLoABechtold, Andrew 3B4111.213
MINLoAJeffers, Ryan C3100.297BB (10)
MINLoALarnach, Trevor DH4010.291
MINLoAMaciel, Gabriel CF5010.283
MINLoAPearson, Jacob LF4000.244
MINMAJGarver, Mitch PH-C1110.261
MINRKeirsey, DaShawn CF3212.3052 BB (10), SB (4)
MINRSeverino, Yunior 2B5101.260
NYMAAGimenez, Andres SS4000.296
NYMAAMazeika, Patrick PH1000.214
NYMAANido, Tomas C4122.2742B (18), HR (5)
NYMAAToffey, Will 3B4100.261
NYMAAAAlonso, Peter 1B3211.238HR (16), 2 BB (29)
NYMAAAGuillorme, Luis SS5222.292HR (3)
NYMHiACarpio, Luis SS4011.217
NYMHiALindsay, Desmond CF5010.219CS (7)
NYMREspino, Sebastian 2B4000.264BB (14)
NYMRHernandez, Adrian CF4011.262
NYMSSCortes, Carlos 2B3000.282BB (13)
NYYHiACastillo, Diego 2B2220.2642B (17), 3 BB (27), SB (9)
NYYHiAFlorial, Estevan CF4232.2602B (15), HR (3), BB (40)
NYYHiAGilliam, Isiah RF4110.264BB (28)
NYYLoACabrera, Oswaldo 2B3011.229SB (4)
NYYLoAGarcia, Dermis 1B4011.237SB (2)
NYYMAJAndujar, Miguel 3B5111.297
NYYMAJTorres, Gleyber SS5020.267
NYYMAJVoit, Luke PH1000.176
NYYSSBreaux, Josh C3010.255
OAKAAMartin, Richie SS3021.2873B (6), BB (39), CS (9)
OAKAARamirez, Tyler LF5011.280
OAKAAABarreto, Franklin 2B4000.251
OAKAAABoyd, B.J. PH-LF1000.277
OAKAAAFowler, Dustin CF4010.354
OAKAAAMateo, Jorge SS3010.230SB (23)
OAKAAANeuse, Sheldon 3B3010.264
OAKHiADeichmann, Greg RF4010.210
OAKLoAAllen, Nick SS4020.234
OAKLoAArmenteros, Lazaro LF3000.269BB (31)
OAKMAJLaureano, Ramon CF4120.306SB (2)
OAKRCampos, Alexander SS3000.119BB (11)
OAKSSEierman, Jeremy SS4010.232SB (7)
OAKSSRivas, Alfonso DH4221.2842B (14), SB (6)
PHIAAACozens, Dylan RF0000.238
PHIHiABrito, Daniel 2B2010.2502B (2), 2 BB (4)
PHIHiAMoniak, Mickey CF4010.263
PHILoAMuzziotti, Simon CF4010.253
PHILoAOrtiz, Jhailyn RF4000.224
PHILoAVierling, Matt LF4000.290
PHIMAJAlfaro, Jorge C4010.251
PHIMAJKingery, Scott PH1000.225
PHIMAJQuinn, Roman RF4121.311HR (1)
PHISSBohm, Alec DH3120.203BB (5)
PHISSGuzman, Jonathan SS4110.222
PITAAAlemais, Stephen 2B5110.275
PITAACraig, Will 1B5111.2522B (27)
PITAAReynolds, Bryan CF5341.2882B (17), HR (7)
PITAATucker, Cole SS5000.252
PITAAAKramer, Kevin 2B5000.299
PITAAAMartin, Jason CF3110.222BB (15)
PITAAAMoroff, Max SS5011.237
PITLoAKaiser, Connor SS4110.333BB (2)
PITLoAMitchell, Calvin RF5021.2812B (24)
PITLoASanchez, Lolo LF3110.2422 SB (27)
PITLoASwaggerty, Travis CF5000.148
PITMAJMoran, Colin 3B4000.267
PITSSKoch, Grant C5110.210
SDAAAllen, Austin C3010.292
SDAAGettys, Michael RF3000.235
SDAANaylor, Josh LF3010.305
SDAAPotts, Hudson 3B4000.167
SDAAAMejia, Francisco C4010.313
SDAAAUrias, Luis 2B4020.292
SDHiAOlivares, Edward CF3111.266HR (10), BB (26), SB (18)
SDHiAOna, Jorge RF3000.242BB (33)
SDLoAArias, Gabriel SS3112.237HR (4), BB (40), CS (3)
SDLoAMiller, Owen 3B4000.340
SDLoARosario, Jeisson CF3010.2792B (15), BB (63)
SDLoARuiz, Esteury DH3010.2512B (19), BB (34)
SDRBarley, Jordy SS4000.192
SDSSEdwards, Xavier 2B4000.250
SDSSLittle, Grant CF1110.2622B (8)
SEAAAFilia, Eric RF3100.274BB (37)
SEAAALewis, Kyle CF2113.198HR (2), BB (7)
SEAAAAMiller, Ian LF4020.275BB (41), SB (28)
