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Baseball America Prospect Report -- April 17, 2019

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Yordan Alvarez, 1B, Astros. The Pacific Coast League home run leader added a grand slam to his resume on Tuesday for Triple-A Round Rock. The Astros’ No. 3 prospect is now batting .300/.451/.875.

Ryley Gilliam, RHP, Mets. Gilliam pitched a scoreless inning and a third for high Class A Port St. Lucie. The hard-throwing righthander has yet to give up a run this season, striking out 12 batters in eight innings.

Rylan Bannon, 2B, Orioles. Bannon had a four-hit game for Double-A Bowie on Tuesday. The Orioles’ No. 23 is now batting .326/.380/.587 eight extra-base hits in 46 at-bats.

Ryan Rolison, LHP, Rockies. Rolison dominated on the mound for low Class A Asheville. The lefthander tossed six scoreless innings, giving up two hits and collecting seven strikeouts. The Rockies’ No. 7 prospect has strong fastball command and is working to refine his breaking ball.

Carter Kieboom, SS, Nationals.  Kieboom had a home run and a double in four at-bats for Triple-A Fresno. The Nationals’ No. 2 prospect had four RBI, two runs scored and walked once. He is now batting .381/.490/.667 with seven extra-base hits in 42 at-bats.

Adrian Morejon, LHP, Padres. Morejon tossed six and a third scoreless innings for Double-Amarillo, navigating around two walks and three hits. The Padres’ No. 5 prospect collected seven strikeouts on the evening, bouncing back from two starts in which he gave up 10 runs on eight hits in eight innings.

Jonathan India, 3B, Reds. The Reds’ No. 4 prospect recorded the first four-hit game of his career, hitting three singles and a double. India is now batting .235/.328/.392 with four extra-base hits in 51 at-bats.

Bobby Bradley, 1B, Indians. While his first at-bat resulted in a ground ball double play, Bradley quickly turned his night around for Triple-A Columbus. He hit three consecutive doubles, two to left field and his final one to right field. While he does have some swing and miss to his game, the Indians’ No. 7 prospect is translating his raw power into games.

Jarred Kelenic, OF, Mariners. The Mariners’ No. 3 prospect had a four-hit game with two doubles and an RBI for low Class A West Virginia. The sixth overall pick of the 2018 draft is now batting .289/.429/.467.

Alek Thomas, OF, Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks’ No. 8 prospect had a home run and a double in five at-bats for low Class A Kane County. He also walked and scored twice. Thomas is known for his athleticism and good bat to ball skills with enough range to patrol center field in the future.

Brusdar Graterol, RHP, Twins. Graterol was dealing for Double-A Pensacola, firing seven shutout innings while allowing just one hit and a walk. It’s no surprise that he racked up eight strikeouts considering that he works with a triple-digit fastball and slider that flashes plus-plus.

DJ Peters, OF, Dodgers. Peters had a three-RBI night, crushing a home run and a double for Double-A Tulsa. Peters has top-of-the-scale raw power but will need to make more contact in the strike zone to play at the next level.

Ty France, 3B, Padres. France had two home runs for Triple-A El Paso with four RBI and four runs scored. While he is a fringy defender at third, France has excellent barrel awareness and shows a feel to hit.

Nicky Lopez, SS, Royals. The Royals’ No. 5 prospect had two home runs and a double for Triple-A Omaha. While the Royals’ middle infield is pretty formidable with Whit Merrifield and Adalberto Mondesi, Lopez should soon get some at-bats at the big league level.

