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All-Time Top 100 Prospects Lists

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1990 Top 100 Prospects
1. Steve Avery, lhp, Braves
2. Ben McDonald, rhp, Orioles
3. John Olerud, 1b/lhp, Blue Jays
4. Juan Gonzalez, of, Rangers
5. Sandy Alomar Jr., c, Indians
6. Kiki Jones, rhp, Dodgers
7. Todd Zeile, c, Cardinals
8. Eric Anthony, of, Astros
9. Greg Vaughn, of, Brewers
10. Jose Offerman, ss, Dodgers
11. Darryl Kile, rhp, Astros
12. Delino DeShields, 2b, Expos
13. Willie Banks, rhp, Twins
14. Mike Harkey, rhp, Cubs
15. Robin Ventura, 3b, White Sox
16. Roger Salkeld, rhp, Mariners
17. Marquis Grissom, of, Expos
18. Mike Stanton, lhp, Braves
19. Ray Lankford, of, Cardinals
20. Pat Combs, lhp, Phillies
21. Rafael Valdez, rhp, Padres
22. Ty Griffin, 3b, Cubs
23. Narciso Elvira, lhp, Brewers
24. Mark Lewis, ss, Indians
25. Wes Chamberlain, of, Phillies
26. Wilson Alvarez, lhp, White Sox
27. Charles Nagy, rhp, Indians
28. Reggie Jefferson, 1b, Reds
29. Frank Thomas, 1b, White Sox
30. Tom Goodwin, of, Dodgers
31. Bob Hamelin, 1b, Royals
32. John Ericks, rhp, Cardinals
33. Dean Palmer, 3b, Rangers
34. Braulio Castillo, of, Dodgers
35. Mel Rojas, rhp, Expos
36. Brian Lane, 3b, Reds
37. Moises Alou, of, Pirates
38. Willie Ansley, of, Astros
39. Travis Fryman, ss, Tigers
40. Tino Martinez, 1b, Mariners
41. Mickey Morandini, 2b, Phillies
42. Larry Walker, of, Expos
43. Donald Harris, of, Rangers
44. Earl Cunningham, of, Cubs
45. Brian Bohanon, lhp, Rangers
46. Johnny Ard, rhp, Twins
47. Kent Mercker, lhp, Braves
48. Willie Smith, rhp, Yankees
49. Glenallen Hill, of, Blue Jays
50. Dennis Burlingame, rhp, Braves
51. Alex Sanchez, rhp, Blue Jays
52. Steve Hosey, of, Giants
53. Deion Sanders, of, Yankees
54. Felix Jose, of, Athletics
55. Andujar Cedeno, ss, Astros
56. Julio Valera, rhp, Mets
57. Rico Brogna, 1b, Tigers
58. Tom Redington, 3b, Braves
59. Manny Alexander, ss, Orioles
60. Kyle Abbott, lhp, Angels
61. Kevin Morton, lhp, Red Sox
62. Wilfredo Cordero, ss, Expos
63. Eric Wedge, c, Red Sox
64. Joe Slusarski, rhp, Athletics
65. Todd Hundley, c, Mets
66. Willie Greene, ss, Pirates
67. Carlos Baerga, 3b, Indians
68. Scott Cooper, 3b, Red Sox
69. Howard Farmer, rhp, Expos
70. Rick Wilkins, c, Cubs
71. Darren Lewis, of, Athletics
72. Derrick May, of, Cubs
73. Keith Richardson, rhp, Pirates
74. Den Peltier, of, Rangers
75. Derek Bell, of, Blue Jays
76. Maurice Vaughn, 1b, Red Sox
77. Bernie Williams, of, Yankees
78. Scott Radinsky, lhp, White Sox
79. Mickey Pina, of, Red Sox
80. Tommy Greene, rhp, Braves
81. Jim Newlin, rhp, Mariners
82. Kevin Belcher, of, Rangers
83. Phil Plantier, of, Red Sox
84. Eric Karros, 1b, Dodgers
85. Eric Gunderson, lhp, Giants
86. Kevin Appier, rhp, Royals
87. Mike Milchin, lhp, Cardinals
88. Kevin Tapani, rhp, Twins
89. Tom Howard, of, Padres
90. Jeff Juden, rhp, Astros
91. Paul Sorrento, 1b, Twins
92. Tyler Houston, c, Braves
93. David Segui, 1b, Orioles
94. Scott Coolbaugh, 3b, Rangers
95. Cullen Hartzog, rhp, Yankees
96. Russ Springer, rhp, Yankees
97. Brian Jordan, of, Cardinals
98. Scott Aldred, lhp, Tigers
99. Jose Vizcaino, 2b, Dodgers
100. Reid Cornelius, Expos

1991 Top 100 Prospects
1. Todd Van Poppel, rhp, Athletics
2. Andujar Cedeno, ss, Astros
3. Ryan Klesko, 1b, Braves
4. Jose Offerman, ss, Dodgers
5. Roger Salkeld, rhp, Mariners
6. Arthur Rhodes, lhp, Orioles
7. Ivan Rodriguez, c, Rangers
8. Reggie Sanders, of, Reds
9. Mark Lewis, ss, Indians
10. Maurice Vaughn, 1b, Red Sox
11. Bernie Williams, of, Yankees
12. Wilfredo Cordero, ss, Expos
13. Rondell White, of, Expos
14. Raul Mondesi, of, Dodgers
15. Willie Banks, rhp, Twins
16. Rich Garces, rhp, Twins
17. Tim Costo, 1b, Indians
18. Tino Martinez, 1b, Mariners
19. Mike Mussina, rhp, Orioles
20. Jeff McNeely, of, Red Sox
21. Reid Cornelius, rhp, Expos
22. Eddie Zosky, ss, Blue Jays
23. Royce Clayton, ss, Giants
24. Kurt Miller, rhp, Pirates
25. Mark Whiten, of, Blue Jays
26. Anthony Young, rhp, Mets
27. Kirk Dressendorfer, rhp, Athletics
28. Tyler Houston, c, Braves
29. Henry Rodriguez, 1b-of, Dodgers
30. Hensley Meulens, of, Yankees
31. Marc Newfield, 1b-of, Mariners
32. Jeff Bagwell, 3b, Astros
33. Pete Schourek, lhp, Mets
34. Darryl Kile, rhp, Astros
35. Rico Brogna, 1b, Tigers
36. Rafael Valdez, rhp, Padres
37. Willie Greene, 3b, Expos
38. Steve Karsay, rhp, Blue Jays
39. Gary Scott, 3b, Cubs
40. Jamie McAndrew, rhp, Dodgers
41. Lance Dickson, lhp, Cubs
42. Donovan Osborne, lhp, Cardinals
43. Kiki Jones, rhp, Dodgers
44. D. J. Dozier, of, Mets
45. Jeff Conine, 1b, Royals
46. Tim Naehring, ss, Red Sox
47. Brook Fordyce, c, Mets
48. Jeff Juden, rhp, Astros
49. Chipper Jones, ss, Braves
50. Robbie Beckett, lhp, Padres
51. Ray Lankford, of, Cardinals
52. Steve Decker, c, Giants
53. Marcus Moore, rhp, Blue Jays
54. Don Peters, rhp, Athletics
55. Wes Chamberlain, of, Phillies
56. Charles Nagy, rhp, Indians
57. Brian Barnes, lhp, Expos
58. Johnny Ruffin, rhp, White Sox
59. Todd Hundley, c, Mets
60. Dean Palmer, 3b, Rangers
61. Leo Gomez, 3b, Orioles
62. Carlos Garcia, ss, Pirates
63. Chris Hammond, lhp, Reds
64. Greg Blosser, of, Red Sox
65. Kerry Woodson, rhp, Mariners
66. John Ericks, rhp, Cardinals
67. Kerwin Moore, of, Royals
68. Pat Kelly, 2b, Yankees
69. Mike Timlin, rhp, Blue Jays
70. Dave Staton, 1b, Padres
71. Dan Opperman, rhp, Dodgers
72. Chuck Knoblauch, 2b, Twins
73. Tim Salmon, of, Angels
74. Tom Goodwin, of, Dodgers
75. Kenny Lofton, of, Astros
76. Narciso Elvira, lhp, Brewers
77. Johnny Ard, rhp, Giants
78. Reggie Jefferson, 1b, Reds
79. Willie Smith, rhp, Yankees
80. Mike Milchin, lhp, Cardinals
81. Angel Miranda, lhp, Brewers
82. Ricky Gutierrez, ss, Orioles
83. Steve Hosey, of, Giants
84. Kyle Abbott, lhp, Angels
85. Greg Colbrunn, c, Expos
86. Robb Nen, rhp, Rangers
87. Earl Cunningham, of, Cubs
88. Carl Everett, of, Yankees
89. Kevin Rogers, lhp, Giants
90. Mike Zimmerman, rhp, Pirates
91. Wilson Alvarez, lhp, White Sox
92. William Suero, 2b, Blue Jays
93. Jim Thome, 3b, Indians
94. Eric Karros, 1b, Dodgers
95. Dan Wilson, c, Reds
96. Willie Ansley, of, Astros
97. Dan Smith, lhp, Rangers
98. Julio Valera, rhp, Mets
99. Bret Boone, 2b, Mariners
100. Dan Peltier, of Rangers

