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Abrahan Gutierrez Makes The Most Of Unique Season

Seeing the same team over and over during a six-game series can become tedious for some players, but catcher Abrahan Gutierrez was making the most of the 2021 minor league format.

Team officials have seen significant growth in the 21-year-old Venezuelan, who opened with two strong months on both sides of the ball at Low-A Clearwater.

“His ability to read hitters and make adjustments throughout a six-game series stands out,” Phillies farm director Josh Bonifay said. “He’s really maturing on that side of the game, building relationships with our pitchers, watching the opponent throughout the week, making constant adjustments, just like major league teams have to do when they see the same opponent over and over.

“He also does a really good job studying opposing pitchers over the course of a series and that’s helped his at-bats. With this schedule, you could be struggling on Tuesday and red hot by Saturday.

"You’ve got to watch and pay attention and he does that very well. His instincts and baseball savvy are impressive.”

Gutierrez was one of 13 former Braves prospects set free when the Braves were punished for breaking international signing rules from 2015 to 2017. He initially signed with Atlanta for $3.53 million. The Phillies landed him in December 2017 for $550,000.

Phillies officials have noticed improved commitment from Gutierrez. The 6-foot-2, 214-pound catcher has “leaned out,” Bonifay said, and that’s helped his whole game.

“You can’t ask for a better person,” Bonifay said. “He shows up ready to work every day and he’s a true leader behind the plate. Good bat-to-ball skills, good arm, excellent receiver. He’s really coming into his own.”

In his first 38 games this season, Gutierrez hit .296 with three homers and 26 RBIs. He had more walks (22) than strikeouts (21).

Phillies officials feel good about the state of catching in their system with Rafael Marchan at Triple-A, Logan O’Hoppe at High-A and Gutierrez gaining notice in Low-A Southeast.

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