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Arizona Fall League Prospect Report — October 29, 2021

Juan Yepez Billmitchell
Juan Yepez (Photo by Bill Mitchell)

Juan Yepez, UTL, Cardinals — Yepez just hits. That was true in Double-A, where he produced a .958 OPS over a quick 19 games before earning a promotion. It was true again in Triple-A, where he hit. 289/.382/.589 with 22 home runs in 92 games. And it's true again in the Fall League, where he went 1-for-4 with a home run on Thursday. The longball was his fourth of the AFL, and it came off of Padres prospect MacKenzie Gore. His .350 average is fifth on the circuit as the league nears its halfway mark. The fourth home run puts him in a three-way tie for second place.

Ji-Hwan Bae, 2B, Pirates — Bae is known for contact and blazing speed, but he's capable of a flash of power every now and again. The most recent instance came on Thursday, when he launched his second home run of the AFL as part of a 3-for-5 day with two runs and three RBIs. The two homers represent one quarter of his regular-season total, which was achieved in 85 games spent almost exclusively at Double-A Altoona.

Brett Baty, 3B, Mets — Baty's 2021 season cemented his place among the Mets' top prospects and the best overall talents in the sport. He was one of the clear stars of the early days of the AFL before cooling slightly (insofar as one can in such a small sample) in more recent games. His home run in the ninth inning on Thursday was his first of the AFL after 19 in the regular year split between High-A Brooklyn and Double-A Binghamton.

Ezequiel Duran, 2B/SS, Rangers — Duran went 0-for-5 in his first two AFL games. In the six games since, he's 15-for-28. He has multiple hits in each of those games and extra-base hit in each of those contests as well. His ledger on Thursday included a 2-for-5 mark with a double and two runs. He leads the AFL in triples, total bases and extra-base hits.

Patrick Bailey, C, Giants — Bailey will gladly take a do-over for the 2021 season, which he spent dealing with a back injury and then struggling at High-A Eugene before moving down to Low-A. The 2020 first-rounder out of North Carolina State came with a rep as a polished defensive player who immediately slotted in as the organization's top defensive backstop. His offense has made an appearance in the AFL, too. Bailey went 3-for-5 with a double on Thursday with a double, a run and two RBIs. He's 9-for-27 so far this fall.