1992 Top 100 Prospects
1. Brien Taylor, lhp, Yankees
2. Todd Van Poppel, rhp, Athletics
3. Roger Salkeld, rhp, Mariners
4. Chipper Jones, ss, Braves
5. Arthur Rhodes, lhp, Orioles
6. Royce Clayton, ss, Giants
7. Wilfredo Cordero, ss, Expos
8. Ryan Klesko, 1b, Braves
9. Frank Rodriguez, rhp-ss, Red Sox
10. Pedro Martinez, rhp, Dodgers
11. Reggie Sanders, of, Reds
12. Rondell White, of, Expos
13. Mark Wohlers, rhp, Braves
14. Kurt Miller, rhp, Rangers
15. Derek Bell, of, Blue Jays
16. Jeff McNeely, of Red Sox
17. Marc Newfield, of, Mariners
18. Todd Hundley, c, Mets
19. Mike Kelly, of, Braves
20. Tyrone Hill, lhp, Brewers
21. Raul Mondesi, of, Dodgers
22. David McCarty, of, Twins
23. Lance Dickson, lhp, Cubs
24. Brian Williams, rhp, Astros
25. Pat Mahomes, rhp, Twins
26. Tyler Green, rhp, Phillies
27. Jeff Juden, rhp, Astros
28. Kenny Lofton, of, Indians
29. Dave Nilsson, c, Brewers
30. Salomon Torres, rhp, Giants
31. Dmitri Young, 3b, Cardinals
32. Carl Everett, of, Yankees
33. Midre Cummings, of, Twins
34. Cliff Floyd, 1b, Expos
35. Donovan Osborne, lhp, Cardinals
36. Joey Hamilton, rhp, Padres
37. Manny Ramirez, of, Indians
38. Troy Percival, rhp, Angels
39. Manny Alexander, ss, Orioles
40. Terrell Lowery, of, Rangers
41. Dan Wilson, c, Reds
42. Pedro Castellano, 3b, Cubs
43. Mike Neill, of, Athletics
44. Shawn Estes, lhp, Mariners
45. Roberto Hernandez, rhp, White Sox
46. Nigel Wilson, of, Blue Jays
47. Tom Nevers, ss, Astros
48. Benji Gil, ss, Rangers
49. Reggie Jefferson, 1b, Indians
50. Jeromy Burnitz, of, Mets
51. Jim Thome, 3b, Indians
52. Stephen Cooke, lhp, Pirates
53. John Roper, rhp, Reds
54. Butch Huskey, 3b, Mets
55. Anthony Young, rhp, Mets
56. David Nied, rhp, Braves
57. Mark Smith, of, Orioles
58. Russ Springer, rhp, Yankees
59. Joel Johnston, rhp, Royals
60. Ray McDavid, of, Padres
61. Steve Hosey, of, Giants
62. Alex Gonzalez, ss, Blue Jays
63. Tavo Alvarez, rhp, Expos
64. Allen Watson, lhp, Cardinals
65. David Zancanaro, lhp, Athletics
66. Brian Jordan, of, Cardinals
67. Carlos Delgado, c, Blue Jays
68. Willie Banks, rhp, Twins
69. Duane Singleton, of, Brewers
70. Howard Battle, 3b, Blue Jays
71. Aaron Sele, rhp, Red Sox
72. Tim Salmon, of, Angels
73. Ryan Hawblitzel, rhp, Cubs
74. Johnny Ruffin, rhp, White Sox
75. Calvin Reese, ss, Reds
76. Gary Scott, 3b, Cubs
77. Darren Burton, of, Royals
78. Javier Lopez, c, Braves
79. Greg Gohr, rhp, Tigers
80. Luis Mercedes, of, Orioles
81. Hector Fajardo, rhp, Rangers
82. Eddie Zosky, ss, Blue Jays
83. Mark Hutton, rhp, Yankees
84. Justin Thompson, lhp, Tigers
85. Cal Eldred, rhp, Brewers
86. Scott Cooper, 3b, Red Sox
87. Rico Brogna, 1b, Tigers
88. Scott Erwin, rhp, Athletics
89. Keith Mitchell, of, Braves
90. Mike Robertson, 1b, White Sox
91. Jon Hurst, rhp, Expos
92. Julian Vasquez, rhp, Mets
93. Doug Glanville, of, Cubs
94. Mo Sanford, rhp, Reds
95. Derek Reid, of, Giants
96. Alan Newman, lhp, Twins
97. Eduardo Perez, of-3b, Angels
98. Todd Ritchie, rhp, Twins
99. D. J. Dozier, of, Mets
100. Kevin Young, 3b, Pirates

1993 Top 100 Prospects

1. Chipper Jones, ss, Braves
2. Brien Taylor, lhp, Yankees
3. Cliff Floyd, of, Expos
4. Carlos Delgado, c, Blue Jays
5. Tim Salmon, of, Angels
6. Wil Cordero, ss, Expos
7. Todd Van Poppel, rhp, Athletics
8. Jason Bere, rhp, White Sox
9. Allen Watson, lhp, Cardinals
10. Tyrone Hill, lhp, Brewers
11. Kurt Miller, rhp, Rangers
12. Dmitri Young, 3b, Cardinals
13. Manny Ramirez, of, Indians
14. Ray McDavid, of, Padres
15. Rondell White, of, Expos
16. David McCarty, 1b-of, Twins
17. Tavo Alvarez, rhp, Expos
18. Brad Pennington, lhp, Orioles
19. Jeffrey Hammonds, of, Orioles
20. Javy Lopez, c, Braves
21. Benji Gil, ss, Rangers
22. Johnny Damon, of, Royals
23. David Nied, rhp, Rockies
24. Willie Greene, 3b, Reds
25. Frank Rodriguez, rhp, Red Sox
26. Ryan Klesko, 1b, Braves
27. Alex Gonzalez, ss, Blue Jays
28. Bobby Jones, rhp, Mets
29. Troy Percival, rhp, Angels
30. Phil Nevin, 3b, Astros
31. Tyler Green, rhp, Phillies
32. Jim Pittsley, rhp, Royals
33. Calvin Murray, of, Giants
34. Mike Kelly, of, Braves
35. Kevin Young, 3b-1b, Pirates
36. John Roper, rhp, Reds
37. Nigel Wilson, of, Marlins
38. Mike Piazza, c, Dodgers
39. Melvin Nieves, of, Braves
40. Michael Tucker, 2b-of, Royals
41. Jessie Hollins, rhp, Cubs
42. Todd Jones, rhp, Astros
43. Marc Newfield, of, Mariners
44. Derek Jeter, ss, Yankees
45. Carlos Garcia, 2b, Pirates
46. Midre Cummings, of, Pirates
47. Shawn Green, of, Blue Jays
48. Calvin Reese, ss, Reds
49. Alan Embree, lhp, Indians
50. Kevin Rogers, lhp, Giants
51. Edgar Renteria, ss, Marlins
52. Gerald Williams, of, Yankees
53. Mike Trombley, rhp, Twins
54. Brian Barber, rhp, Cardinals
55. Steve Karsay, rhp, Blue Jays
56. Brent Gates, 2b, Athletics
57. Manny Alexander, ss, Orioles
58. Joey Hamilton, rhp, Padres
59. Matt Whisenant, lhp, Marlins
60. Russ Davis, 3b, Yankees
61. Jeromy Burnitz, of, Mets
62. Pedro Martinez, rhp, Dodgers
63. Ron Villone, lhp, Mariners
64. Brook Fordyce, c, Mets
65. Joe Rosselli, lhp, Giants
66. James Baldwin, rhp, White Sox
67. Mike Lieberthal, c, Phillies
68. Jose Martinez, rhp, Marlins
69. Carl Everett, of, Marlins
70. Derek Lowe, rhp, Mariners
71. Chad Mottola, of, Reds
72. Greg Blosser, of, Red Sox
73. Dan Smith, lhp, Rangers
74. Al Shirley, of, Mets
75. Jose Pett, rhp, Blue Jays
76. Curtis Shaw, lhp, Athletics
77. Mark Thompson, rhp, Rockies
78. Rich Becker, of, Twins
79. Steve Gibralter, of, Reds
80. Scott Ruffcorn, rhp, White Sox
81. Paul Shuey, rhp, Indians
82. Raul Mondesi, of, Dodgers
83. Steve Hosey, of, Giants
84. Aaron Sele, rhp, Red Sox
85. Roger Cedeno, of, Dodgers
86. Ron Watson, rhp, Angels
87. Brian Hunter, of, Astros
88. Larry Thomas, lhp, White Sox
89. Alex Ochoa, of, Orioles
90. Sterling Hitchcock, lhp, Yankees
91. Dan Wilson, c, Reds
92. Butch Huskey, 3b, Mets
93. Preston Wilson, of, Mets
94. Greg Gohr, rhp, Tigers
95. Bob Abreu, of, Astros
96. Aaron Holbert, ss, Cardinals
97. Bret Boone, 2b, Mariners
98. J. T. Snow, 1b, Angels
99. Russ Springer, rhp, Angels
100. Rene Arocha, rhp, Cardinals

