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2022 Preseason Projected Field of 64

The college baseball season has nearly arrived. Opening Day is a little more than a week away and around the country teams are getting ready to start on the Road to Omaha.

How that journey plays out largely remains to be seen—that's part of the fun of the college baseball season. But it's never too early to project what the NCAA Tournament will look like on Selection Monday.

After last year's strange season that saw many conferences change their scheduling formats and a change to the host site selection process, this year promises a return to normal. The committee has a challenging job every year, but 2021 was unprecedented. After that, this season's debates will be a breath of fresh air.

In this projection, the SEC leads the way with 10 bids, which would match a record, and the ACC follows with eight bids. In line with the trends of recent seasons, the at-large bids are concentrated in just a few major conferences.

This, however, is just a starting point. Much will change between Feb. 19 and Memorial Day when the NCAA Tournament field is officially announced. Baseball America will update the Projected Field of 64 weekly throughout the spring.

Raleigh, N.C.
1. (1) Texas*^1. (16) North Carolina State^
2. Dallas Baptist*2. Tennessee
3. Northeastern*3. Charlotte
4. Yale*4. Connecticut*
NashvilleGreenville, N.C.
1. (2) Vanderbilt*^1. (15) East Carolina*^
2. Louisville2. Duke
3. Central Michigan*3. South Carolina
4. New Jersey Tech*4. Army*
Starkville, Miss.Athens, Ga.
1. (3) Mississippi State^1. (14) Georgia^
2. Campbell*2. Georgia Tech
3. Iowa3. Georgia Southern*
4. Alabama State*4. Mercer*
South Bend, Ind.
1. (4) Notre Dame*^1. (13) Arizona^
2. UCLA2. UC Irvine*
3. Michigan3. Baylor
4. Wright State*4. Abilene Christian*
Charlottesville, Va.
Tallahassee, Fla.
1. (5) Virginia^1. (12) Florida State^
2. Old Dominion*2. Oklahoma State
3. VCU*3. Oregon
4. Norfolk State*4. Bryant*
Gainesville, Fla.Corvallis, Ore.
1. (6) Florida^1. (11) Oregon State^
2. Miami2. Nebraska*
3. Liberty*3. UC Santa Barbara
4. Fairfield*4. Gonzaga*
Stanford, Calif.Baton Rouge, La.
1. (7) Stanford*^1. (10) Louisiana State^
2. Long Beach State2. Texas Tech
3. Alabama3. Tulane
4. Nevada*4. New Orleans*
Fayetteville, Ark.Oxford, Miss.
1. (8) Arkansas^1. (9) Mississippi^
2. Texas Christian2. Southern Mississippi
3. Louisiana Tech3. Maryland
4. Oral Roberts*4. Southeast Missouri State*

* denotes automatic bid
^ denotes regional host

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