Scout's View: Jeremy Hellickson

At this point, Jeremy Hellickson is about as much of a known quantity as any prospect still pitching in the minors. But that doesn't mean what he's doing shouldn't be appreciated. As a scout who has seen him this year pointed out, it would be easy for a big league ready pitcher to take it easy when he was sent back to Triple-A Durham for a second year. Instead, he added another pitch (the cutter) and has continued to dominate Triple-A.

"It's fun to watch him pitch. To his credit he hasn't let it go stale," the scout said.

Here's what the scout saw from Hellickson this year.

Fastball: "He'll pitch up to 95 mph with it. But what's most important is how he commands it."

Cutter: "His cutter looks almost like a slider. It's solid."

"It's a slow curveball. It's not an average pitch, but it plays like an average pitch because of the fastball command. It's like Joakim Soria. If he's throwing it in A ball, you say it's not really that good. But if he's getting good swings in the big leagues it's a really good pitch."

Changeup: "It's plus."

Overall: "Everything plays up anyways. Whatever pure grade it is, it's going to play up because of the ways he commands his fastball, moves it up and down, in and out, he uses all the quadrants—however you want to call it."

"He's really good. He's throwing a little bit harder and he has such an innate feel of what he's doing on a mound. He can really, really pitch. You'll look up and, barring injury, see him win 16-18 games several times in the big leagues.

He has natural athleticism and instincts. He reads swings extremely well. You can't teach that. He has the ability to see a guy swing through a two-seamer away and throw a changeup to the exact same spot at 7 mph less."