1994 Top 100 Prospects
1. Cliff Floyd, 1b, Expos
2. Chipper Jones, ss, Braves
3. Jeffrey Hammonds, of, Orioles
4. Alex Gonzalez, ss, Blue Jays
5. Carlos Delgado, c, Blue Jays
6. Alex Rodriguez, ss, Mariners
7. Manny Ramirez, of, Indians
8. James Baldwin, rhp, White Sox
9. Rondell White, of, Expos
10. Jose Silva, rhp, Blue Jays
11. Darren Dreifort, rhp, Dodgers
12. Steve Karsay, rhp, Athletics
13. Trot Nixon, of, Red Sox
14. Chan Ho Park, rhp, Dodgers
15. Ryan Klesko, 1b-of, Braves
16. Derek Jeter, ss, Yankees
17. Javy Lopez, c, Braves
18. Brien Taylor, lhp, Yankees
19. Jeff Granger, lhp, Royals
20. Charles Johnson, c, Marlins
21. Bill Pulsipher, lhp, Mets
22. Salomon Torres, rhp, Giants
23. Benji Gil, ss, Rangers
24. Phil Nevin, 3b, Astros
25. Michael Tucker, 2b, Royals
26. Russ Davis, 3b, Yankees
27. Todd Hollandsworth, of, Dodgers
28. Shawn Gree, of, Blue Jays
29. Terrell Wade, lhp, Braves
30. Brian Barber, rhp, Cardinals
31. Johnny Damon, of, Royals
32. Scott Ruffcorn, rhp, White Sox
33. Midre Cummings, of, Pirates
34. Makato Suzuki, rhp, Mariners
35. Marc Newfield, of, Mariners
36. Tyler Green, rhp, Phillies
37. Rich Becker, of, Twins
38. Roger Cedeno, of, Dodgers
39. Frank Rodriguez, rhp, Red Sox
40. Joey Eischen, lhp, Expos
41. Pokey Reese, ss, Reds
42. Alex Ochoa, of, Orioles
43. Preston Wilson, 3b, Mets
44. Brooks Kieschnick, of, Cubs
45. Rick Helling, rhp, Rangers
46. Orlando Miller, ss, Astros
47. Brian Hunter, of, Astros
48. Chad Mottola, of, Reds
49. John Burke, rhp, Rockies
50. Dmitri Young, 1b, Cardinals
51. Raul Mondesi, of, Dodgers
52. Carl Everett, of, Marlins
53. Johnny Ruffin, rhp, Reds
54. Tyrone Hill, lhp, Brewers
55. Ray McDavid, of, Padres
56. Brian Anderson, lhp, Angels
57. Joey Hamilton, rhp, Padres
58. Mike Kelly, of, Braves
59. Kirk Presley, rhp, Mets
60. Arquimedez Pozo, 2b, Mariners
61. Julian Tavarez, rhp, Indians
62. Kurt Miller, rhp, Marlins
63. Derek Lowe, rhp, Mariners
64. Glenn Williams, ss, Braves
65. Manny Alexander, ss, Orioles
66. D. J. Boston, 1b, Blue Jays
67. Brad Fullmer, 3b, Expos
68. Ricky Bottalico, rhp, Phillies
69. Melvin Nieves, of, Padres
70. Butch Huskey, 3b, Mets
71. Armando Benitez, rhp, Orioles
72. James Mouton, 2b, Astros
73. Todd Ritchie, rhp, Twins
74. Edgardo Alfonzo, ss, Mets
75. Rick Gorecki, rhp, Dodgers
76. Ruben Rivera, of, Yankees
77. Robert Ellis, rhp, White Sox
78. Billy Wagner, lhp, Astros
79. Justin Thompson, lhp, Tigers
80. Nigel Wilson, of, Marlins
81. Gabe White, lhp, Expos
82. Jim Pittsley, rhp, Royals
83. J. R. Phillips, 1b, Giants
84. Sterling Hitchcock, lhp, Yankees
85. Terrell Lowery, of, Rangers
86. Luis Ortiz, 3b, Red Sox
87. Robbie Beckett, lhp, Padres
88. Rod Henderson, rhp, Expos
89. Mark Thompson, rhp, Rockies
90. Danny Bautista, of, Tigers
91. Ron Villone, lhp, Mariners
92. LaTroy Hawkins, rhp, Twins
93. Albie Lopez, rhp, Indians
94. B. J. Wallace, lhp, Expos
95. Jeff D'Amico, rhp, Brewers
96. Wayne Gomes, rhp, Phillies
97. Jose Herrera, of, Athletics
98. Curtis Shaw, lhp, Athletics
99. Paul Spoljaric, lhp, Blue Jays
100. Roger Salkeld, rhp, Mariners

1995 Top 100 Prospects
1. Alex Rodriguez, ss, Mariners
2. Ruben Rivera, of, Yankees
3. Chipper Jones, ss, Braves
4. Derek Jeter, ss, Yankees
5. Brian Hunter, of, Astros
6. Shawn Green, of, Blue Jays
7. Charles Johnson, c, Marlins
8. Alex Gonzalez, ss, Blue Jays
9. Johnny Damon, of, Royals
10. Ben Grieve, of, Athletics
11. Armando Benitez, rhp, Orioles
12. Bill Pulsipher, lhp, Mets
13. Todd Hollandsworth, of, Dodgers
14. Alan Benes, rhp, Cardinals
15. Antonio Osuna, rhp, Dodgers
16. Paul Wilson, rhp, Mets
17. Billy Wagner, lhp, Astros
18. Dustin Hermanson, rhp, Padres
19. Doug Million, lhp, Rockies
20. Rey Ordonez, ss, Mets
21. Andruw Jones, of, Braves
22. Nomar Garciaparra, ss, Red Sox
23. Scott Ruffcorn, rhp, White Sox
24. Josh Booty, 3b, Marlins
25. James Baldwin, rhp, White Sox
26. Roger Cedeno, of, Dodgers
27. Ugueth Urbina, rhp, Expos
28. Ray Durham, 2b, White Sox
29. Marc Newfield, of, Mariners
30. LaTroy Hawkins, rhp, Twins
31. Edgardo Alfonzo, 3b, Mets
32. Michael Tucker, of, Royals
33. Jose Silva, rhp, Blue Jays
34. Richard Hidalgo, of, Astros
35. Alex Ochoa, of, Orioles
36. Frank Rodriguez, rhp, Red Sox
37. Jason Isringhausen, rhp, Mets
38. Paul Konerko, c, Dodgers
39. Jim Pittsley, rhp, Royals
40. Todd Walker, 2b, Twins
41. Chan Ho Park, rhp, Dodgers
42. Jason Schmidt, rhp, Braves
43. Trey Beamon, of, Pirates
44. Julio Santana, rhp, Rangers
45. Jimmy Haynes, rhp, Orioles
46. Trot Nixon, of, Red Sox
47. Brian Barber, rhp, Cardinals
48. Pokey Reese, ss, Reds
49. Andy Pettitte, lhp, Yankees
50. Jeff Suppan, rhp, Red Sox
51. Orlando Miller, ss, Astros
52. Bob Abreu, of, Astros
53. John Wasdin, rhp, Athletics
54. Terrell Wade, lhp, Braves
55. Juan Acevedo, rhp, Rockies
56. Andy Larkin, rhp, Marlins
57. Benji Gil, ss, Rangers
58. Everett Stull, rhp, Expos
59. Phil Nevin, 3b, Astros
60. Raul Casanova, c, Padres
61. Sergio Nunez, 2b, Royals
62. Ron Villone, lhp, Mariners
63. Scott Elarton, rhp, Astros
64. Antone Williamson, 3b, Brewers
65. Hiram Bocachica, ss, Expos
66. Jaret Wright, rhp, Indians
67. Paul Shuey, rhp, Indians
68. Curtis Goodwin, of, Orioles
69. Marc Kroon, rhp, Padres
70. Marc Barcelo, rhp, Twins
71. Andrew Lorraine, lhp, Angels
72. Shannon Stewart, of, Blue Jays
73. J. R. Phillips, 1b, Giants
74. Jeff Granger, lhp, Royals
75. Jimmy Hurst, of, White Sox
76. Glenn Williams, ss, Braves
77. Angel Martinez, c, Blue Jays
78. Russ Davis, 3b, Yankees
79. Matt Drews, rhp, Yankees
80. Daron Kirkreit, rhp, Indians
81. Derrek Lee, 1b, Padres
82. Brooks Kieschnick, 1b-of, Cubs
83. Pat Watkins, of, Reds
84. Bret Wagner, lhp, Cardinals
85. Vladimir Guerrero, of, Expos
86. Tony Clark, 1b, Tigers
87. C. J. Nitkowski, lhp, Reds
88. Jermaine Dye, of, Braves
89. Marc Valdes, rhp, Marlins
90. Dante Powell, of, Giants
91. Scott Rolen, 3b, Phillies
92. Desi Relaford, ss, Mariners
93. Garrett Anderson, of, Angels
94. Jose Malave, of, Red Sox
95. Carl Everett, of, Mets
96. Jay Payton, of, Mets
97. Jose Herrera, of, Athletics
98. Karim Garcia, of, Dodgers
99. Damon Hollins, of, Braves
100. Chris Carpenter, rhp, Blue Jays

