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2020 BA 300 Draft Rankings

Austin Martin Draft Billmitchell
Austin Martin (Photo by Bill Mitchell)

Baseball America’s MLB Draft Prospects rankings are compiled in consultation with scouts and evaluators from major league clubs. 

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By Carlos Collazo

It feels odd to be rolling out an updated draft ranking right now, with the baseball season shut down thanks to the novel coronavirus—but here we are.

We’re expanding our draft list to the top 300 players in the country today, and updating the entire list after feedback from many, many scouts around the country. While we haven’t had college baseball for the last two weekends, this list does attempt to reflect the movement that occurred prior to COVID-19 canceling the season.

MLB scouting departments are in a unique situation at the moment, as many scouts didn’t have the time to work down pref lists and see the players they needed to this spring while plenty of northern states didn’t even get started on the high school side. As long as the draft actually takes place in some capacity this year, teams will be left to make picks based on shortened 2020 seasons and their history with players as underclassmen and over the summer.

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Fortunately, Baseball America is in a similar situation to these clubs. We have a detailed understanding of the 2020 class at this point in the season after bearing down on 2020 prospects starting just a week after the 2019 draft a year ago. Our draft rankings are also based entirely on conversations with area scouts, crosscheckers, supervisors and scouting directors. As always, our prospect rankings attempt to gauge the industry consensus on these players.

We’re going to more aggressively expand our draft list to the BA 500 this year, with no games remaining for players to move up or down. However, that doesn’t mean players won’t shuffle as we expand to 400 and 500 players. While the players themselves aren’t being scouted, we are constantly gathering new information and getting more feedback from a larger number of scouts.

One benefit to this halt in baseball is that we should be able to do a better job capturing the consensus of the industry. Ironically, the small sample we were allowed this spring means there could be less of an actual consensus to capture. Regardless, we’ll spend the next few weeks and months gathering as much information as possible to provide a thorough, accurate and clear picture of each of the 500 top 2020 prospects in the class—and then some.

As we’ve written about previously, the 2020 class is a strong one. There’s an incredible depth of pitching that will only be more difficult to line up considering the COVID-19 element and limited looks of players. Are the pitchers who took steps forward with stuff and control legit, or was that simply a factor of a limited sample?

How will teams evaluate high school players, particularly those in the northern half of the country who barely set foot on a field this spring or those who weren’t regular summer showcase fixtures? What about college performers who lack tools and relied on their statistical resume to speak for themselves? Or college relievers who are tough to scout in general, and might not have been seen much at all?

The 2020 draft class has more questions than any draft we’ve covered—perhaps ever. There won’t be any easy answers. But we’re looking forward to trying to answer them.

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    Cole Foster

    Plano (Texas) Senior HS SS

    Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 185 | B-T: B-R
    Commit/Drafted: Auburn
    Age At Draft: 18.7

    A switch-hitter with a smooth swing from both sides, Foster isn’t fazed by velocity and seems to make contact wherever he goes. He slows the game down well defensively and his hands and feet work well.
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