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2019 San Francisco Giants Instructional League Roster


Every year, Baseball America makes an effort to post Instructional League rosters for every organization. We will continue our effort to post as many rosters as possible, but please note not all teams participate in the Instructional League anymore.

The Giants sent five of their Top 30 Prospects to a small camp at their minor league complex in Scottsdale, Ariz., headlined by outfielder Alexander Canario.

Canario, 19, had a strong season splitting time between Rookie-ball and short-season Salem-Keizer, posting a .318/.377/.623 line with 16 homers.

Other notable players include righthanders Jose Marte and Prelander Berroa, catcher Ricardo Genoves and outfielder Sandro Fabian.

You can see the full Giants Top 30 here.

Interestingly, the club lists Shane Matheny, previously a second baseman, as a catcher.

Adames, AbelRHP23.712/8/19956'4236R/R
Avila, NickRHP22.17/25/19976'4190R/R
Berroa, PrelanderRHP19.34/18/20006'0170R/R
Castro, KervinRHP20.52/7/19995'10234R/R
Crawford, BrooksRHP23.08/19/19966'5217R/R
Doval, CamiloRHP22.17/4/19976'2206R/R
DuBord, AlexRHP22.712/4/19966'5225R/R
Kilian, CalebRHP22.26/2/19976'4185R/R
Labrador, JorgeRHP20.53/9/19996'0219R/R
Madison, BenRHP21.99/15/19976'2199R/R
Marte, JoseRHP23.26/14/19966'5230R/R
McDonald, TrevorRHP18.52/26/20016'2180R/R
Moreno, LuisRHP21.08/3/19986'1205R/R
Nurse, ConnerRHP20.17/31/19996'5187R/R
Rodriguez, JulioRHP19.52/10/20006'2196R/R
Sanchez, JuanLHP18.811/12/20006'2197L/L
Waites, ColeRHP21.26/10/19986'4195R/R
Catchers (4)POSAgeDOBHTWTB/T
Angulo, AndresC22.09/5/19975'11223R/R
Genoves, RicardoC20.35/14/19996'2238R/R
Matheny, ShaneC23.26/5/19966'1216L/R
Medina, OmarC19.712/20/19995'11170S/R
Infielders (8)POSAgeDOBHTWTB/T
Cannon, Connor1B21.35/16/19986'5250R/R
Frechette, Garrett1B18.612/31/20006'3195L/L
Gonzalez, Jacob3B21.26/26/19986'5215R/R
Howard, RyanSS25.17/25/19946'1202R/R
Layer, Abdiel2B21.08/9/19986'2188S/R
Mora, Edison2B19.08/13/20006'1175R/R
Rosario, DilanSS18.26/16/20016'0175R/R
Tostado, Frankie1B21.43/31/19986'1228L/L
Outfielders (5)POSAgeDOBHTWTB/T
Adkins, KwanOF22.910/2/19966'2211L/L
Canario, AlexanderOF19.35/7/20006'1202R/R
Fabian, SandroRF21.53/6/19986'0190R/R
Hilson, P.J.CF19.08/25/20005'10175R/R
McCray, GrantCF18.712/7/20006'1170L/R


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