ARIAAChisholm, Jazz SS4110.0652B (1), SB (2)
ARIAAMiroglio, Dominic C3000.143
ARIAAVarsho, Daulton PH1000.238
ARIAAWilson, Marcus CF3000.192
ARIAAYoung, Andy 2B4010.2572B (3)
ARILoAPerdomo, Geraldo SS5120.276
ARILoAYerzy, Andy 1B5011.1462B (3)
ATLAAAlexander, CJ 1B3201.1432 BB (6)
ATLAADidder, Ray-Patrick SS5000.100
ATLAAPache, Cristian CF4021.3502 BB (2)
ATLAAWaters, Drew RF6130.318
ATLAAWentz, Joey P2000.000
ATLAAARiley, Austin 3B3100.1822 BB (5)
ATLHiAContreras, William C4000.243
ATLHiAJenista, Greyson RF4010.222CS (4)
ATLHiARamos, Jeffrey LF4000.255
ATLHiAWilson, Isranel CF2000.194BB (3), SB (2)
BALAABannon, Rylan 3B5032.2682B (4)
BALAADiaz, Yusniel DH5021.244
BALAAAMountcastle, Ryan 1B5223.250HR (1)
BALAAAStewart, DJ LF4222.289HR (3), BB (8)
BALLoAEncarnacion, Jean Carlos 3B5131.263SB (1)
BALLoAHall, Adam SS6300.282
BALMAJMartin, Richie SS2100.1582 BB (5)
BOSAAChatham, C.J. SS4223.3002 2B (6), BB (3)
BOSAADalbec, Bobby 1B5122.2502B (1)
BOSAANetzer, Brett 2B5121.333
BOSHiADuran, Jarren CF4120.3752 SB (4)
BOSLoAHowlett, Brandon 3B3000.160
CHCAAHoerner, Nico SS4230.306
CHCAAPereda, Jhonny 1B4000.154
CHCAAYoung, Jared LF3220.282BB (2)
CHCAAAMaples, Dillon P0000--
CHCHiAAdeman, Aramis 2B2000.2122 BB (8)
CHCHiAAmaya, Miguel C5112.194HR (2)
CHCHiAHerron, Jimmy CF3000.175BB (6)
CHCHiAWilson, D.J. RF4110.188
CHCLoARoederer, Cole CF5011.2332B (2)
CHCLoAVelazquez, Nelson DH2020.3663B (1)
CINAAFriedl, T.J. RF4001.222BB (3)
CINAAIsabel, Ibandel 1B3000.235
CINAARodriguez, Alfredo SS3110.333BB (3)
CINAASiri, Jose CF3000.219BB (5)
CINAAStephenson, Tyler C3001.208
CINAATrammell, Taylor LF3111.344BB (8)
CINAAAAquino, Aristides DH3000.211BB (1)
CINHiAClementina, Hendrik C4000.133
CINHiAFairchild, Stuart DH4011.211BB (2)
CINHiAIndia, Jonathan 3B5000.1742 CS (2)
CINLoABautista, Mariel RF4100.205
CINLoASiani, Mike CF3100.237BB (6)
CINLoASpillane, Bren 1B3000.216BB (7)
CLEAAClement, Ernie 2B3200.1202 BB (2), SB (1)
CLEAAJohnson, Daniel LF4034.2942 2B (3), SB (2)
CLEAAABradley, Bobby 1B0000.235
CLEAAAChang, Yu 2B5000.171
CLEAAAHaase, Eric C4112.182HR (3)
CLEAAAMercado, Oscar CF4010.265BB (5)
CLEHiAGonzalez, Oscar DH5011.3402B (4)
CLEHiAJones, Nolan 3B3120.2502 BB (11)
CLELoABenson, Will LF3212.281HR (2), BB (6)
CLELoAFreeman, Tyler 2B4110.294
CLELoAHolmes, Quentin CF4000.147
COLAABoswell, Bret 2B4000.211
COLAAFernandez, Vince RF3000.205BB (7)
COLAANevin, Tyler 3B1110.2002B (1), 3 BB (7)
COLAAWelker, Colton 1B4000.225
COLAAAHilliard, Sam CF4000.189
COLAAAMundell, Brian LF3010.360BB (4)
COLAAARamos, Roberto 1B4000.333
COLAAARodgers, Brendan 2B4010.289
COLHiAVilade, Ryan SS3112.3182 BB (9), SB (5)