1996 Top 100 Prospects
1. Andruw Jones, of, Braves
2. Paul Wilson, rhp, Mets
3. Ruben Rivera, of, Yankees
4. Darin Erstad, of, Angels
5. Alan Benes, rhp, Cardinals
6. Derek Jeter, ss, Yankees
7. Karim Garcia, of, Dodgers
8. Livan Hernandez, rhp, Marlins
9. Vladimir Guerrero, of, Expos
10. Ben Davis, c, Padres
11. Jason Schmidt, rhp, Braves
12. Matt Drews, rhp, Yankees
13. Derrick Gibson, of, Rockies
14. Billy Wagner, lhp, Astros
15. Bartolo Colon, rhp, Indians
16. Kerry Wood, rhp, Cubs
17. Rey Ordonez, ss, Mets
18. Chan Ho Park, rhp, Dodgers
19. Rocky Coppinger, rhp, Orioles
20. Richard Hidalgo, of, Astros
21. Jay Payton, of, Mets
22. Todd Walker, 3b, Twins
23. Jose Cruz Jr., of, Mariners
24. Jim Pittsley, rhp, Royals
25. Jeff D'Amico, rhp, Brewers
26. Jason Kendall, c, Pirates
27. Scott Rolen, 3b, Phillies
28. Donnie Sadler, ss, Red Sox
29. Bob Abreu, of, Astros
30. Jermaine Dye, of, Braves
31. Jaime Jones, of, Marlins
32. Todd Helton, 1b, Rockies
33. Edgar Renteria, ss, Marlins
34. Jaret Wright, rhp, Indians
35. Jeff Suppan, rhp, Red Sox
36. Nomar Garciaparra, ss, Red Sox
37. Ben Grieve, of, Athletics
38. Jimmy Haynes, rhp, Orioles
39. Trot Nixon, of, Red Sox
40. Marty Janzen, rhp, Blue Jays
41. Derrek Lee, 1b, Padres
42. Paul Konerko, 1b, Dodgers
43. Alex Ochoa, of, Mets
44. Todd Hollandsworth, of, Dodgers
45. Andy Yount, rhp, Red Sox
46. Shannon Stewart, of, Blue Jays
47. Brooks Kieschnick, of, Cubs
48. Ugueth Urbina, rhp, Expos
49. Geoff Jenkins, of, Brewers
50. Richie Sexson, 1b, Indians
51. Jason Varitek, c, Mariners
52. Chris Snopek, 3b, White Sox
53. Dustin Hermanson, rhp, Padres
54. Chad Hermansen, ss, Pirates
55. Andrew Vessel, of Rangers
56. Matt Morris, rhp, Cardinals
57. Roger Cedeno, of, Dodgers
58. Jose Valentin, c, Twins
59. Todd Greene, c, Angels
60. Pokey Reese, ss, Reds
61. Wilton Guerrero, ss, Dodgers
62. Mike Drumright, rhp, Tigers
63. Neifi Perez, ss, Rockies
64. Terrell Wade, lhp, Braves
65. Enrique Wilson, ss, Indians
66. Jamey Wright, rhp, Rockies
67. Jay Powell, rhp, Marlins
68. Brad Fullmer, 1b-3b, Expos
69. Doug Million, lhp, Rockies
70. LaTroy Hawkins, rhp, Twins
71. Steve Gibralter, of, Reds
72. Shawn Estes, lhp, Giants
73. Hiram Bocachica, ss, Expos
74. Carlos Guillen, ss, Astros
75. Robert Smith, 3b, Braves
76. Dan Serafini, lhp, Twins
77. Scott Elarton, rhp, Astros
78. Brian Rose, rhp, Red Sox
79. Luis Castillo, 2b, Marlins
80. Julio Santana, rhp, Rangers
81. Antone Williamson, 3b, Brewers
82. Chris Carpenter, rhp, Blue Jays
83. Glendon Rusch, lhp, Royals
84. John Wasdin, rhp, Athletics
85. Brad Rigby, rhp, Athletics
86. Danny Graves, rhp, Indians
87. Steve Cox, 1b, Athletics
88. Miguel Tejeda, ss, Athletics
89. Desi Relaford, 2b, Mariners
90. Trey Beamon, of, Pirates
91. Jeff Abbott, of, White Sox
92. Gabe Alvarez, ss, Padres
93. Jose Pett, rhp, Blue Jays
94. Preston Wilson, of, Mets
95. Damon Hollins, of, Braves
96. Joe Fontenot, rhp, Giants
97. John Frascatore, rhp, Cardinals
98. Michael Coleman, of, Red Sox
99. Billy Percibal, rhp, Orioles
100. Josh Booty, 3b, Marlins

1997 Top 100 Prospects
1. Andruw Jones, of, Braves
2. Vladimir Guerrero, of, Expos
3. Kerry Wood, rhp, Cubs
4. Matt White, rhp, Devil Rays
5. Travis Lee, 1b, Diamondbacks
6. Miguel Tejeda, ss, Athletics
7. Todd Walker, 3b, Twins
8. Kris Benson, rhp, Pirates
9. Ruben Rivera, of, Yankees
10. Nomar Garciaparra, ss, Red Sox
11. Paul Konerko, 1b, Dodgers
12. Jose Cruz Jr., of, Mariners
13. Scott Rolen, 3b, Phillies
14. Bartolo Colon, rhp, Indians
15. Derrek Lee, 1b, Padres
16. Todd Helton, 1b, Rockies
17. Carl Pavano, rhp, Red Sox
18. Ben Grieve, of, Athletics
19. Richard Hidalgo, of, Astros
20. Karim Garcia, of, Dodgers
21. Chad Hermansen, ss, Pirates
22. Jaret Wright, rhp, Indians
23. Roy Halladay, rhp, Blue Jays
24. Jose Guillen, of, Pirates
25. Matt Morris, rhp, Cardinals
26. Aramis Ramirez, 3b, Pirates
27. Carlos Guillen, ss, Astros
28. Chris Carpenter, rhp, Blue Jays
29. Dmitri Young, 1b, Cardinals
30. Adrian Beltre, 3b, Dodgers
31. Mike Cameron, of, White Sox
32. Braden Looper, rhp, Cardinals
33. Neifi Perez, ss, Rockies
34. Jay Payton, of, Mets
35. Mike Drumright, rhp, Tigers
36. Juan Melo, ss, Padres
37. Eli Marrero, c, Cardinals
38. Bob Abreu, of, Astros
39. Kevin McGlinchy, rhp, Braves
40. Jackson Melian, of, Yankees
41. John Patterson, rhp, Diamondbacks
42. Kevin Orie, 3b, Cubs
43. Felix Heredia, lhp, Marlins
44. Brian Rose, rhp, Red Sox
45. Joe Fontenot, rhp, Giants
46. Chris Reitsma, rhp, Red Sox
47. Willie Martinez, rhp, Indians
48. Ron Wright, 1b, Pirates
49. Wilton Guerrero, 2b, Dodgers
50. Hiram Bocachica, ss, Expos
51. Donnie Sadler, 2b, Red Sox
52. Valerio de los Santos, lhp, Brewers
53. Eric Chavez, 3b, Athletics
54. Alex Gonzalez, ss, Marlins
55. Seth Greisinger, rhp, Tigers
56. Jim Pittsley, rhp, Royals
57. Shannon Stewart, of, Blue Jays
58. Derrick Gibson, of, Rockies
59. Ben Davis, c, Padres
60. Jeff Suppan, rhp, Red Sox
61. Dan Kolb, rhp, Rangers
62. Ben Petrick, c, Rockies
63. Terrence Long, of, Mets
64. Rafael Medina, rhp, Yankees
65. Brad Fullmer, 1b, Expos
66. Jarrod Washburn, lhp, Angels
67. Kelvim Escobar, rhp, Blue Jays
68. Manuel Aybar, rhp, Cardinals
69. Abraham Nunez, ss, Pirates
70. Luis Rivas, ss, Twins
71. Edgard Velasquez, of, Rockies
72. Pat Cline, c, Cubs
73. Enrique Wilson, ss, Indians
74. Billy Koch, rhp, Blue Jays
75. Jake Westbrook, rhp, Rockies
76. Vladimir Nunez, rhp, Diamondbacks
77. Mark Kotsay, of, Marlins
78. Geoff Jenkins, of, Brewers
79. Torii Hunter, of, Twins
80. Jeff Abbott, of, White Sox
81. Aaron Boone, 3b, Reds
82. Bobby Seay, lhp, Devil Rays
83. Bruce Chen, lhp, Braves
84. Brett Tomko, rhp, Reds
85. Katsuhiro Maeda, rhp, Yankees
86. Wes Helms, 3b, Braves
87. Russ Branyan, 3b, Indians
88. Jimmy Anderson, lhp, Pirates
89. Glendon Rusch, lhp, Royals
90. Todd Dunwoody, of, Marlins
91. Brad Rigby, rhp, Athletics
92. Dante Powell, of, Giants
93. Carlos Beltran, of, Royals
94. George Lombard, of, Braves
95. Onan Masaoka, lhp, Dodgers
96. Nerio Rodriguez, rhp, Orioles
97. Bobby Estalella, c, Phillies
98. Sidney Ponson, rhp, Orioles
99. Chad Green, of, Brewers
100. Livan Hernandez, rhp, Marlins

