2019 New York-Penn League Top 20 Prospects Chat (10/7/19)

Image credit: Greg Jones (Photo by Mike Janes/Four Seam Images)

Justin Coleman: Hope everyone is having an awesome day. Let’s get this goin’

Rich (NJ): 

    Do you expect to see Bryson Scott inLakewood to start next year?

Justin Coleman: I think it’s quite understandable if he does. Had a solid showing in the NYPL, college pedigree, has feel for the game etc.

Peter (Brookyln): 

    No love for the league champs?

Justin Coleman: Their top guns that joined them for the playoffs (Baty, Allan etc.) didn’t qualify. Bryant and Cleveland are interesting arms but don’t have super high ceilings. Reyes is fun to watch defensively. but not many believers in the bat thus far.

Joe (PA): 

    How big is the gap between Stott and Greg Jones? Surprised to see Stott not make the top 10. How much should we read into that?

Justin Coleman: It was a pretty stacked NYPL this year, so I wouldn’t read too much into that. I do feel like Jones has elite speed and better bat-to-ball when its all said and done. It’s early in their careers, but this should be interesting to look back on down the road.

Ray L (Rockland County): 

    How close was TJ Sikemma from making the list and was do think is his projection? thx

Justin Coleman: Didn’t qualify. I know he started a few games, but I think he is a reliever, and a good one at that. Attacks hitters, has some swagger to him.

Eric (Houston): 

    If Peyton Battenfield was named Peyton Pitchenfield, would he have made the list?

Justin Coleman: Clever!…but, no. Pitchen….er, Battenfield has a decent FB/BB combo. If the velo ticks up a bit next season, you might have something interesting.

Gerry (NC): 

    Can you expand more on what impressed people about Noah Song?

Justin Coleman: Starter tool kit. Good frame, poise on the mound, plus arm speed. Four pitch mix, feel to spin the ball. Runs a plus FB up there. All the ingredients you want to grow into a big league starter. That’s an exciting profile.

NYPL Guy (Between Vermont and West Virginia): 

    What were the reviews on Bryan Lavastida? He seemed to play a respectable catcher, and put up some solid offensive numbers. Certainly he was a bit overshadowed by some teammates, but could he be a guy going forward?

Justin Coleman: He is interesting. A pretty sound defender as you mentioned, mixed reviews on the bat (albeit he had good numbers). I don’t think he was overshadowed, but someone to keep an eye on.

Matt (Seattle): 

    So no Cardinals prospects on the list? Were any of them close to making it?

Justin Coleman: Not really. Andre Pallante has some stuff but isn’t seen as very athletic.

Parker (Mississippi): 

    Thoughts on Marlins speedy Outfielder Milton Smith jr.? Prospect possibly or just an Org guy.

Justin Coleman: Some feel to hit, no power, very good runner. Probably works as a backup outfielder if he can get some more pop going in the future.

Melinda (Austin): 

    Nathan Perry had an offensive breakthrough this season and posted a wRC+ of 145. What’s the word on his defense behind the plate and did he receive any consideration for the Top 20?

Justin Coleman: He got some consideration. He is improving defensively behind the dish… Works counts, has some sneaky pop. Some mixed reviews regarding his swing and how it would translate against better pitching, but we will see what happens.

Alex (Inidians Fan): 

    Hi Justin, what made you rank Brayan Rocchio above George Valera? Were scouts surprised by how good of a defensive SS Rocchio was this year? The advanced metrics on his hitting also indicate he’s a far better hitter than his .250 average this year (.276 BABIP). Does Rocchio have a shot being a plus hitter eventually with average power? His highly lauded baseball IQ (“The Professor”) should allow all his tools to play up. Do you agree?

Justin Coleman: Both are quite good, but I’m probably biased towards guys who have the whole package and show quality secondary skills. Rocchio has feel for the game, excellent defender, bat is coming around as well. In addition, Rocchio also plays a premium position up the middle. That is stuff you can dream on a bit. Valera has more juice in the bat, but isn’t the defensive presence that Rocchio is. I think Valera needs to use the whole field a bit more for the bat to really blossom into something serious.

Josh (Indiana): 

    Overall thoughts on the Orioles’ prospects besides A.R.?

Justin Coleman: Rodriguez is a pretty good arm with a frame that is built for innings. Ryan Conroy has some feel to pitch. Kyle Stowers is athletic, but not much belief in the bat at the moment.

Tim (SLC): 

    Tale of two halves for Logan Davidson–.193/.304/.284/.588 in July compared to .301/.400/.408/.808 in August. What did scouts have to say about him?

Justin Coleman: Davidson was able to make some adjustments once he got into the swing of things. He has advanced feel with some pop. He takes some good at-bats and has good hands with a solid chance to stick up the middle.

Sox Fan (Boston): 

    For being as new to baseball and raw Gilberto Jimenez is he sure was impressive this year. If he carries this momentum into LoA in 2020, can we see a real breakout and a future top 100 candidate?

Justin Coleman: It would really depend upon the bat. It’s an exciting profile because of his athleticism but there isn’t much power at all- makes contact but without much authority. If he can tap into more some authority with the bat ( I think its there), his profile could really grow in value. The elite speed and feel for the strike zone will help, but without any power, its tough to see him as a top 100 guy in the immediate future.

George Valera (What’s My Ceiling?): 

    I’ve been hyped the past two years only to have nagging injuries in both 2018 and 2019. What did scouts think about my tools when seeing me this summer? Do I remind some of a 17 year old GCL Juan Soto?

Justin Coleman: There is impact potential with the bat. Corner guy who shows power and makes loud contact with an easy trigger at the plate. Didn’t get any fun comps.

Elliot (Youngstown OH): 

    Lindor is a free agent after 2021; does it make sense to rush Rocchio to Cleveland in 2022 before his bat is fully ready?

Justin Coleman: Not at all. Gotta get the reps in the minors. The game is so fast at the big league level, you don’t want to harm his development at all. Even with his feel for the game, I doubt you see any “rushing” going on. Player development is the life breath of any organization, and they will call him up when they feel like he can handle it and is ready etc.

Juan (Cleveland): 

    Thoughts on Cleveland’s Carlos Vargas?

Justin Coleman: Pretty good arm, some reliever risk there though

Hansford (Mansfield): 

    How close were Johan Rojas and Juan Aparicio to making the list? Can Aparicio stick at catcher?

Justin Coleman: Gave consideration to both. Rojas is a plus runner with good feel to play CF– question is the bat. Fringe hit with below avg pop. Juan Aparicio hit pretty well before his promotion. Good catch-and-throw guy from behind the plate. That alone should help him to get more reps at catcher.

Steve (PA): 

    What do talent evaluators feel is Stott’s future offensive potential and where do you see him beginning next season? Thanks

Justin Coleman: I can tell you that the ceiling of the hit tool looks more avg, with a power-over-hit profile at the moment. Although, there were some mixed reviews on his offensive upside. Not super flashy at SS but has solid actions and should stay there.

Elliot (Youngstown OH): 

    Rocchio, Valera and Hankins: all in the top 100?

Justin Coleman: Valera is already on it. Rocchio should get on there sooner rather than later I would think.

Elliot (Youngstown OH): 

    Carlos Vargas came into the season as a breakout candidate. He had a rough start but looked better later on. How’s he rated at this point?

Justin Coleman: Got some solid reviews. Three pitch mix, SL and CH show some promise. As I said earlier, reliever risk is there for him.

Justin Coleman: Thanks for chatting everyone, had a blast as always. Till next time! -JC

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