COLLoALavigne, Grant 1B4010.286
COLLoAMacIver, Willie C2000.3502 BB (4)
COLLoAMontano, Daniel RF3000.273SB (3)
COLLoAVavra, Terrin SS4000.302
COLMAJFuentes, Josh PH1000.118
COLMAJHampson, Garrett 2B4010.176CS (1)
CWSAAAdolfo, Micker DH2000.167BB (7)
CWSAABooker, Joel LF5020.4292B (3)
CWSAAGonzalez, Luis CF4000.200
CWSAARivera, Laz SS4000.182
CWSAARutherford, Blake RF4000.114
CWSAASheets, Gavin 1B4020.216
CWSAAACollins, Zack C3101.1882 BB (5)
CWSAAAZavala, Seby DH4000.189BB (2)
CWSHiAMadrigal, Nick 2B4130.3512B (2)
CWSHiARobert, Luis CF4121.477BB (2), SB (4)
CWSLoABush, Bryce 3B5001.105
CWSLoAWalker, Steele CF2000.314
CWSMAJJimenez, Eloy LF4000.268
DETAAAlcantara, Sergio SS4000.292
DETAAParedes, Isaac 3B5000.222
DETAARogers, Jake C3121.217BB (6)
DETAAACameron, Daz CF3010.2682B (3)
DETAAACastro, Willi SS3010.3513B (1)
DETAAALugo, Dawel 3B4010.314
DETAAAWoodrow, Danny LF4000.225BB (6)
DETHiAClemens, Kody 2B4020.147
DETHiADeatherage, Brock CF3210.167BB (5), SB (6)
DETLoAMcMillan, Sam C4110.190
DETLoAMeadows, Parker CF5010.200
DETLoAPerez, Wenceel SS4000.146
HOUAADawson, Ronnie CF3231.1792B (3), HR (2), BB (5), CS (1)
HOUAAMatijevic, J.J. 1B3010.263
HOUAAToro, Abraham 3B3111.227BB (3)
HOUAAAAlvarez, Yordan RF3000.314BB (10)
HOUAAAStubbs, Garrett C3121.333HR (1), BB (4)
HOUAAATucker, Kyle PH-DH1000.108
HOUHiAArauz, Jonathan 2B3000.200BB (6), SB (1)
HOUHiABeer, Seth LF4112.295HR (1), BB (5)
HOULoAAdolph, Ross LF4110.152SB (2)
HOULoAPena, Jeremy SS5110.244
KCAALee, Khalil RF3000.304BB (6), SB (5)
KCAAPeterson, Kort LF2000.172BB (4)
KCAAViloria, Meibrys C4000.171
KCAAAGutierrez, Kelvin 3B4010.389BB (8)
KCHiAHicklen, Brewer LF4010.200
KCHiAIsbel, Kyle DH4332.386HR (2), BB (4), SB (5)
KCHiAMatias, Seuly RF4112.300HR (5)
KCHiAPerkins, Blake CF2100.2142 BB (12), 2 CS (2)
KCHiAPratto, Nick 1B5131.1752 2B (3)
KCLoAGigliotti, Michael CF5010.333
LAAAAJones, Jahmai 2B4011.077
LAAAAKruger, Jack C4120.243
LAAAAMarsh, Brandon CF3000.233BB (4)
LAALoAAdams, Jordyn LF5000.162
LAALoAMaitan, Kevin 2B4000.111BB (4)
LADAAEstevez, Omar SS5031.4002B (5)
LADAALux, Gavin 2B4121.390HR (2), BB (4)
LADAAPeters, DJ CF5000.171
LADAARuiz, Keibert C5020.1882B (1)
LADAASantana, Cristian 3B4000.295
LADAAThomas, Cody RF4112.176HR (2)
LADAAABeaty, Matt 1B5221.306
LADAAAJackson, Drew CF4231.3852B (1), BB (3), SB (1)
LADAAARios, Edwin PH1000.200
LADAAASmith, Will C4322.3672B (4), HR (3), BB (8)
LADHiADowns, Jeter SS4000.200
LADHiAKendall, Jeren CF4110.231BB (10), SB (5), CS (2)
LADHiARincon, Carlos RF4020.2312B (4)
LADHiAWong, Connor C3112.182HR (4), BB (8), SB (1)
LADLoAAmaya, Jacob SS5011.1792B (4)
LADMAJVerdugo, Alex RF1000.333BB (1)
