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UPDATED Top 100 Prospects

As the final month of the minor league season arrives, we present our final significant Top 100 Prospects update of the 2018 season. We will continue to add new prospects as players graduate off the list, but this is the last time we will re-rank players on the list until the offseason, where we will begin the process anew for the 2019 Top 100 Prospects list.

We last did a significant update just a few weeks ago, so the changes are a little more modest this time. Three players have fallen off the Top 100, creating spots for three new Top 100 Prospects. Graduations from this weekend have added two more spots for additions. (Players graduate when they reach 131 at-bats, 50.1 innings or 30 pitching appearances in the major leagues).

As always, our Top 100 Prospects list is a collaborative effort of the Baseball America staff. We gather information in person by going to games, but rely heavily on conversations with scouts and front office officials to shape our rankings.

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