Scout's View: Comparing Matt Moore And Julio Teheran

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Much like the debate between outfielders Bryce Harper and Mike Trout, Braves righthander Julio Teheran and Rays lefthander Matt Moore are by general acclimation the top two pitching prospects in the game. They both have plus stuff, and they both have had success at the upper levels of the minors. But which one is No. 1 is not as clear. So to get a better sense, we talked to a scout who has seen both of them pitch this year.

"Moore showed a plus breaking ball, a plus fastball and his delivery is much more under control (than it used to be)," the scout said after watching an outing by Moore. "He slowed the game down. He's not trying to throw it 100 mph every pitch."

The Rays are not a team that speeds its pitchers along. Jeremy Hellickson made 30 Triple-A starters and threw 580 minor league innings. The scout expects Moore will be on the same timetable.

"He'll probably spend all year at Double-A. He'll pitch all next year at Triple-A. By the time he gets there he'll be ready to roll."

"Teheran is really good, but there is still a chance he ends up in the bullpen. He's a two-pitch guy. He may run out of time to develop a breaking ball, because he'll be pitching in the big leagues soon.

"Moore has a breaking ball. He has a feel for a changeup. And he's lefthanded, that vaults anyone to a different hemisphere. That's what separates him. But they are 1A and 1B."