MIAAABrigman, Bryson 2B4000.172
MIAAADunand, Joe SS3021.2352B (3), BB (4)
MIAAAMiller, Brian DH4000.195
MIAAAAHarrison, Monte DH3100.2502 BB (3), SB (2)
MIAHiADevers, Jose SS5210.326
MIAHiAMahan, Riley 2B3000.2892 BB (2)
MIAHiAMesa, Victor Victor CF5020.243
MIAHiANelson, James 3B4011.282SB (2)
MIALoABanfield, Will C5111.0712B (1)
MIALoAScott, Connor CF4110.167BB (3), SB (3)
MIALoATorres, Chris SS4100.172BB (9)
MIAMAJDean, Austin RF4000.250
MILAAGrisham, Trent DH5000.222
MILAAADubon, Mauricio SS4110.250BB (2), SB (4)
MILAAAErceg, Lucas 3B4122.273HR (3), BB (8)
MILAAAHiura, Keston 2B5221.3002B (5), 3B (1)
MILAAANottingham, Jacob C5010.219
MILAAARay, Corey DH5020.196
MILHiAFeliciano, Mario DH4010.217
MILHiAHenry, Payton C3000.267BB (2)
MILHiALutz, Tristen CF4010.139
MILLoATurang, Brice SS3010.212BB (7), 2 SB (3)
MILLoAWard, Je'Von RF4010.212SB (2)
MINAAArraez, Luis DH4000.341
MINHiABaddoo, Akil CF4332.209HR (2)
MINHiAHelman, Michael 2B5110.118
MINHiAJeffers, Ryan C4030.207BB (3)
MINHiALarnach, Trevor RF5012.2502B (4)
MINHiALewis, Royce SS4230.2632B (2), BB (13)
MINHiAMiranda, Jose 3B4112.2053B (1), BB (5)
MINHiARortvedt, Ben DH4010.313BB (7)
MINHiAWhitefield, Aaron LF4010.265SB (5)
MINLoACelestino, Gilberto CF4000.146
NYMAAGimenez, Andres SS4100.136BB (1)
NYMAAToffey, Will 3B2000.1052 BB (7)
NYMHiACortes, Carlos DH4000.216BB (4)
NYMHiALindsay, Desmond CF4000.216
NYMLoAMauricio, Ronny SS5000.326
NYMLoAVientos, Mark 3B4010.242
NYMMAJAlonso, Pete 1B4110.339BB (8)
NYYAAAEstrada, Thairo SS4110.250BB (3)
NYYHiALopez, Jason C4000.182
NYYLoAStowers, Josh RF5000.250
OAKAABarrera, Luis CF4101.393BB (3)
OAKAABlanco, Dairon LF5231.3492B (3)
OAKAADeichmann, Greg RF4221.300BB (4), SB (3)
OAKAAHeim, Jonah C4012.276
OAKAAMerrell, Kevin SS4000.133
OAKAAAMateo, Jorge SS5011.375
OAKAAAMurphy, Sean DH4020.382
OAKAAANeuse, Sheldon 3B4010.227
OAKAAARamirez, Tyler RF4010.316
OAKHiAAllen, Nick 2B4200.190BB (8)
OAKHiAArmenteros, Lazaro LF4032.184BB (10)
OAKHiABeck, Austin CF4232.2952 2B (6), BB (3)
OAKHiAEierman, Jeremy SS4000.119BB (2)
OAKHiAHannah, Jameson RF5240.289
OAKHiARivas, Alfonso 1B5021.2372B (2)
OAKLoABrito, Marcos SS3000.156
PHIAAGamboa, Arquimedes 3B5000.069
PHIAAHaseley, Adam RF4110.156BB (5)
PHIAAMoniak, Mickey CF4020.278BB (4), SB (2)
PHIHiABrito, Daniel 2B3220.138BB (3), CS (1)
PHIHiADuran, Rodolfo C4000.107
PHIHiAOrtiz, Jhailyn RF4011.176
PHIHiAVierling, Matt DH5020.341SB (4)
PHILoABohm, Alec 3B5121.3102B (4), SB (2)
PHILoAGarcia, Luis 2B3000.195BB (2), SB (1)
PHILoAMarchan, Rafael C5010.273
PITAAAlemais, Stephen SS3121.250BB (1)
PITAAOliva, Jared CF4120.5002B (1)
PITAAACraig, Will 1B4012.3022B (2)
