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MLB Mock Draft

The preliminary order for Major League Baseball’s next Rule 4 draft, set to begin June 4, 2018, is now set.

With the regular season over, the Tigers have earned the No. 1 overall pick, with their 98 losses tying the Giants for the worst record in the game. Because Detroit finished with a one fewer win than the Giants in 2016—the previous year’s record is the tiebreaker—the Tigers will pick first in 2018, the first time since 1997. Detroit did it in style, winning just six games in September after trading Justin Verlander to the Astros at the end of August. San Francisco still hasn’t ever had the No. 1 overall pick, but this is its highest selection since 1985, when it took Will Clark.

The final draft order next June will change as teams lose draft picks as free agent compensation and as they gain them in the competitive balance rounds, but this will be the raw oder from the third round on and the basis of the order for the first round. So th

The draft is a long, long way off, but we figured that with our High School and College Top 50 prospects lists just recently released, and the draft order determined, that it was a good time for a Way Too Early 2018 Mock Draft. Enjoy this first, too-early look at how next June could shake out.

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