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ANALYZE THIS: Gleyber Torres

Gleyber Torres is on the move. The Yankees promoted their top prospect to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre after just 32 games in the Eastern League. The 20-year-old had homered in four of his past seven games, including a grand slam on Friday. Baseball America was on hand for Torres' final series and on Sunday sat down with Trenton hitting coach Tom Slater to break down his star pupil's home run swing, frame by frame. Let's take a look: Tom Slater: If you look right there, you see how strong on his backside he is and the balance that he's able to have in that position: I mean, that's incredible, right there. He's just in a really strong and balanced position. If you look at how the knee is inside the foot with that leg kick, that's just a really strong position on his backside. That's really impressive. Tom Slater: As you can see, as he's striding out to balance, he's getting separation. That's really impressive, too. He's just striding out again, and again you can see the balance he's maintaining throughout that. Look at his head. See how still his head is as he moves forward to touchdown. And again, there's balance and strength that you can see right there. And obviously his hands are getting into a good, strong position. Tom Slater: And there you go again. Look where he is. He's centered. He's at touchdown. His hands are in a strong position right there, ready to fire. His head is still, right in the middle of his body. So, at touchdown he's centered and ready to fire, and that's hugely impressive. Tom Slater: Here we go. We're starting to fire, and again the head's still. You see the balance, you see the strength, everything. Head's still right in the middle of the body. Tom Slater: Here we are at contact. He's worked into a firm front side. Look at how strong he is with his hands there. His hands are still tight to his body. His head is right down and centered and also on the ball. Tom Slater: And then obviously that's after contact, and you can see the great balance he's maintained and just the strength and everything else. And here are those six frames in slow-motion.
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