1998 Top 100 Prospects
1. Ben Grieve, of, Athletics
2. Paul Konerko, 1b/3b, Dodgers
3. Adrian Beltre, 3b, Dodgers
4. Kerry Wood, rhp, Cubs
5. Aramis Ramirez, 3b, Pirates
6. Matt White, rhp, Devil Rays
7. Kris Benson, rhp, Pirates
8. Travis Lee, 1b, Diamondbacks
9. Carl Pavano, rhp, Expos
10. Miguel Tejada, ss, Athletics
11. Todd Helton, 1b, Rockies
12. Mark Kotsay, of, Marlins
13. Chad Hermansen, 2b, Pirates
14. Brad Fullmer, 1b, Expos
15. Juan Encarnacion, of, Tigers
16. Matt Clement, rhp, Padres
17. Ruben Mateo, of, Rangers
18. Rick Ankiel, lhp, Cardinals
19. Richard Hidalgo, of, Astros
20. Sean Casey, 1b, Indians
21. Darnell McDonald, of, Orioles
22. Brian Rose, rhp, Red Sox
23. Ryan Anderson, lhp, Mariners
24. Matt Anderson, rhp, Tigers
25. Eric Milton, lhp, Twins
26. Russell Branyan, 3b, Indians
27. Bruce Chen, lhp, Braves
28. Scott Elarton, rhp, Astros
29. Grant Roberts, rhp, Mets
30. Eric Chavez, 3b, Athletics
31. Cesar King, c, Rangers
32. Dermal Brown, of, Royals
33. Eli Marrero, c, Cardinals
34. Mike Caruso, ss, White Sox
35. Ryan Minor, 3b, Orioles
36. Troy Glaus, 3b, Angels
37. Rolando Arrojo, rhp, Devil Rays
38. Roy Halladay, rhp, Blue Jays
39. Braden Looper, rhp, Cardinals
40. Ruben Rivera, of, Padres
41. Francisco Cordero, rhp, Tigers
42. A. J. Hinch, c, Athletics
43. Carlos Lee, 3b, White Sox
44. Luis Rivera, rhp, Braves
45. John Patterson, rhp, Diamondbacks
46. Ricky Ledee, of, Yankees
47. Derrek Lee, 1b, Marlins
48. Alex Gonzalez, ss, Marlins
49. Ben Davis, c, Padres
50. Willie Martinez, rhp, Indians
51. Michael Coleman, of, Red Sox
52. Vernon Wells, of, Blue Jays
53. Ben Petrick, c, Rockies
54. Jason Grilli, rhp, Giants
55. Luis Rivas, ss, Twins
56. Magglio Ordonez, of, White Sox
57. Julio Ramirez, of, Marlins
58. Ryan Brannan, rhp, Phillies
59. Mike Judd, rhp, Dodgers
60. Ed Yarnall, lhp, Mets
61. Enrique Wilson, 2b, Indians
62. Damian Jackson, ss, Reds
63. Corey Lee, lhp, Rangers
64. Lance Berkman, of, Astros
65. Abraham Nunez, ss, Pirates
66. Joe Fontenot, rhp, Marlins
67. Shawn Chacon, rhp, Rockies
68. Robbie Bell, rhp, Braves
69. Brent Butler, ss, Cardinals
70. Preston Wilson, of, Mets
71. Mike Lowell, 3b, Yankees
72. Rafael Medina, rhp, Marlins
73. Jarrod Washburn, lhp, Angels
74. Ramon Hernandez, c, Athletics
75. Ramon Oritz, rhp, Angels
76. Wade Miller, rhp, Astros
77. Karim Garcia, of, Diamondbacks
78. Sidney Ponson, rhp, Orioles
79. Robinson Checo, rhp, Red Sox
80. Lorenzo Barcelo, rhp, White Sox
81. Derrick Gibson, of, Rockies
82. Gil Meche, rhp, Mariners
83. Javier Vazquez, rhp, Expos
84. David Ortiz, 1b, Twins
85. Nelson Lara, rhp, Marlins
86. Juan Melo, ss, Padres
87. Todd Dunwoody, of, Marlins
88. Chris Reitsma, rhp, Red Sox
89. Valerio de los Santos, lhp, Brewers
90. Jeff Wallace, lhp, Pirates
91. Dennis Reyes, lhp, Dodgers
92. Orlando Cabrera, 2b, Expos
93. George Lombard, of, Braves
94. Lariel Gonzalez, rhp, Rockies
95. Geoff Jenkins, of, Brewers
96. Geoff Goetz, lhp, Mets
97. Daryle Ward, 1b, Astros
98. Jackson Melian, of, Yankees
99. Kevin Witt, 1b, Blue Jays
100. Chris Enochs, rhp, Athletics

