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2022 Midseason Organization Talent Rankings

Thanks in part to having the top position player prospect and the top pitching prospect in the game, even after graduating preseason No. 1 prospect Adley Rutschman, the Baltimore Orioles lead our August update of our midseason farm system talent rankings.

Doing a farm system ranking in the middle of the season is truly a snapshot in time. In the two days before we published these rankings Nationals shortstop C.J. Abrams and Reds lefthander Nick Lodolo both graduated from prospect status, which produced a minor effect on how teams lined up. The rankings here are as of the morning of Aug. 18, so players who have graduated from prospect status after Aug. 18 are not reflected in these rankings.

BA's organizational talent rankings, which began in 1984, evaluate each organization's farm system as a whole. These rankings emphasize the top prospects who drive the most value for their clubs while blending in the prospect depth within each organization.

30 Matches
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  1. 1

    Baltimore Orioles


    Preseason 2022: 4 | 2021: 7 | 2020: 12 | 2019: 22 | 2018: 17 | 2017: 27

    Top 100 Prospects: SS Gunnar Henderson (1), RHP Grayson Rodriguez (4), SS Jackson Holliday (39), LHP DL Hall (56), OF Colton Cowser (92), Jordan Westburg (93)

    The Skinny: When your system is led by the highest rated positional prospect and highest rated pitching prospect you have a fairly strong start. Add in the top pick in the draft in Jackson Holliday and three other top 100 prospects and you have a strong case for the best system in the minors. Beyond the prospects at the top, the Orioles have built a strong talent pool throughout their system with depth from their positional group and among their pitching ranks. Under general manager Mike Elias the Orioles have shown the ability to identify their type of players in the draft and develop them into major league caliber talents.

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  2. 2

    Los Angeles Dodgers


    Preseason 2022: 8 | 2021: 9 | 2020: 3 | 2019: 10 | 2018: 9 | 2017: 2

    Top 100 Prospects: C Diego Cartaya (9), RHP Bobby Miller (22), 3B Miguel Vargas (25), 2B Michael Busch (47), RHP Ryan Pepiot (51), RHP Gavin Stone (53), OF Andy Pages (75).

    The Skinny: Just as they do in the majors, the Dodgers possess both tremendous star power and remarkable depth in their farm system. Catcher Diego Cartaya appears next in the franchise’s long line of catching greats, while third baseman Miguel Vargas and righthander Ryan Pepiot have already made their big league debuts and project to be impact players. Second baseman Michael Busch, righthander Bobby Miller and breakout righthander Gavin Stone aren’t far behind, and the lower levels of the Dodgers system are loaded with power pitchers, middle infielders with potent bats and power-hitting outfielders.

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  3. 3

    Cleveland Guardians


    Preseason 2022: 3 | 2021: 15 | 2020: 24 | 2019: 18 | 2018: 16 | 2017: 7

    Top 100 Prospects: Daniel Espino, RHP (16); Gavin Williams, RHP (35); George Valera, OF (43); Bo Naylor, C (59); Brayan Rocchio, SS (71); Logan Allen, LHP (91).

    The Skinny: The Guardians' farm system is stocked to the gills with middle infielders and pitchers, and a huge chunk of their talent is clustered in the upper levels as well. Their rise to this spot came from breakout years from pitchers like Gavin Williams and Tanner Bibee, a rebound from catcher Bo Naylor, solid production from top prospects Brayan Rocchio and George Valera and interesting pop-up seasons from players like outfielder Will Brennan. And all that fails to mention Daniel Espino, who showed some of the best stuff in the minor leagues before an injury in late April landed him on the injured list.

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  4. 4

    Arizona Diamondbacks


    Preseason 2022: 10 | 2021: 17 | 2020: 10 | 2019: 21 | 2018: 26 | 2017: 28

    Top 100 Prospects: OF Corbin Carroll (5), SS Jordan Lawlar (11), OF Druw Jones (19), RHP Brandon Pfaadt (87).

