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2017 Rule 5 Draft Pick-By-Pick


The 2017 Rule 5 Draft Selections

MAJOR LEAGUE PHASE ROUND 1 1. DET: Victor Reyes, OF, Diamondbacks 2. SFG: Julian Fernandez, RHP Rockies 3. PIT: Nick Burdi, RHP, Twins (Acquired from Phillies for international slot money) 4. TEX: Carlos Tocci, OF, Phillies (Acquired from the White Sox for cash) 5. KCR: Brad Keller, RHP Diamondbacks (Acquired from Reds for cash or a player to be named) 6. KCR: Burch Smith, RHP, Rays (Acquired from Mets for cash or a player to be named) 7. SDP: Pass 8. ATL: Anyelo Gomez, RHP, Yankees 9. OAK: Pass 10. PIT: Jordan Milbrath, RHP, Indians 11. BAL: Nestor Cortes, LHP, Yankees 12. TOR: Pass 13. MIA: Elieser Hernandez, RHP, Astros 14. SEA: Mike Ford, 1B Yankees 15. TEX: Pass 16. TB: Pass 17. LAA: Luke Bard, RHP, Twins 18. KC: Pass 19. STL: Pass 20. MIN: Tyler Kinley, RHP, Marlins 21. MIL: Pass 22. COL: Pass 23. NYY: Pass 24. CHC: Pass 25. ARI: Albert Suarez, RHP, Giants 26. BOS: Pass 27. WAS: Pass 28. HOU: Anthony Gose, LHP, Rangers 29. CLE: Pass 30. LAD: Pass

ROUND 2 BAL: Pedro Araujo, RHP, Cubs MIA: Brett Graves, RHP, Athletics

ROUND 3 BAL: Jose Mesa Jr., RHP, Yankees

TRIPLE-A PHASE DET SF: Eduardo Rivero, RHP, Reds PHI: Pass CWS: Yermin Mercedes, C/1B, Orioles CIN: Mitch Nay, 1B/3B, Blue Jays NYM: Andrew Ely, SS, Cubs SDP: Jose Medina, LHP, Mets ATL: Skyler Ewing, 1B/C, Giants OAK: Brallan Perez, SS, Orioles PIT: Damian Magnifico, RHP, Angels BAL: Martin Cervenka, C, Giants TOR: Andrew Muren, RHP, Giants MIA: BJ Lopez, C, Diamondbacks SEA: Joe Odom, C, Braves TEX: Locke St. John, LHP, Tigers TB: Francisco German, RHP, Tigers LAA: Riley Unroe, INF, Rays KCR: Daniel Duarte, RHP, Rangers STL: Angel Moreno, OF, Rays MIN: Yancarlos Baez, RHP, Yankees MIL COL: Mitch Horacek, LHP, Orioles NYY: Junior Soto, OF, Indians CHC AZ: Jay Gonzalez, OF, Orioles BOS: Andrew Ferguson, RHP, Royals WAS: Jacob Wilson, 2B/3B, Cardinals HOU: Chris Nunn, LHP, Cubs CLE: R.C. Orlan, LHP, Nationals LAD: Angelo Mora, SS, Orioles


Now An Agent, Bobby Witt Remains On The Players' Side

Witt will represent his son, Bobby Witt Jr., who is expected to be one of the top picks in the 2019 MLB Draft.

ROUND 2 SF: Wander Franco, 3B, Royals CWS: Pass NYM: Pass SD: Pass ATL: Tyler Smith, SS, Rangers OAK: Carlos Diaz, LHP, Marlins PIT: Rafelin Lorenzo, C, Rays TOR: Alberto Mineo, C, Cubs MIA: Sharif Othman, C, Yankees SEA: Tyler Baker, C, Diamondbacks TEX: Pass TB: Pass LAA: Matt Ball, RHP, Rangers STL: Jean Selmo, OF, Diamondbacks MIN: Sandy Lugo, RHP, Reds COL: AZ: Lane Ratliff, LHP, Mariners BOS: Luke Tendler, OF, Rangers WAS: Caleb Fleck, RHP, Diamondbacks HOU: Pass CLE: Pass LAD: Pass

ROUND 3 OAK: Jaimito Libro, RHP, Padres TOR: Ivan Castillo, SS, Indians MIA: Will Allen, 1B/C, Tigers

ROUND 4 MIA: Brandon Barker, RHP, Orioles

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