1999 Top 100 Prospects
1. J. D. Drew, of, Cardinals
2. Rick Ankiel, lhp, Cardinals
3. Eric Chavez, 3b, Athletics
4. Bruce Chen, lhp, Braves
5. Brad Penny, rhp, Diamondbacks
6. Michael Barrett, 3b/c, Expos
7. Ryan Anderson, lhp, Mariners
8. Pablo Ozuna, ss, Marlins
9. Ruben Mateo, of, Rangers
10. Matt Clement, rhp, Padres
11. Alex Escobar, of, Mets
12. Roy Halladay, rhp, Blue Jays
13. Lance Berkman, of, Astros
14. Carlos Beltran, of, Royals
15. John Patterson, rhp, Diamondbacks
16. Corey Patterson, of, Cubs
17. Alex Gonzalez, ss, Marlins
18. Nick Johnson, 1b, Yankees
19. Pat Burrell, 1b, Phillies
20. Matt Riley, lhp, Orioles
21. A. J. Burnett, rhp, Marlins
22. Dernell Stenson, of, Red Sox
23. Braden Looper, rhp, Marlins
24. Ben Davis, c, Padres
25. Ryan Bradley, rhp, Yankees
26. George Lombard, of, Braves
27. Mark Mulder, lhp, Athletics
28. Carlos Lee, 3b, White Sox
29. Russell Branyan, 3b, Indians
30. Carlos Febles, 2b, Royals
31. Odalis Perez, lhp, Braves
32. Matt White, rhp, Devil Rays
33. Billy Koch, rhp, Blue Jays
34. Gabe Kapler, of, Tigers
35. Rob Bell, rhp, Reds
36. Michael Cuddyer, ss/3b, Twins
37. Chad Hermansen, of, Pirates
38. Calvin Pickering, 1b, Orioles
39. Alfonso Soriano, ss, Yankees
40. Peter Bergeron, of, Expos
41. Angel Pena, c, Dodgers
42. Chad Hutchinson, rhp, Cardinals
43. Mitch Meluskey, c, Astros
44. Jason Grilli, rhp, Giants
45. Octavio Dotel, rhp, Mets
46. Joe Crede, 3b, White Sox
47. Kevin McGlinchy, rhp, Braves
48. Julio Ramirez, of, Marlins
49. Ron Belliard, 2b, Brewers
50. Michael Restovich, of, Twins
51. Jeff Weaver, rhp, TIgers
52. Jayson Werth, c Orioles
53. Eric DuBose, lhp, Athletics
54. Brent Butler, ss, Cardinals
55. Jeff Austin, rhp, Royals
56. John Curtice, lhp, Red Sox
57. Orber Moreno, rhp, Royals
58. Mike Lowell, 3b, Marlins
59. Kris Benson, rhp, Pirates
60. Rafael Furcal, ss, Braves
61. Freddy Garcia, rhp, Mariners
62. Junior Herndon, rhp, Padres
63. Luis Rivas, ss, Twins
64. Jeremy Giambi, of, Royals
65. Kelly Dransfeldt, 2b/ss, Rangers
66. Ted Lilly, lhp, Expos
67. Felipe Lopez, ss, Blue Jays
68. Cristian Guzman, ss, Twins
69. Vernon Wells, of, Blue Jays
70. Ricky Ledee, of, Yankees
71. Luis Rivera, rhp, Braves
72. Jackson Melian, of, Yankees
73. Gary Matthews Jr., of, Padres
74. Darnell McDonald, of, Orioles
75. Choo Freeman, of, Rockies
76. Austin Kearns, of, Reds
77. Aaron Myette, rhp, White Sox
78. Gil Meche, rhp, Mariners
79. Grant Roberts, rhp, Mets
80. Wade Miller, rhp, Astros
81. Derrick Gibson, of, Rockies
82. Sean Burroughs, 3b, Padres
83. Marlon Anderson, 2b, Phillies
84. Warren Morris, 2b, Pirates
85. Ben Petrick, c, Rockies
86. Milton Bradley, of, Expos
87. Carlos Guillen, 2b, Mariners
88. Guillermo Mota, rhp, Expos
89. Jason Marquis, rhp, Braves
90. Tony Armas Jr., rhp, Expos
91. Wes Anderson, rhp, Marlins
92. Dermal Brown, of, Royals
93. Carlos Pena, 1b, Rangers
94. Mike Darr, of, Padres
95. Chad Harville, rhp, Athletics
96. Randy Wolf, lhp, Phillies
97. Scott Williamson, rhp, Reds
98. Adam Kennedy, 2b, Cardinals
99. Trot Nixon, of, Red Sox
100. Drew Henson, 3b, Yankees

2000 Top 100 Prospects
1. Rick Ankiel, lhp, Cardinals
2. Pat Burrell, 1b/of, Phillies
3. Corey Patterson, of, Cubs
4. Vernon Wells, of, Blue Jays
5. Nick Johnson, 1b, Yankees
6. Ruben Mateo, of, Rangers
7. Sean Burroughs, 3b, Padres
8. Rafael Furcal, ss, Braves
9. Ryan Anderson, lhp, Mariners
10. John Patterson, rhp, Diamondbacks
11. Dee Brown, of, Royals
12. Mark Mulder, lhp, Athletics
13. Josh Hamilton, of, Devil Rays
14. Kip Wells, rhp, White Sox
15. Matt Riley, lhp, Orioles
16. Alfonso Soriano, ss, Yankees
17. Chin-Feng Chen, of, Dodgers
18. Michael Cuddyer, 3b, Twins
19. Josh Beckett, rhp, Marlins
20. A.J. Burnett, rhp, Marlins
21. Gookie Dawkins, ss, Reds
22. Brad Penny, rhp, Marlins
23. Eric Munson, 1b/c, Tigers
24. Drew Henson, 3b, Reds
25. Wilfredo Rodriguez, lhp, Astros
26. Michael Restovich, of, Twins
27. Tony Armas, rhp, Expos
28. Ramon Ortiz, rhp, Angels
29. Francisco Cordero, rhp, Rangers
30. Abraham Nunez, of, Marlins
31. Jack Cust, of, Diamondbacks
32. Jon Garland, rhp, White Sox
33. Chad Hermansen, of, Pirates
34. Alex Escobar, of, Mets
35. Ben Petrick, c, Rockies
36. Milton Bradley, of, Expos
37. Lance Berkman, of, Astros
38. Felipe Lopez, ss, Blue Jays
39. Danys Baez, rhp, Indians
40. Chris George, lhp, Royals
41. Barry Zito, lhp, Athletics
42. Choo Freeman, of, Rockies
43. Wes Anderson, rhp, Marlins
44. Matthew LeCroy, c, Twins
45. Chad Hutchinson, rhp, Cardinals
46. George Lombard, of, Braves
47. Jason Standridge, rhp, Devil Rays
48. Jayson Werth, c, Orioles
49. Eric Gagne, rhp, Dodgers
50. Steve Lomasney, c, Red Sox
51. Luis Rivera, rhp, Braves
52. Brad Baisley, rhp, Phillies
53. Jesus Colome, rhp, Athletics
54. Wascar Serrano, rhp, Padres
55. Ed Yarnall, lhp, Reds
56. Adam Dunn, of, Reds
57. C.C. Sabathia, lhp, Indians
58. Kurt Ainsworth, rhp, Giants
59. Rob Bell, rhp, Reds
60. Julio Ramirez, of, Marlins
61. Peter Bergeron, of, Expos
62. Pablo Ozuna, 2b/ss, Marlins
63. Aaron Myette, rhp, White Sox
64. Adam Eaton, rhp, Padres
65. Ben Sheets, rhp, Brewers
66. Dernell Stenson, 1b, Red Sox
67. Cesar Izturis, ss, Blue Jays
68. Jason Romano, 2b, Rangers
69. Wade Miller, rhp, Astros
70. Kyle Snyder, rhp, Royals
71. Mike Lamb, 3b, Rangers
72. Jackson Melian, of, Reds
73. Carlos Guillen, 3b, Mariners
74. Marcus Giles, 2b, Braves
75. Dan Reichert, rhp, Royals
76. Adam Everett, ss, Astros
77. Hee Seop Choi, 1b, Cubs
78. Pat Strange, rhp, Mets
79. B.J. Garbe, of, Twins
80. Chip Ambres, of, Marlins
81. Byung-Hyun Kim, rhp, Diamondbacks
82. Russ Branyan, 3b, Indians
83. Orber Moreno, rhp, Royals
84. Grant Roberts, rhp, Mets
85. Ryan Christianson, c, Mariners
86. Luis Rivas, 2b, Twins
87. Jason Jennings, rhp, Rockies
88. Wily Mo Pena, of, Yankees
89. D'Angelo Jimenez, ss, Yankees
90. Mario Encarnacion, of, Athletics
91. Tim Drew, rhp, Indians
92. Ramon Santiago, ss, Tigers
93. Adam Piatt, 3b, Athletics
94. Sun Woo Kim, rhp, Red Sox
95. Jimmy Rollins, ss, Phillies
96. Joe Crede, 3b, White Sox
97. J.J. Davis, of, Pirates
98. Aubrey Huff, 3b, Devil Rays
99. Wilson Betemit, ss, Braves
100. Kenny Kelly, of, Devil Rays