    The Skinny: The D-backs got arguably the top player in each of the last two drafts despite not picking No. 1, nabbing shortstop Jordan Lawlar sixth overall last year and outfielder Druw Jones second overall this year. Combined with outfielder Corbin Carroll, the D-backs possess arguably the top position prospect trio in the game and back it up with a deep well of talented pitchers.

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  5. 5

    Cincinnati Reds


    Preseason 2022: 7 | 2021: 18 | 2020: 29 | 2019: 7 | 2018: 10 | 2017: 13

    Top 100 Prospects: SS Elly De La Cruz (20), SS Noelvi Marte (33), SS Edwin Arroyo (45), 3B Cam Collier (63), 2B/3B Spencer Steer (98).

    The Skinny: The hefty return the Reds got back for Luis Castillo gave the Reds a pair of additional Top 50 prospects. Cincinnati is overflowing with shortstop/middle infield prospects, which provides the club with plenty of options going forward, since all of them provide defensive versatility.

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  6. 6

    Texas Rangers


    Preseason 2022: 8 | 2021: 24 | 2020: 20 | 2019: 24 | 2018: 22 | 2017: 23

    Top 100 Prospects: Evan Carter, OF (41); Josh Jung, 3B (42); Jack Leiter, RHP (62); Owen White, RHP (84); Luisangel Acuña, SS/2B (85)

    The Skinny: Even with an inconsistent season from 2021 first-rounder Jack Leiter and another serious injury for Josh Jung, the Rangers’ system is mighty impressive. Evan Carter has built on the promise he showed in a small glimpse last season, and Owen White recovered from an early rocky start to show the same outstanding stuff he used to dominate in the Arizona Fall League. The system also has a glut of intriguing, upside-laden prospects in the low minors, topped by fireballing righthander Emiliano Teodo and complex league darlings Anthony Gutierrez, Gleider Figuereo, Danyer Cueva and Yeison Morrobel

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  7. 7

    St. Louis Cardinals


    Preseason 2022: 18 | 2021: 12 | 2020: 14 | 2019: 11 | 2018: 13 | 2017: 12

    Top 100 Prospects: 3B Jordan Walker (7), SS Masyn Winn (57), RHP Tink Hence (58), OF Alex Burleson (67), RHP Gordon Graceffo (68), LHP Matthew Liberatore (74), C Ivan Herrera (88)

    The Skinny: While the headlines often go to the Dodgers or the Rays, the Cardinals have quietly been one of the more successful organizations when it comes to development in recent years. Not only have they graduated several players to the majors leagues in the last year, but they’ve successfully backfilled over that time and now boast seven Top 100 prospects. With potential superstar Jordan Walker leading the way, the Cardinals have both upside and close to the majors talents at the top of their system. They’ve done well with a variety of player types, from high school position players to college pitching and bat-first college types.

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  8. 8

    New York Mets


    Preseason 2022: 16 | 2021: 19 | 2020: 25 | 2019: 19 | 2018: 27 | 2017: 15

    Top 100 Prospects: C Francisco Alvarez (6), 3B Brett Baty (26), C Kevin Parada (50), OF Alex Ramirez (89)

    The Skinny: With catcher Francisco Alvarez and third baseman Brett Baty ranking as top 30 overall prospects, the Mets have two potential impact bats who should be high-end rookies in 2023. The additions of 2022 first-rounders in catcher Kevin Parada and shortstop Jett Williams—along with the ascendance of outfielder Alex Ramirez to High-A at age 19—helped jolt the system into the top 10 in baseball.

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  9. 9

    Pittsburgh Pirates


    Preseason 2022: 3 | 2021: 15 | 2020: 24 | 2019: 18 | 2018: 16 | 2017: 7

    Top 100 Prospects: SS Termarr Johnson (44), RHP Quinn Priester (64); SS Liover Peguero (77); C Henry Davis (81), RHP Michael Burrows (99).