PITAAAHayes, Ke'Bryan 3B4000.256
PITAAAReynolds, Bryan CF4111.359HR (4)
PITAAATucker, Cole SS5231.3562B (3), 3B (1)
PITHiAMitchell, Calvin RF4112.244HR (3)
PITHiASwaggerty, Travis CF4000.220
PITLoADavis, Jonah CF5113.118HR (1)
PITLoASanchez, Lolo DH4010.361CS (4)
SDAAMiller, Owen SS4000.229
SDAAPotts, Hudson 3B4000.122
SDAAReed, Buddy CF4010.2452B (1)
SDHiAArias, Gabriel SS3110.279BB (3)
SDHiACampusano, Luis C3000.439BB (7)
SDHiAOrnelas, Tirso RF3020.3482B (3), 2 BB (10)
SDHiARosario, Jeisson CF4010.225BB (13)
SDHiARuiz, Esteury 2B3021.317SB (7)
SDLoAEdwards, Xavier 2B4000.304CS (2)
SDLoAMarcano, Tucupita SS3000.190BB (6)
SDMAJTatis, Fernando SS4020.283
SDMAJUrias, Luis 2B3000.105BB (3)
SEAAAFraley, Jake RF3020.3002 BB (6), SB (5)
SEAAALewis, Kyle DH4010.179BB (7)
SEAAAThompson-Williams, Dom CF4011.250
SEAAAWalton, Donnie SS4121.257BB (7)
SEAAAACurletta, Joey 1B5113.261HR (2)
SEAAAALong, Shed 3B5012.354
SEALoAKelenic, Jarred CF4112.2202B (3), BB (9)
SEAMAJVogelbach, Daniel DH4000.341
SFAAHoward, Ryan 2B4111.250HR (1)
SFAAQuinn, Heath RF4000.087
SFAAShaw, Chris LF3331.3183B (1), HR (2), BB (4)
SFHiABart, Joey C1010.270
SFHiARamos, Heliot CF3111.216HR (4), BB (10)
SFLoAGonzalez, Jacob 3B4000.161
STLAACapel, Conner LF4000.300
STLAACarlson, Dylan RF4000.283
STLAAElledge, Seth P0000--
STLAAHurst, Scott CF3110.122BB (7)
STLAAAEdman, Tommy 2B6124.3562B (4), HR (1)
STLAAAKnizner, Andrew C4112.2332B (2), BB (3)
STLAAASchrock, Max DH4110.212BB (6)
STLAAASosa, Edmundo SS4231.2942 2B (3)
STLAAAThomas, Lane CF4001.229
STLHiABaker, Luken 1B4000.250
STLLoACedeno, Leandro 1B4110.316
STLLoAGorman, Nolan 3B4000.342BB (4)
STLLoAHerrera, Ivan C3310.2922B (2), BB (5)
STLMAJHudson, Dakota P1000.000
STLMAJO'Neill, Tyler CF1000.286
TBAAFox, Lucius SS3210.321BB (10)
TBAAMcKay, Brendan DH4001.269
TBAASanchez, Jesus RF4133.3252B (1)
TBAAALowe, Nate 1B4020.2782 2B (5), BB (8)
TBAAASolak, Nick 2B4110.324
TBAAAVelazquez, Andrew CF5021.3332 2B (5)
TBHiABrujan, Vidal 2B4011.3502B (3)
TBHiAFrank, Tyler 3B4110.167
TBHiAGomez, Moises RF3000.125BB (2)
TBHiAHernandez, Ronaldo C4010.114
TBLoAFranco, Wander SS4111.222BB (7)
TEXAAAWhite, Eli SS3110.2092B (3)
TEXHiAArias, Diosbel 2B4010.300
TEXHiAReed, Tyreque DH3020.2112B (3), BB (2)
TEXHiATaveras, Leody LF-CF5110.372
TEXHiAThompson, Bubba CF1011.150CS (1)
TEXLoAHuff, Sam DH4111.286HR (4)
TEXLoAMartinez, Julio Pablo LF4110.2782B (1)
TEXLoASeise, Chris SS4010.333SB (5)
TORAASmith, Kevin DH4011.2682B (4)
TORAASpanberger, Chad 1B4000.154
TORHiANoda, Ryan 1B5011.268
TORHiAStevenson, Cal PR-DH0000.139
TORLoAGroshans, Jordan SS4011.333BB (6)
TORMAJJansen, Danny DH4010.143