2001 Top 100 Prospects
1. Josh Hamilton, of, Devil Rays
2. Corey Patterson, of, Cubs
3. Josh Beckett, rhp, Marlins
4. Jon Rauch, rhp, White Sox
5. Ben Sheets, rhp, Brewers
6. Sean Burroughs, 3b, Padres
7. C.C. Sabathia, lhp, Indians
8. Ryan Anderson, lhp, Mariners
9. Ichiro Suzuki, of, Mariners
10. Nick Johnson, 1b, Yankees
11. Carlos Pena, 1b, Rangers
12. Vernon Wells, of, Blue Jays
13. Roy Oswalt, rhp, Astros
14. Drew Henson, 3b, Reds
15. Chin-Hui Tsao, rhp, Rockies
16. Antonio Perez, ss, Mariners
17. Juan Cruz, rhp, Cubs
18. Alex Escobar, of, Mets
19. Jerome Williams, rhp, Giants
20. Bobby Bradley, rhp, Pirates
21. J.R House, c, Pirates
22. Hee Seop Choi, 1b, Cubs
23. Joe Borchard, of, White Sox
24. Austin Kearns, of, Reds
25. Chris George, lhp, Royals
26. Donnie Bridges, rhp, Expos
27. Alfonso Soriano, ss, Yankees
28. Matt Belisle, rhp, Braves
29. Wilson Betemit, ss, Braves
30. Kurt Ainsworth, rhp, Giants
31. Jimmy Rollins, ss, Phillies
32. Felipe Lopez, ss, Blue Jays
33. Adam Dunn, of, Reds
34. Jose Ortiz, 2b, Athletics
35. Brad Wilkerson, of, Expos
36. Joe Crede, 3b, White Sox
37. Ben Christensen, rhp, Cubs
38. Jack Cust, of/1b, Diamondbacks
39. Bud Smith, lhp, Cardinals
40. Jacob Peavy, rhp, Padres
41. Adam Johnson, rhp, Twins
42. Albert Pujols, 3b, Cardinals
43. Aubrey Huff, 3b, Devil Rays
44. Matt Ginter, rhp, White Sox
45. Wes Anderson, rhp, Marlins
46. Angelo Jimenez, ss, Yankees
47. Brett Myers, rhp, Phillies
48. Dee Brown, of, Royals
49. Tim Redding, rhp, Astros
50. Joe Torres, lhp, Angels
51. Matt McClendon, rhp, Braves
52. Jason Standridge, rhp, Devil Rays
53. Wascar Serrano, rhp, Padres
54. Marcus Giles, 2b, Braves
55. Michael Cuddyer, 3b, Twins
56. Kevin Mench, of, Rangers
57. Wilfredo Rodriguez, lhp, Astros
58. Mike Bynum, lhp, Padres
59. Jason Hart, 1b, Athletics
60. Tony Torcato, 3b, Giants
61. Dan Wright, rhp, White Sox
62. Alex Cintron, ss, Diamondbacks
63. Pat Strange, rhp, Mets
64. Brian Cole, of, Mets
65. Jovanny Cedeno, rhp, Rangers
66. Adrian Hernandez, rhp, Yankees
67. Brandon Inge, c, Tigers
68. Carlos Zambrano, rhp, Cubs
69. Jesus Colome, rhp, Devil Rays
70. Eric Munson, 1b, Tigers
71. Francisco Rodriguez, rhp, Angels
72. Carl Crawford, of, Devil Rays
73. Luis Montanez, ss, Cubs
74. Dane Sardinha, c, Reds
75. Abraham Nunez, of, Marlins
76. Brad Baker, rhp, Red Sox
77. Dernell Stenson, 1b/of, Red Sox
78. Brad Baisley, rhp, Phillies
79. Mike MacDougal, rhp, Royals
80. Joel Pineiro, rhp, Mariners
81. Ryan Ludwick, of, Athletics
82. Xavier Nady, 3b, Padres
83. Nick Neugebauer, rhp, Brewers
84. Justin Miller, rhp, Athletics
85. Lance Niekro, 3b, Giants
86. Chin-Feng Chen, of, Dodgers
87. Tony Blanco, 3b, Red Sox
88. Danys Baez, rhp, Indians
89. Adrian Gonzalez, 1b, Marlins
90. David Espinosa, ss/2b, Reds
91. Miguel Cabrera, ss, Marlins
92. Jason Marquis, rhp, Braves
93. Luis Rivas, 2b, Twins
94. Juan Uribe, ss, Rockies
95. Ramon Santiago, ss, Tigers
96. Keith Reed, of, Orioles
97. Adam Wainwright, rhp, Braves
98. Chris Snelling, of, Mariners
99. Joe Lawrence, c, Blue Jays
100. Matt White, rhp, Devil Rays

2002 Top 100 Prospects
1. Josh Beckett, rhp, Marlins
2. Mark Prior, rhp, Cubs
3. Hank Blalock, 3b, Rangers
4. Sean Burroughs, 3b, Padres
5. Carlos Pena, 1b, Athletics
6. Juan Cruz, rhp, Cubs
7. Joe Mauer, c, Twins
8. Wilson Betemit, ss, Braves
9. Drew Henson, 3b, Yankees
10. Mark Teixeira, 3b, Rangers
11. Austin Kearns, of, Reds
12. Joe Borchard, of, White Sox
13. Nick Johnson, 1b, Yankees
14. Ryan Anderson, lhp, Mariners
15. Angel Berroa, ss, Royals
16. Dennis Tankersley, rhp, Padres
17. Nick Neugebauer, rhp, Brewers
18. Josh Hamilton, of, Devil Rays
19. Jerome Williams, rhp, Giants
20. Brandon Phillips, ss, Expos
21. Justin Morneau, 1b, Twins
22. Casey Kotchman, 1b, Angels
23. Jon Rauch, rhp, White Sox
24. Carlos Hernandez, lhp, Astros
25. Ty Howington, lhp, Reds
26. Marlon Byrd, of, Phillies
27. Michael Cuddyer, 3b/of, Twins
28. Jake Peavy, rhp, Padres
29. Boof Bonser, rhp, Giants
30. Rafael Soriano, rhp, Mariners
31. Adrian Gonzalez, 1b, Marlins
32. Corwin Malone, lhp, White Sox
33. Brett Myers, rhp, Phillies
34. Jose Reyes, ss, Mets
35. Kazuhisa Ishii, lhp, Dodgers
36. Josh Phelps, c, Blue Jays
37. Brandon Claussen, lhp, Yankees
38. Miguel Cabrera, ss, Marlins
39. Xavier Nady, 1b, Padres
40. Hee Seop Choi, 1b, Cubs
41. J.R. House, c, Pirates
42. Adam Wainwright, rhp, Braves
43. John Buck, c, Astros
44. Jimmy Journell, rhp, Cardinals
45. David Kelton, 3b, Cubs
46. Chris Snelling, of, Mariners
47. Kelly Johnson, ss, Braves
48. Bobby Hill, 2b, Cubs
49. Mario Ramos, lhp, Rangers
50. Jimmy Gobble, lhp, Royals
51. Chris Burke, ss, Astros
52. Antonio Perez, ss, Mariners
53. Jason Lane, of, Astros
54. Mark Phillips, lhp, Padres
55. Nate Cornejo, rhp, Tigers
56. Gavin Floyd, rhp, Phillies
57. Dewon Brazelton, rhp, Devil Rays
58. Kurt Ainsworth, rhp, Giants
59. Carl Crawford, of, Devil Rays
60. Seung Song, rhp, Red Sox
61. Chin-Hui Tsao, rhp, Rockies
62. Brad Wilkerson, of, Expos
63. Mike Restovich, of, Twins
64. Chin-Feng Chen, of, Dodgers
65. Wily Mo Pena, of, Reds
66. Brett Evert, rhp, Braves
67. Juan Rivera, of, Yankees
68. Nic Jackson, of, Cubs
69. Ricardo Rodriguez, rhp, Dodgers
70. Jayson Werth, c, Blue Jays
71. Alex Escobar, of, Indians
72. Clint Nageotte, rhp, Mariners
73. Corey Smith, 3b, Indians
74. Bobby Jenks, rhp, Angels
75. Gabe Gross, of, Blue Jays
76. John-Ford Griffin, of, Yankees
77. Jake Gautreau, 2b, Padres
78. Aaron Heilman, rhp, Mets
79. Kenny Baugh, rhp, Tigers
80. Carlos Zambrano, rhp, Cubs
81. Orlando Hudson, 2b, Blue Jays
82. Colby Lewis, rhp, Rangers
83. Tony Torcato, of, Giants
84. Mike Jones, rhp, Brewers
85. Adam Johnson, rhp, Twins
86. Chris Narveson, lhp, Cardinals
87. Denny Bautista, rhp, Marlins
88. J.D. Martin, rhp, Indians
89. Jon VanBenschoten, rhp, Pirates
90. Erik Bedard, lhp, Orioles
91. Eric Byrnes, of, Athletics
92. Ramon Vazquez, ss, Padres
93. Tony Blanco, 3b, Red Sox
94. Joe Crede, 3b, White Sox
95. Omar Infante, ss, Tigers
96. Matt Belisle, rhp, Braves
97. Victor Martinez, c, Indians
98. Dustin McGowan, rhp, Blue Jays
99. Ryan Dittfurth, rhp, Rangers
100. Jack Cust, of, Rockies