    The Skinny: Tools monster Oneil Cruz has graduated to the big leagues, but there’s still plenty of talent primed to take over in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh added the best high school hitter in this year’s class, Termarr Johnson, with their first-round pick. He currently leads the system’s four Top 100 talents. Henry Davis’ season has been marred by injury, but trade acquisition Endy Rodriguez has been outstanding on both sides of the ball in a season spent mostly at High-A. Electric athlete Bubba Chandler has outstanding raw stuff, too, albeit with some command and control issues to iron.

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  10. 10

    Colorado Rockies


    Preseason 2022: 24 | 2021: 25 | 2020: 28 | 2019: 23 | 2018: 19 | 2017: 10

    Top 100 Prospects: SS Ezequiel Tovar (13), OF Zac Veen (27), C Drew Romo (34), SS Adael Amador (54), 3B Elehuris Montero (95)

    The Skinny: The Rockies have the biggest breakouts from the 2022 season in Ezequiel Tovar, Drew Romo and Adael Amador. As those players rose up the Top 100 they joined 2020 first rounder Zac Veen among the premier prospects in the game. With strong international classes in recent years and the addition of five players within the top 100 picks of the 2022 draft. The Rockies system boasts high-end, up-the-middle talent with strong depth and upside throughout their lower levels.

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  11. 11

    Boston Red Sox


    Preseason 2022: 11 | 2021: 21 | 2020: 22 | 2019: 30 | 2018: 23 | 2017: 14

    Top 100 Prospects: SS Marcelo Mayer (12), RHP Brayan Bello (21), 1B Triston Casas (28), OF/SS Ceddanne Rafaela (82)

    The Skinny: With the breakout of righthander Brayan Bello, the Red Sox now boast three of the Top 30 prospects in baseball. Marcelo Mayer looks even more like the potential star many pegged him as in the 2021 draft. The breakout of Ceddanne Rafaela has lessened the blow of former top 50 prospect Nick Yorke dropping off the Top 100. There’s solid depth throughout the Red Sox system but a majority of the upside lies among a group of teenagers in Rookie ball.

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  12. 12

    Tampa Bay Rays


    Preseason 2022: 2 | 2021: 11 | 2020: 19 | 2019: 15 | 2018: 21 | 2017: 18

    Top 100 Prospects: RHP Shane Baz (14), RHP Taj Bradley (15), 3B/1B Curtis Mead (24), 2B Jonathan Aranda (72), SS Carson Williams (78).

    The Skinny: The Rays continue to produce hit-first position players and a seemingly never-ending line of solid pitching prospects. Trades and graduations have cut into the system’s close-to-the majors talent, but the emergence of Kyle Manzardo, Mason Montgomery, Mason Auer and Oslevis Basabe helped blunt the impact.

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  13. 13

    Milwaukee Brewers


    Preseason 2022: 25 | 2021: 28 | 2020: 30 | 2019: 26 | 2018: 6 | 2017: 8

    Top 100 Prospects: OF Jackson Chourio (2), OF Sal Frelick (70)

    The Skinny: The rise of Jackson Chourio—the No. 2 prospect in baseball with a chance to be a franchise player—is carrying this system. But the Brewers also have four of their best homegrown position prospects in Triple-A with shortstop Brice Turang and outfielders Sal Frelick, Joey Wiemer and Garrett Mitchell, along with outfielder Esteury Ruiz, who arrived from the Padres in the Josh Hader trade.

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  14. 14

    Washington Nationals


    Preseason 2022: 26 | 2021: 30 | 2020: 23 | 2019: 16 | 2018: 15 | 2017: 19

    Top 100 Prospects: OF Robert Hassell (23), OF James Wood (37), OF Elijah Green (49), RHP Cade Cavalli (52).

    The Skinny: The Nationals had one of the thinnest farm systems in the game a year ago. The trades of Max Scherzer and Trea Turner last summer and Juan Soto and Josh Bell has brought significant reinforcements. Five of the top eight prospects in the Nationals system only joined the organization in the past two months.