SEAAAAVogelbach, Daniel DH5000.290
SEAHiALiberato, Luis LF4220.2452B (19), BB (28)
SEAHiARizzo, Joe 3B4100.242
SEAHiAWhite, Evan 1B5143.2973B (6), HR (10), SB (3)
SEALoAAdams, Johnny SS-P3001.2172 BB (41)
SEARIzturis, Cesar SS4121.2592B (7), BB (12)
SEARRosario, Ronald RF4100.165
SEASSRaleigh, Cal DH3010.317BB (13)
SEASSStowers, Josh CF4010.2752B (13)
SFAAHinojosa, C.J. SS3010.264BB (23)
SFAAHoward, Ryan 2B4020.2802B (31)
SFAAAGarcia, Aramis C4000.233
SFAAAGomez, Miguel 2B4010.288
SFHiAFabian, Sandro RF4000.211
SFLoAGonzalez, Jacob DH4110.231
SFLoARamos, Heliot PH1010.2422B (23)
SFLoAZiegler, Malique CF5000.242
SFMAJDuggar, Steven PH1000.256
SFMAJSlater, Austin 1B4021.2732B (5)
SFRCanario, Alexander CF5010.2532 CS (5)
SFSSBart, Joey C5124.3152B (13)
STLAAKnizner, Andrew C4000.309
STLAAAEdman, Tommy 2B3010.378BB (5)
STLAAAGarcia, Adolis RF4020.261CS (3)
STLAAAKelly, Carson C4000.280
STLAAASchrock, Max 3B3000.263BB (22)
STLAAAWilliams, Justin LF4000.214
STLHiACapel, Conner CF4011.203
STLHiACarlson, Dylan LF4220.2512B (16), BB (49)
STLLoABaker, Luken 1B4001.280
STLLoADunn, Nick 2B4020.375
STLLoAGorman, Nolan 3B4010.2452B (2)
STLMAJBader, Harrison CF3010.282CS (3)
STLMAJO'Neill, Tyler RF3100.271
STLRGil, Mateo SS5020.2512B (6)
STLRHerrera, Ivan C5000.361
STLRMachado, Jonathan CF5110.292
STLSSPerez, Delvin SS4000.225
STLSSYnfante, Wadye CF4111.210HR (3)
TBAACronenworth, Jake 2B5010.244
TBAAFox, Lucius SS4010.2393B (1), BB (5)
TBAASanchez, Jesus PR-CF1000.210
TBAAAArroyo, Christian 3B3110.225SB (1)
TBAAACiuffo, Nick C2000.255
TBAAAMcCarthy, Joe LF3000.258
TBAAAMeadows, Austin CF3112.290HR (8)
TBHiABrujan, Vidal 2B3010.4042B (4), BB (11), CS (4)
TBHiAMcKay, Brendan 1B3100.216BB (15)
TBHiAPalacios, Jermaine SS4000.254
TBLoAHernandez, Ronaldo C4100.281
TBMAJAdames, Willy SS4131.253HR (7)
TBMAJBauers, Jake 1B3000.209BB (40)
TBMAJLowe, Brandon 2B4000.091
TBMAJPerez, Michael C4120.291
TBSSFrank, Tyler SS4011.2912B (14), BB (31)
TEXAAAlvarez, Eliezer RF4110.226BB (38)
TEXAAMorgan, Josh C5013.2393B (1)
TEXAAACalhoun, Willie LF4010.3012B (29)
TEXAAAIbanez, Andy DH4120.287
TEXLoAReed, Tyreque 1B4211.274BB (27)
TEXLoAThompson, Bubba CF6343.295HR (8)
TEXMAJGuzman, Ronald 1B1000.2392 BB (29)
TEXMAJTocci, Carlos CF2000.200
TORAABichette, Bo 2B4000.280
TORAAPentecost, Max C4120.245
TORAARamirez, Harold LF4000.305
TORAAWall, Forrest CF3010.2222B (11), BB (26), CS (5)
TORHiAAdams, Riley C4122.2312B (24)
TORHiASmith, Kevin SS4110.277BB (21)
TORHiASpanberger, Chad 1B4110.239
TORLoANoda, Ryan 1B4000.253SB (13)
TORMAJMcKinney, Billy LF-RF3223.400HR (1), BB (2)
TORMAJUrena, Richard SS3010.268BB (4)
TORRDanner, Hagen DH5000.280
TORRHiraldo, Miguel SS6230.2412B (3), SB (3)
TORSSBec, Chris DH4111.265
TORSSConine, Griffin RF3000.229SB (3)
WASAAAMarmolejos, Jose 1B3000.258BB (38)
WASAAARobles, Victor CF5120.2572B (5)
WASAAASeverino, Pedro C4020.206
WASHiAAgustin, Telmito LF4001.321
WASHiAGarcia, Luis SS2000.2972 BB (11)
WASHiAReetz, Jakson C4010.229
WASMAJSoto, Juan LF4210.289BB (59)
WASMAJStevenson, Andrew PH1112.271HR (1)
WASSSSanchez, Jose SS3000.228
