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2020 MLB Mock Draft: Here’s Every Prediction We’ve Made This Year

Now that it’s draft day, we have compiled a list of all eight mock drafts we’ve rolled out in preparation for the 2020 draft. Our first full first round mock draft was done so long ago that the Astros had not yet been penalized to lose their first round pick.

Almost two thirds of the players listed in the top 30 on the final mock were in the top 30 on all eight mocks. Those 19 players are: Spencer Torkelson, Austin Martin, Asa Lacy, Zac Veen, Emerson Hancock, Nick Gonzales, Robert Hassell, Heston Kjerstad, Mick Abel, Reid Detmers, Patrick Bailey, Austin Hendrick, Garrett Mitchell, Pete Crow-Armstrong, Garrett Crochet, Cole Wilcox, Jared Kelley, Slade Cecconi and Ed Howard.

To see our full final mock draft, click here

Full breakdown is below: 

TEAM Version 1.0 Version 2.0 Version 3.0 Version 4.0 Version 5.0 Version 6.0 Version 7.0 Version 8.0
1. Tigers Austin Martin Austin Martin Spencer Torkelson Spencer Torkelson Spencer Torkelson Spencer Torkelson Spencer Torkelson
2. Orioles Spencer Torkelson Spencer Torkelson Austin Martin Austin Martin Zac Veen Austin Martin Austin Martin Austin Martin
3. Marlins Emerson Hancock Asa Lacy Asa Lacy Asa Lacy Asa Lacy Asa Lacy Asa Lacy Asa Lacy
4. Royals Nick Gonzales Nick Gonzales Nick Gonzales Zac Veen Austin Martin Zac Veen Zac Veen Zac Veen
5. Blue Jays Asa Lacy Emerson Hancock Emerson Hancock Nick Gonzales Emerson Hancock Max Meyer Max Meyer Max Meyer
6. Mariners Garrett Mitchell Garrett Mitchell Max Meyer Max Meyer Max Meyer Nick Gonzales Nick Gonzales
7. Pirates Austin Hendrick Reid Detmers Reid Detmers Emerson Hancock Nick Gonzales Emerson Hancock Emerson Hancock Nick Gonzales
8. Padres Jared Kelley Zac Veen Zac Veen Robert Hassell Nick Bitsko Robert Hassell Robert Hassell Robert Hassell
9. Rockies Carmen Mlodzinski JT Ginn Heston Kjerstad Heston Kjerstad Reid Detmers Heston Kjerstad Heston Kjerstad
10. Angels Ed Howard Carmen Mlodzinski Garrett Mitchell Reid Detmers Heston Kjerstad Reid Detmers Reid Detmers Heston Kjerstad
11. White Sox Garrett Crochet Jared Kelley Patrick Bailey Patrick Bailey Patrick Bailey Mick Abel Mick Abel Mick Abel
12. Reds Reid Detmers Austin Hendrick Cade Cavalli Austin Hendrick Robert Hassell Austin Hendrick Austin Hendrick Reid Detmers
13. Giants JT Ginn Max Meyer Mick Abel Tyler Soderstrom Garrett Crochet Cade Cavalli Cade Cavalli Cade Cavalli
14. Rangers Casey Martin Heston Kjerstad Garrett Crochet Garrett Mitchell Garrett Mitchell Aaron Sabato Aaron Sabato Aaron Sabato
15. Phillies Mick Abel Patrick Bailey Austin Hendrick Nick Bitsko Tyler Soderstrom Patrick Bailey Patrick Bailey Patrick Bailey
16. Cubs Robert Hassell Austin Wells Robert Hassell Mick Abel Austin Hendrick Garrett Crochet Garrett Crochet Austin Hendrick
17. Red Sox Cole Wilcox Mick Abel Austin Wells Pete Crow-Armstrong Mick Abel Pete Crow-Armstrong Pete Crow-Armstrong Garrett Mitchell
18. D-backs Austin Wells Robert Hassell Pete Crow-Armstrong Cade Cavalli Pete Crow-Armstrong Garrett Mitchell Garrett Mitchell
19. Mets Slade Cecconi Garrett Crochet Jared Kelley Garrett Crochet Cade Cavalli Justin Foscue Justin Foscue Garrett Crochet
20. Brewers Tanner Burns Cole Wilcox Cole Wilcox Dillon Dingler Dillon Dingler Tyler Soderstrom Tyler Soderstrom Dillon Dingler
21. Cardinals Patrick Bailey Tyler Soderstrom Justin Foscue Justin Foscue Nick Loftin Dillon Dingler Dillon Dingler Nick Loftin
22. Nationals Heston Kjerstad Ed Howard Slade Cecconi Jared Kelley Justin Foscue Cole Wilcox Cole Wilcox Cole Wilcox
23. Indians Nick Bitsko Casey Martin Tyler Soderstrom Slade Cecconi Jordan Westburg Jared Kelley Jared Kelley Jared Kelley
24. Rays Alex Santos Drew Romo Ed Howard Aaron Sabato Aaron Sabato Ed Howard Ed Howard Justin Foscue
25. Braves Justin Foscue Pete Crow-Armstrong Nick Loftin Chris McMahon Bryce Jarvis Bryce Jarvis Bryce Jarvis Bryce Jarvis
26. A’s Zac Veen Daniel Cabrera Aaron Sabato Austin Wells Ed Howard Nick Loftin Nick Loftin Slade Cecconi
27. Twins Daniel Cabrera Slade Cecconi Carmen Mlodzinski Cole Wilcox Clayton Beeter Bobby Miller Bobby Miller Chris McMahon
28. Yankees Pete Crow-Armstrong Tanner Burns Tanner Burns Carmen Mlodzinski Slade Cecconi Jared Shuster Jared Shuster Tanner Burns
29. Dodgers Drew Romo Alex Santos Dillon Dingler Ed Howard Tanner Burns Carson Tucker Carson Tucker Ed Howard
30. Orioles
    Bryce Jarvis Jared Kelley Tanner Burns Tanner Burns Nick Bitsko
31. Pirates       Nick Loftin Cole Wilcox Slade Cecconi Slade Cecconi Daxton Fulton
32. Royals       Masyn Winn Bobby Miller Carmen Mlodzinski Carmen Mlodzinski Bobby Miller
33. D-Backs       Daniel Cabrera Kevin Parada Isaiah Greene Isaiah Greene Austin Wells
34. Padres       Jordan Walker Chris McMahon Nick Bitsko Nick Bitsko Jared Shuster
35. Rockies       JT Ginn Carmen Mlodzinski Kyle Nicolas Kyle Nicolas
36. Indians       Jordan Westburg Austin Wells Cole Henry Cole Henry Daniel Cabrera
37. Rays       Bobby Miller Jared Jones Clayton Beeter Clayton Beeter

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