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  15. 15

    Toronto Blue Jays


    Preseason 2022: 19 | 2021: 4 | 2020: 6 | 2019: 3 | 2018: 8 | 2017: 20

    Top 100 Prospects: C Gabriel Moreno (3), LHP Ricky Tiedemann (29)

    The Skinny: With the Blue Jays in a competitive window the organization has traded from the farm system heavily in recent seasons. Still, the Blue Jays have typically held onto the right players while adding high-upside talents via the draft and international free agency. Both of these pipelines are represented in the top third of the Top 100 in Venezuelan catcher Gabriel Moreno and 2021 draftee Ricky Tiedemann. A strong 2022 draft class saw the Blue Jays add four players to their top 10 with first-rounder Brandon Barriera as well as Josh Kasevich, Tucker Toman and Cade Doughty.

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  16. 16

    Chicago Cubs


    Preseason 2022: 15 | 2021: 22 | 2020: 21 | 2019: 29 | 2018: 28 | 2017: 16

    Top 100 Prospects: OF Pete Crow-Armstrong (46), OF Brennen Davis (48)

    The Skinny: The Cubs have built up plenty of prospect depth during their rebuild, but they have few potential stars in their system. Outfielders Pete Crow-Armstrong, Kevin Alcantara, Owen Caissie are all at the Class A levels with questions to answer offensively, and injuries to outfielder Brennen Davis (back), lefthander Brailyn Marquez (shoulder) and shortstop Ed Howard (hip) have set them back. The Cubs do have a number of candidates who could be solid regulars and they’ve built up a decent group of starting pitching prospects, something the organization has lacked for years.

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  17. 17

    New York Yankees


    Preseason 2022: 13 | 2021: 16 | 2020: 17 | 2019: 20 | 2018: 2 | 2017: 3

    Top 100 Prospects: SS Anthony Volpe (10); SS Oswald Peraza (76)

    The Skinny: The Yankees’ top two prospects—Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza—each started slowly before going on summertime tears that reinforced their statuses as the system’s crown jewels. Jasson Dominguez and Austin Wells have each shown flashes of their potential, and Will Warren stands as the system’s annual breakout pitching prospect. New York’s first-rounder, Spencer Jones, brings a huge dose of lefty power to the mix.

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  18. 18

    San Francisco Giants


    Preseason 2022: 17 | 2021: 14 | 2020: 13 | 2019: 28 | 2018: 25 | 2017: 24

    Top 100 Prospects: SS Marco Luciano (17); LHP Kyle Harrison (18)

    The Skinny: Shortstop Marco Luciano, the organization’s top prospect, started the season strong before being sidelined with a back injury. Lefty Kyle Harrison cut through High-A with astounding ease and has continued to show high-end stuff—albeit with a need for refined command at the upper levels. Their top picks from 2021 have been underwhelming as pros, but the lower levels have also seen breakout years from outfielders Vaun Brown and Grant McCray as well as righthander Mason Black. In the draft, San Francisco went with consecutive high-upside, high-risk college arms in Connecticut lefty Reggie Crawford and East Carolina’s Carson Whisenhunt.

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  19. 19

    Oakland Athletics


    Preseason 2022: 27 | 2021: 29 | 2020: 15 | 2019: 9 | 2018: 18 | 2017: 17

    Top 100 Prospects: C/1B Tyler Soderstrom (32), C Shea Langeliers (79).

    The Skinny: The trades last offseason and at the deadline have helped provide some much-needed upper-level prospect depth to an organization that is still recovering from 2017-2019 drafts that largely missed the mark. Tyler Soderstrom looks like a potential cornerstone piece of a rebuild, and the additions of Shea Langeliers, Ken Waldichuk, and Luis Medina help, but the A’s will need to keep adding additional pieces from the outside to bolster a still somewhat thin system.