TORMAJMcKinney, Billy RF-1B5000.196
WASAABarrera, Tres C5010.484
WASAACrowe, Wil P2010.250
WASAAGarcia, Luis SS5000.239
WASAAWard, Drew 3B5111.302HR (5)
WASAAAKieboom, Carter SS4110.368BB (7)
WASAAARead, Raudy DH4111.2422B (2)
WASHiAAgustin, Telmito LF5112.2862B (5)
WASHiACanning, Gage RF5211.200HR (1)
WASLoAPineda, Israel C4111.211BB (4)
WASLoASanchez, Jose SS2011.219
ARILoAGoddard, Jackson4.1210350.73
ATLAAWentz, Joey4.2310171.08
ATLHiABeck, Tristan3.2544367.82L (0-1)
BALAAAraujo, Pedro2.0100129.00
BALAAPop, Zach2.0000030.00
BALAAARogers, Josh4.0766239.00
BOSAAHouck, Tanner5.0411338.00W (1-1)
BOSLoAScherff, Alex3.0633333.38L (0-1)
BOSMAJBrewer, Colten1.0200016.75
CHCAAAMaples, Dillon1.1111125.40
CHCLoAMarquez, Brailyn4.0322262.35
CINLoAHeatherly, Jacob5.0200055.19W (1-1)
CLELoAOviedo, Luis0.2366305.06L (2-1)
COLAAALambert, Peter5.0544135.93L (0-1)
COLLoAFeltner, Ryan5.2722146.35L (0-2)
CWSAAMedeiros, Kodi3.0343529.00L (0-1)
CWSAAAHamilton, Ian1.00001018.69
CWSHiAHansen, Alec1.0000020.00
DETAACastro, Anthony0.21553220.25
DETAAShore, Logan6.0400233.27W (1-1)
DETAAABaez, Sandy1.0222116.00
DETHiAFoley, Jason1.0000022.25
HOUAAADeetz, Dean1.16440314.54
HOUAAAWhitley, Forrest1.1455219.95L (0-2)
HOUHiAAbreu, Bryan4.21113102.79
KCHiALynch, Daniel5.0744227.15
LAAHiAMadero, Luis3.0611150.82
LAALoASoriano, Jose5.0200262.31W (1-1)
LADHiAUceta, Edwin4.1610252.03
MIAHiAGarrett, Braxton4.2533274.15
MILAADiplan, Marcos4.2644228.10L (0-1)
MINAAAlcala, Jorge5.2422272.30W (3-0)
NYMLoAWoods-Richardson, Simeon3.0100052.35
NYYHiAGerman, Frank4.1322134.15L (0-1)
OAKAAHoward, Brian6.0400220.56W (2-0)
PHIAADohy, Kyle2.0000131.29
PHIAAAGarcia, Edgar1.0000013.38
PHIAAARomero, JoJo4.04553110.13
PITAAABrubaker, JT5.1400051.69W (2-0)
PITAAAHolmes, Clay1.0211037.50
PITHiAEscobar, Luis0.1000010.00Sv (2)
PITLoAJennings, Steven4.1455357.90L (0-2)
SEAAADunn, Justin5.2100381.88W (1-0)
SEAAAWarren, Art1.0100011.93Sv (4)
SEALoAGilbert, Logan5.0211280.64
SEALoAHoffman, Nolan1.0000010.00
SFLoAHjelle, Sean4.2543143.95
STLAAElledge, Seth2.0211053.68Sv (1)
STLAAAWoodford, Jake6.1522341.10W (1-0)
STLMAJHudson, Dakota3.2866336.08
TBAAAPoche, Colin1.14551313.50L (0-1)
TEXHiAEvans, DeMarcus0.1000002.45Sv (2)
TORAAMurphy, Patrick4.1543324.20L (0-2)
WASAACrowe, Wil5.0622161.69
WASAAARainey, Tanner2.0311027.50
WASLoAAdon, Joan5.0711143.86W (1-1)
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MLB Prospect Summer Camp Roundup: July 13

Monday's prospect roundup is headlined by two fantastic catches, a two-homer game and a 2020 first-round pick arriving at summer camp.

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