ARIAAMiller, Jared1.0110110.00
ARIAAWidener, Taylor4.2411262.66
ARIAAASherfy, Jimmie2.0200021.34W (4-1)
ATLAAAnderson, Ian2.2544236.75
ATLRRiley, Trey2.1411139.00
BALAALee, Chris2.0300030.69
BALMAJCarroll, Cody1.1100003.86
BALMAJScott, Tanner1.2000116.13
BALRRodriguez, Grayson3.0200051.10
BOSSSWard, Thad4.0200033.26
CHCAARucker, Michael4.0966023.82L (9-6)
CHCHiALange, Alex5.0522043.78
CHCHiARondon, Manuel1.0221221.59
CINAASantillan, Tony7.0422143.78L (4-2)
CINAAAStephens, Jackson1.0000004.83
CINHiAMoss, Scott5.07212103.50W (15-3)
CINRGray, Josiah5.1111372.55
CINRMarinan, James6.0622153.19W (3-1)
CLEMAJBieber, Shane6.1533054.24W (7-2)
CLERTorres, Lenny3.0211041.76
COLAAAAlmonte, Yency1.0000015.18
COLHiABowden, Ben1.0100033.98
COLLoAGaddis, Will2.0755014.80
COLRBird, Jake2.0322023.43L (4-1)
COLRRolison, Ryan3.0000131.96
CWSAAClarkin, Ian2.0200115.68
CWSAAFlores, Bernardo5.0632252.98L (2-5)
CWSAAAGuerrero, Jordan5.0411323.00W (5-2)
CWSAAAHamilton, Ian1.0000002.01Sv (7)
CWSMAJKopech, Michael2.0300040.00
DETMAJJimenez, Joe1.0000123.57
HOUAAAArmenteros, Rogelio5.2422573.65W (8-1)
HOUAAAFerrell, Riley2.1100047.15
HOUHiABukauskas, J.B.5.0200470.78
HOULoAGarcia, Luis5.0211142.79W (6-2)
HOUMAJValdez, Framber4.1210140.00W (1-0)
KCMAJSmith, Burch3.0511046.38
KCRBubic, Kris5.0732163.30L (2-2)
LAAAACastillo, Jesus4.0833054.90
LADHiASheffield, Jordan1.0000016.60
LADLoARooney, John2.1100332.57
LADMAJFerguson, Caleb1.0000033.82
MIAAADugger, Robert7.03002104.20W (6-5)
MIAAAEveld, Tommy0.2100010.82Sv (3)
MIAAAAGallen, Zac6.0400263.86W (8-7)
MIALoACabrera, Edward2.1100024.07
MIAMAJLopez, Pablo6.0711144.42
MILAASupak, Trey6.0300163.38W (4-6)
MILMAJBurnes, Corbin2.2100123.79
MINAAAThorpe, Lewis2.2444347.00L (0-2)
MINHiAGraterol, Brusdar5.2833243.75
NYMHiAKay, Anthony3.1555424.04L (3-6)
NYMMAJOswalt, Corey3.0100014.84W (3-2)
NYYAAStephan, Trevor5.0111275.13
NYYHiAGarcia, Deivi6.0711121.59W (1-0)
PHIHiAHammer, J.D.1.0000024.76
PHIMAJArano, Victor1.0444002.79L (1-2)
PHISSMorales, Francisco6.03112115.52W (4-3)
PITAAGarcia, Yeudy1.0211015.44
PITAAAKeller, Mitch5.0210325.31
PITMAJHolmes, Clay2.0111226.88
SDHiALawson, Reggie5.0500254.84W (7-5)
SDLoAWeathers, Ryan3.1652045.40L (0-1)
SEALoAAdams, Johnny0.1000000.00
SFAAABeede, Tyler1.0100136.85
SFRAdon, Melvin1.2321225.40
SFSSHjelle, Sean2.0422135.71
SFSSWinn, Keaton4.0444325.00
STLAAElledge, Seth1.0100014.66
STLAAFernandez, Junior1.0000015.28
TBAAAGibaut, Ian1.0000032.31Sv (12)
TBAAAHu, Chih-Wei5.0622174.42W (5-7)
TBAAAPoche, Colin1.0000011.01
TBLoALinares, Resly6.0121273.23W (7-3)
TBSSDodson, Tanner3.0000020.40
TEXAAPelham, C.D.1.0000017.20
TEXMAJJurado, Ariel5.21044116.40L (2-3)
TORAAZeuch, T.J.5.0200253.19
TORSSWymer, Sean3.0211035.22
WASHiATetreault, Jackson5.1666326.97L (0-1)
Austin Riley Tomdipace

Nine Young MLB Hitters Who Benefited From Better Swing Decisions In 2020

Young hitters who improve their swing decisions improve their odds of moving up in the lineup—and of breaking out. They also make for wise fantasy targets.

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