ARIAFLCooper Hummel, OF3122.2142B (1), 2 BB (8),
ARIAFLDominic Canzone, RF3221.3162 BB (4),
ATLAFLDrew Lugbauer, C4131.400HR (2), BB (4),
ATLAFLLuke Waddell, SS3110.100BB (5),
BOSAFLTriston Casas, 3B3310.2933 BB (7),
BOSAFLJeter Downs, SS4011.321
2 BB (11), SB (4), CS (2), E (3),
CHCAFLNelson Velazquez, LF3100.386BB (10),
CINAFLIvan Johnson, 2B3100.2222 BB (5), E (2),
CLEAFLRichard Palacios, 2B5220.3003B (1), BB (7),
CLEAFLMike Amditis, C5110.120
COLAFLEzequiel Tovar, SS5010.186
COLAFLWillie MacIver, C5010.200
COLAFLMichael Toglia, 1B4220.2862B (1), BB (6),
CWSAFLJose Rodriguez, IF5211.2582B (1),
HOUAFLKorey Lee, C2010.345
HOUAFLGrae Kessinger, SS4010.2812B (1),
KCAFLNathan Eaton, 2B4120.429
KCAFLJake Means, 3B4100.105
KCAFLSeuly Matias, OF4011.216BB (6),
LAAAFLJeremiah Jackson, SS4121.176HR (2),
LAAAFLOrlando Martinez, RF4010.2222B (1),
LADAFLJacob Amaya, SS4000.211
LADAFLCarson Taylor, C2020.400
MIAAFLJJ Bleday, OF4111.3412B (4), SB (2),
MIAAFLKameron Misner, OF3000.1942 BB (5), SB (3),
MIAAFLTroy Johnston, OF4000.242
MILAFLJoe Gray, OF4000.038BB (3),
MINAFLMatt Wallner, RF2112.278HR (4),
NYMAFLBrett Baty, 3B5112.256HR (1), E (1),
NYMAFLHayden Senger, C4000.176BB (4),
NYMAFLWilmer Reyes, SS4100.207E (3),
NYYAFLAustin Wells, C4014.344BB (7),
OAKAFLJonah Bride, 3B4010.250
OAKAFLAustin Beck, OF4100.269
OAKAFLLogan Davidson, SS4011.250
PHIAFLSimon Muzziotti, CF4010.226
PITAFLJi-Hwan Bae, SS5233.333HR (2), SB (2),
PITAFLNick Gonzales, SS4211.317BB (6),
PITAFLCanaan Smith-Njigba, LF4000.241
SDAFLChandler Seagle, C4100.267
SEAAFLZach DeLoach, CF4000.100BB (9),
SEAAFLJose Caballero, IF5022.259E (1),
SFAFLHunter Bishop, OF1000.176
SFAFLMarco Luciano, SS4001.200BB (8), E (2),
SFAFLWill Wilson, SS5111.2312B (2),
SFAFLPatrick Bailey, C5132.3332B (2),
STLAFLJuan Yepez, 1B4112.350HR (4),
STLAFLBrendan Donovan, 3B4022.4092B (5),
STLAFLLars Nootbaar, RF5220.3142B (3),
TBAFLCurtis Mead, 2B4224.310
2B (2), HR (3), BB (2),
TEXAFLEzequiel Duran, 2B5220.4552B (5),
TEXAFLJustin Foscue, 2B5000.229
TORAFLGabriel Moreno, C4012.435
TORAFLLeonardo Jimenez, 2B4110.222
WASAFLDrew Millas, C4010.190E (1),
WASAFLDonovan Casey, RF3223.211
2B (1), HR (1), BB (5),

Defense-First Catcher Patrick Bailey Makes Offensive Strides For Giants

The 2020 first-rounder earned a quick promotion to Triple-A and could be on deck for his MLB debut later this season.


BALAFLNick Vespi, LHP1222034.05L (2-1)
CHCAFLDanis Correa, RHP13331216.20
CLEAFLAaron Pinto, RHP1.12000116.20
CLEAFLMatt Turner, LHP2000019.00
COLAFLJake Bird, RHP010000
COLAFLReagan Todd, LHP1000100.00
HOUAFLJoe Record, RHP1000110.00
KCAFLMitchell Ellis, RHP0.2000014.91W (1-0)
KCAFLAsa Lacy, LHP3200252.35
LADAFLLandon Knack, RHP4533145.59
LADAFLBobby Miller, RHP3211135.14
MILAFLTaylor Floyd, RHP1100011.93
NYMAFLGarrison Bryant, RHP2000121.29
NYMAFLConnor Grey, RHP3343234.00
NYMAFLColin Holderman, RHP0.23441121.60L (0-1)
NYMAFLBrian Metoyer, RHP11000112.27
NYYAFLTanner Myatt, RHP0.12433112.00
OAKAFLHogan Harris, LHP0.2233207.36
OAKAFLJeff Criswell, RHP4533397.71
OAKAFLPedro Santos, RHP10001012.46
PHIAFLErik Miller, LHP1200014.50
SDAFLTom Cosgrove, LHP1000009.82W (1-0)
SDAFLMacKenzie Gore, LHP5743056.35
SDAFLMatt Waldron, RHP2422015.40
SFAFLR.J. Dabovich, RHP1000111.59
STLAFLJake Walsh, RHP0.24331211.57L (0-1)
TBAFLMatthew Peguero, RHP1100025.40
TBAFLCaleb Sampen, RHP2.2243257.36W (1-1)
TEXAFLEudrys Manon, RHP1000015.79
TORAFLGraham Spraker, RHP1.1000120.00
WASAFLEvan Lee, LHP1222139.64
WASAFLJackson Rutledge, RHP3310167.36
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