2019 Northwest League Top 20 Prospects Chat (10/4/19)

Image credit: Hunter Bishop (Photo by Bill Mitchell)

Josh Norris: It is chatting time. With that in mind, let us chat.

JY (Chicago): 

    (obligatory “Where would Kirby rank had he qualified?” question)

Josh Norris: My standard answer to this type of question is: If they do not qualify, I do not spend any time considering where they would rank. It is difficult enough figuring out the rankings among the players who do qualify. That said, given his pedigree and draft spot, he would have been high up there.

Josh Norris: BRB.

Andrew (Alberta): 

    Did Yorman Rodriguez not qualify for this list? He hit 369 with a 915 OPS and absolutely torched the NWL. Thank you.

Josh Norris: He did qualify for the league, but he was not given strong consideration because he was 21 years at the level (turned 22 in the middle of the season), was repeating the league and is already on his fifth pro season.

Warren (New London): 

    There was a lot of buzz about Jordy Barley two years ago, and he seemed to make good progress this year, at least offensively, after a poor 2018, though he still strikes out an awful lot. Was he close to making the 20? What’s the outlook for him going forward?

Josh Norris: He was close-ish to the 20. Evaluators loved the athleticism and tools, but the swing-and-miss (32 percent) was a little too much to bear. He’s got raw power and excellent speed but needs to greatly improve his approach.

JY (Chicago): 

    The Aquasox were pretty modest in their starting pitching usage, both the newly-drafted college arms and the DSL promotions. Were any others in the discussion for the Top 20 but missed the innings minimum?

Josh Norris: Not particularly, no. The only other one besides Kirby who I would have liked to have at my disposal for the list was second-rounder Brandon Williamson, who didn’t really get near the innings threshold.

Cody (Georgia): 

    Josh, thanks for the chat – Tovar was extremely young and some might say he held his own at times in the NWL. Does he repeat next year or are the Rockies going to try and push him.

Josh Norris: I do not know what the Rockies plans are for Tovar, but the predominant reason he was sent back to Grand Junction was a lack of a passport necessary for travel to Vancouver. A return to the NWL or GJ would certainly not be out of the question though.

Karl of Delaware (Georgetown, Delaware): 

    Although he is old for the league and not a high draft choice Blaine Crim seemed to star for Spokane – so is he a prospect in your eyes?

Josh Norris: He didn’t find many believers among evaluators given his age, but the numbers he put up were indeed quite good. He doesn’t have a firm defensive home, but if you hit enough the power that be will find a place for you.

D Backs Fan (AZ): 

    Thanks for the chat today Josh! You mention that Corbin Carroll didn’t qualify for the top 20, however if he would have is it safe to say he would’ve been in the top 3? Is Andrew Benetendi a good comp for him? Plus hitter with average to above-average tools across the board?

Josh Norris: As with the Kirby question, if he didn’t qualify for the league I didn’t spend any time considering where he’d rank. I was very much hoping that he and Marco Luciano (SK) would have qualified, but alas. In any case, Carroll has the potential to be at least a plus hitter with double-plus run and surprising power. He knows the strike zone and does a fantastic picking out pitches he can drive and then letting it rip. What he did in the NWL albeit in a small sample, was extremely impressive.

Josh Norris: All right, folks. There are no more questions in my queue. Enjoy the four playoff games.

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