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MLB Mock Draft



Our first in-season mock draft update is here! We enlisted the help of another MLB front office official to make picks for each team in the first round, including a new player No. 1 overall to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The updated mock includes analysis for each pick and prospect video.

While the season is underway and scouts are attending games around the country, we will still caution that a mock draft this early is largely for entertainment purposes and to see how the class is shaping up today. We have three full months (103 days, to be precise) before the Pirates have to make the first pick and plenty is sure to change, especially given the extra volatility of this year’s class.

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However, that doesn’t mean we don’t want this mock to be valuable. We’ve once again enlisted an industry insider to make alternating picks throughout the first round, which will hopefully add additional authority to the exercise. At the very best, this could help us get an idea of how first-round talents are surging up or sliding down draft boards six weeks into the season.

In this edition, Baseball America has the first pick and will make every odd-numbered selection, while our scout will make every even-numbered selection.

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