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MLB Mock Draft

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UPDATE: We've updated as of 5:30 p.m. ET to account for late buzz and movement we're hearing ahead of the start of the first round. 

By Carlos Collazo

As we enter draft day, there seems to be a prevailing sentiment of uncertainty among clubs in how the 2021 draft will shape up.

This is due to many factors: the lack of a consensus top talent perhaps being a primary reason, but the later draft date itself has led to a feeling of less communication throughout the industry. Typically teams have draft meetings around the time conference tournaments are taking place and plenty of rumor-mongering occurs after the fact when scouts are still watching members of the current draft class.

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The fact that many teams have had to shift the focus of their scouting departments to get a jump start on the 2022 class has perhaps led to less draft chatter than usual. Another factor is that teams have had a larger window to hold individual player workouts and gather information themselves that is less easily passed around the industry.

With that said, here’s our seventh edition of the 2021 Mock Draft, which features information gathered over the last 24-48 hours. We’ll update if anything starts to solidify or we hear anything significant over the next few hours leading up to the first pick.

5 Matches
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  1. 2

    Jack Leiter

    Vanderbilt RHP

    If Mayer doesn’t go 1-1, it sounds like the Rangers would grab him, and if he’s not available they are looking at both Vanderbilt righthanders (Leiter and Kumar Rocker), Kahlil Watson and Jordan Lawlar. There's a chance Watson could be in front of the arms at this spot, but we're leaning toward the Rangers taking Leiter here.

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  2. 6

    Jordan Lawlar

    Dallas Jesuit HS SS

    Lawlar is becoming a bit of a conundrum to figure out for mocks. Most teams at the top seem to have genuine interest in him but it was floated recently that he could really consider heading to campus at Vanderbilt if he slips too far. That would be a massive win for coach Tim Corbin and Co. but there’s very little precedent in the draft for a hitter of Lawlar’s pedigree to make it to campus, so consider us skeptical of that rumor. Watson (if available at No. 6), Kumar Rocker and Colton Cowser are also potential options here. We mentioned previously we’ve heard conflicting feedback on whether or not the D-Backs would entertain Jobe. If Davis and Watson are both off the board, it wouldn’t be surprising for one of the Frelick/Cowser/McLain trio to fit here, either.

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  3. 7

    Kumar Rocker

    Vanderbilt RHP

    In this scenario, all of the top prep shortstops are off the board in front of them except for House. It seems like a real possibility that one or two fall—with House or Lawlar seeming more likely to make it down here than Mayer and Watson at this point. If either makes it here they would make plenty of sense (and no, Bobby Witt Jr.'s existence shouldn’t change that, before you ask). Rocker has been linked here and makes plenty of sense considering the bats that aren’t available in this version.

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  4. 8

    Benny Montgomery

    Red Land HS, Lewisberry, Pa. OF

    We’re uncertain who the top player is for the Rockies, but they’re in a position where they could scoop up one of the top eight players (Lawlar, Mayer, Leiter, Davis, Rocker, Watson, House, Jobe) if they wanted to. Most recently we have heard Pennsylvania prep outfielder Benny Montgomery’s name, and this might be the high water mark for him.

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  5. 11

    Ty Madden

    Texas RHP

    It consistently sounds like power arms for the Nationals, and Madden is the best of that player type available here. Bachman fits that as well and could make sense, as could both Rocker or Jobe—who are solidly unavailable in this mock. Mississippi State righthander Will Bednar has been mentioned as well but it seems like this could be the highest spot for him.

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