2023 MiLB Organizational Standings: Dodgers Rank No. 1


With just six Triple-A games left in the minor league season, the Los Angeles Dodgers are guaranteed to have the best overall record across the minor leagues.

The Rays have slumped to fourth this year. Tampa Bay had the best overall MiLB record in 2021 and 2022, finished second in 2019 and were first again in 2018.

The Phillies have shown the biggest improvement in winning percentage. The Phillies ranked 20th in winning percentage in 2022. They haven’t ranked in the top 10 since 2018. The Guardians have the biggest drop as they currently rank 23rd after ranking seventh in 2022.

The White Sox rank 30th this year. Chicago had the second (Charlotte at 51-93) and third (Birmingham at 51-87) worst teams in the full-season minors in terms of winning percentage. In terms of run differential, Triple-A Charlotte was easily the worst at -297.

Twins High-A Cedar Rapids has the best record in the minors at 82-50 (.621). Yankees’ Double-A Somerset has the best run differential at +211.

The Dodgers (DSL), Brewers (ACL), Braves (FCL) and Blue Jays (Northwest) have won the four league championships that have been decided so far.

1Los Angeles Dodgers411294.583
2Philadelphia Phillies388313.553
3Seattle Mariners357297.546
4Tampa Bay Rays381322.542
5New York Yankees378323.539
6Pittsburgh Pirates367328.528
7Detroit Tigers367333.524
8Colorado Rockies365334.522
9Milwaukee Brewers364333.522
10San Francisco Giants393370.515
11Minnesota Twins332316.512
12Texas Rangers357341.511
13Baltimore Orioles353349.503
14Boston Red Sox350347.502
15Cincinnati Reds321328.495
16Chicago Cubs345354.494
17Toronto Blue Jays319327.494
18San Diego Padres346361.489
19Miami Marlins341358.488
20Arizona Diamondbacks373393.487
21Los Angeles Angels313338.481
22St. Louis Cardinals307337.477
23Cleveland Guardians332367.475
24Kansas City Royals332372.472
25New York Mets324368.468
26Atlanta Braves302345.467
27Houston Astros327374.466
28Oakland Athletics296357.453
29Washington Nationals278355.439
30Chicago White Sox282367.435

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