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  20. 20

    Miami Marlins


    Preseason 2022: 20 | 2021: 10 | 2020: 9 | 2019: 25 | 2018: 24 | 2017: 29

    Top 100 Prospects: RHP Eury Perez (8); RHP Max Meyer (30); 3B Jacob Berry (66)

    The Skinny: Eury Perez is one of the best pitching prospects in the game and has handled Double-A with shocking aplomb. Max Meyer came into his second full pro season with a supercharged changeup but had Tommy John surgery shortly after making his big league debut. Miami added Louisiana State slugger Jacob Berry in the draft and has seen hints of potential from infielders Jose Salas and Yiddi Cappe, but the system’s depth behind the top prospects is severely lacking.

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  21. 21

    Philadelphia Phillies


    Preseason 2022: 23 | 2021: 27 | 2020: 26 | 2019: 12 | 2018: 7 | 2017: 6

    Top 100 Prospects: RHP Andrew Painter (31), RHP Mick Abel (61), RHP Griff McGarry (100).

    The Skinny: The Phillies have developed an interesting set of pitching prospects led by Painter, but the positive development of hitters like Hao Yu Lee and Darick Hall have been important as well. The system still runs out of steam pretty quickly when it comes to players that project as MLB regulars, but it has taken a small step forward.

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  22. 22

    Seattle Mariners


    Preseason 2022: 1 | 2021: 2 | 2020: 5 | 2019: 17 | 2018: 30 | 2017: 21

    Top 100 Prospects: RHP Matt Brash (97).

    The Skinny: The Mariners graduated outfielder Julio Rodriguez and righthander George Kirby from their top-ranked farm system entering the season, as well as righthanders Andres Munoz and Penn Murfee. They also traded Top 100 Prospects Noelvi Marte and Edwin Arroyo at the deadline along with other intriguing prospects. The graduations and trades mean the Mariners farm system has taken a big hit, but for the tradeoff of building a roster that has the team in position to make the playoffs for the first time since 2001—the very point of prospects in the first place.

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  23. 23

    San Diego Padres


    Preseason 2022: 21 | 2021: 3 | 2020: 2 | 2019: 1 | 2018: 3 | 2017: 9

    Top 100 Prospects: C Luis Campusano (60), SS Jackson Merrill (86).

    The Skinny: The Padres nearly gutted their farm system to acquire outfielder Juan Soto from the Nationals, a high but worthy price for one of the game’s best players. Shortstop Jackson Merrill and catcher Luis Campusano remain top prospects at premium positions, and the draft selection of injured-but-talented righthander Dylan Lesko gives them a potentially premium arm, but the farm system has greatly hollowed after years of trades to bolster the major league roster—making it imperative the Padres cash in with a playoff berth this season and in future seasons.

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  24. 24

    Chicago White Sox


    Preseason 2022: 30 | 2021: 20 | 2020: 8 | 2019: 6 | 2018: 4 | 2017: 5

    Top 100 Prospects: SS Colson Montgomery (36); OF Oscar Colas (96)

    The Skinny: Shortstop Colson Montgomery and outfielder Oscar Colas have been excellent this season, and Bryan Ramos has stretches of greatness as well. Righthander Cristian Mena has intrigued at the lower levels, and infielders Lenyn Sosa and Jose Rodriguez have been impressive at times as well, with Sosa earning his first big league callup. The White Sox invested heavily in pitching in the draft, including high-end talents Noah Schultz and Peyton Pallette with their first two picks.

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  25. 25
    Twins (1)

    Minnesota Twins


    Preseason 2022: 14 | 2021: 8 | 2020: 7 | 2019: 8 | 2018: 12 | 2017: 22

    Top 100 Prospects: SS Brooks Lee (38), SS Royce Lewis (55), OF Emmanuel Rodriguez (83).

    The Skinny: The Twins traded away Spencer Steer, Cade Povich, Christian Encarnacion-Strand and others in an attempt to solidify a playoff push. The big league team has struggled since then and injuries to Royce Lewis and Josh Winder haven’t helped. The struggles of 2019 first-rounder Keoni Cavaco and 2020 first-rounder Aaron Sabato have left their mark as well.

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