2003 Top 100 Prospects
1. Mark Teixeira, 3b, Rangers
2. Rocco Baldelli, of, Devil Rays
3. Jose Reyes, ss, Mets
4. Joe Mauer, c, Twins
5. Jesse Foppert, rhp, Giants
6. Jose Contreras, rhp, Yankees
7. Brandon Phillips, 2b/ss, Indians
8. Hideki Matsui, of, Yankees
9. Gavin Floyd, rhp, Phillies
10. Francisco Rodriguez, rhp, Angels
11. Scott Kazmir, lhp, Mets
12. Miguel Cabrera, 3b, Marlins
13. Casey Kotchman, 1b, Angels
14. Justin Morneau, 1b, Twins
15. Jason Stokes, 1b, Marlins
16. Victor Martinez, c, Indians
17. Michael Cuddyer, of, Twins
18. Adam Wainwright, rhp, Braves
19. Hanley Ramirez, ss, Red Sox
20. Jeremy Bonderman, rhp, Tigers
21. B.J. Upton, ss, Devil Rays
22. Hee Seop Choi, 1b, Cubs
23. Brad Nelson, 1b, Brewers
24. John VanBenschoten, rhp, Pirates
25. Sean Burnett, lhp, Pirates
26. Scott Hairston, 2b, Diamondbacks
27. Rafael Soriano, rhp, Mariners
28. Joe Borchard, of, White Sox
29. Rich Harden, rhp, Athletics
30. Cliff Lee, lhp, Indians
31. Adrian Gonzalez, 1b, Marlins
32. Colby Lewis, rhp, Rangers
33. Josh Hamilton, of, Devil Rays
34. James Loney, 1b, Dodgers
35. Jonathan Figueroa, lhp, Dodgers
36. Dustin McGowan, rhp, Blue Jays
37. Michael Restovich, of, Twins
38. Jose Lopez, ss, Mariners
39. Chris Snelling, of, Mariners
40. Andy Marte, 3b, Braves
41. Aaron Cook, rhp, Rockies
42. Franklyn German, rhp, Tigers
43. Dontrelle Willis, lhp, Marlins
44. Xavier Nady, of, Padres
45. Aaron Heilman, rhp, Mets
46. Travis Hafner, 1b, Indians
47. Angel Guzman, rhp, Cubs
48. Jeff Mathis, c, Angels
49. Wilson Betemit, 3b, Braves
50. Jerome Williams, rhp, Giants
51. Johan Santana, rhp, Angels
52. Bryan Bullington, rhp, Pirates
53. Andy Sisco, lhp, Cubs
54. Zack Greinke, rhp, Royals
55. Juan Rivera, of, Yankees
56. Mike Jones, rhp, Brewers
57. Khalil Greene, ss, Padres
58. Bubba Nelson, rhp, Braves
59. Mike Gosling, lhp, Diamondbacks
60. Bobby Jenks, rhp, Angels
61. Shin-Soo Choo, of, Mariners
62. Clint Everts, rhp, Expos
63. Marlon Byrd, of, Phillies
64. Kurt Ainsworth, rhp, Giants
65. Lyle Overbay, 1b, Diamondbacks
66. Justin Huber, c, Mets
67. John Buck, c, Astros
68. Macay McBride, lhp, Braves
69. Bobby Basham, rhp, Reds
70. Jeremy Guthrie, rhp, Indians
71. Josh Karp, rhp, Expos
72. Felix Pie, of, Cubs
73. Kris Honel, rhp, White Sox
74. Dewon Brazelton, rhp, Devil Rays
75. David Wright, 3b, Mets
76. Clint Nageotte, rhp, Mariners
77. Chris Gruler, rhp, Reds
78. Prince Fielder, 1b, Brewers
79. John Patterson, rhp, Diamondbacks
80. Ben Kozlowski, lhp, Rangers
81. Chase Utley, 3b/2b, Phillies
82. Todd Linden, of, Giants
83. Francisco Liriano, lhp, Giants
84. Mark Phillips, lhp, Padres
85. Laynce Nix, of, Rangers
86. Jose Castillo, ss, Pirates
87. Wily Mo Pena, of, Reds
88. Taylor Buchholz, rhp, Phillies
89. Donald Levinski, rhp, Marlins
90. Ben Hendrickson, rhp, Brewers
91. Corey Hart, 3b/1b, Brewers
92. Jon Rauch, rhp, White Sox
93. Chin-Hui Tsao, rhp, Rockies
94. Jayson Werth, of/c, Blue Jays
95. Jeff Francoeur, of, Braves
96. Mike Hinckley, lhp, Expos
97. Jason Arnold, rhp, Blue Jays
98. Seth McClung, rhp, Devil Rays
99. Edwin Jackson, rhp, Dodgers
100. Nic Jackson, of, Cubs

2004 Top 100 Prospects
1. Joe Mauer c, Twins
2. B.J. Upton ss, Devil Rays
3. Delmon Young of, Devil Rays
4. Edwin Jackson rhp, Dodgers
5. Rickie Weeks 2b, Brewers
6. Alexis Rios of, Blue Jays
7. Kazuo Matsui ss, Mets
8. Greg Miller lhp, Dodgers
9. Grady Sizemore of, Indians
10. Prince Fielder 1b, Brewers
11. Andy Marte 3b, Braves
12. Scott Kazmir lhp, Mets
13. Adam Loewen lhp, Orioles
14. Zack Greinke rhp, Royals
15. Casey Kotchman 1b, Angels
16. Justin Morneau 1b, Twins
17. Cole Hamels lhp, Phillies
18. Dustin McGowan rhp, Blue Jays
19. J.J. Hardy ss, Brewers
20. Josh Barfield 2b, Padres
21. David Wright 3b, Mets
22. Jeff Mathis c, Angels
23. Gavin Floyd rhp, Phillies
24. Chin-Hui Tsao rhp, Rockies
25. Jeremy Reed of, White Sox
26. Angel Guzman rhp, Cubs
27. Jeff Francoeur of, Braves
28. Jeremy Hermida of, Marlins
29. Ervin Santana rhp, Angels
30. Felix Hernandez rhp, Mariners
31. Franklin Gutierrez of, Dodgers
32. Bobby Crosby ss, Athletics
33. Dallas McPherson 3b, Angels
34. Scott Hairston 2b, Diamondbacks
35. Guillermo Quiroz c, Blue Jays
36. Kyle Sleeth rhp, Tigers
37. Sergio Santos ss, Diamondbacks
38. John VanBenschoten rhp, Pirates
39. Hanley Ramirez ss, Red Sox
40. Merkin Valdez rhp, Giants
41. Dioner Navarro c, Yankees
42. James Loney 1b, Dodgers
43. Joe Blanton rhp, Athletics
44. Jeff Allison rhp, Marlins
45. Clint Nageotte rhp, Mariners
46. Ryan Wagner rhp, Reds
47. Blake Hawksworth rhp, Cardinals
48. Brad Nelson of/1b, Brewers
49. Adam Wainwright rhp, Cardinals
50. Taylor Buchholz rhp, Astros
51. Jason Stokes 1b, Marlins
52. Adrian Gonzalez 1b, Rangers
53. Jeremy Guthrie rhp, Indians
54. John Maine rhp, Orioles
55. Kris Honel rhp, White Sox
56. Justin Jones lhp, Cubs
57. Ian Stewart 3b, Rockies
58. Clint Everts rhp, Expos
59. Denny Bautista rhp, Orioles
60. Mike Hinckley lhp, Expos
61. Khalil Greene ss, Padres
62. Bobby Jenks rhp, Angels
63. Travis Blackley lhp, Mariners
64. Sean Burnett lhp, Pirates
65. Ryan Harvey of, Cubs
66. J.D. Durbin rhp, Twins
67. Scott Olsen lhp, Marlins
68. Chris Lubanski of, Royals
69. Manny Parra lhp, Brewers
70. Jose Lopez ss/2b, Mariners
71. Alberto Callaspo 2b, Angels
72. Gabe Gross of, Blue Jays
73. Adam LaRoche 1b, Braves
74. Jason Bay of, Pirates
75. Bubba Nelson rhp, Braves
76. Fausto Carmona rhp, Indians
77. Andy Sisco lhp, Cubs
78. Kelly Shoppach c, Red Sox
79. Michael Aubrey 1b, Indians
80. John Danks lhp, Rangers
81. Matt Moses 3b, Twins
82. Dan Meyer lhp, Braves
83. Dustin Nippert rhp, Diamondbacks
84. Mike Jones rhp, Brewers
85. Felix Pie of, Cubs
86. Lastings Milledge of, Mets
87. Francisco Rosario rhp, Blue Jays
88. Matt Peterson rhp, Mets
89. Jesse Crain rhp, Twins
90. Nick Markakis of, Orioles
91. Matt Cain rhp, Giants
92. Bobby Brownlie rhp, Cubs
93. Jeff Francis lhp, Rockies
94. Jayson Nix 2b, Rockies
95. Joey Gathright of, Devil Rays
96. Aaron Hill ss, Blue Jays
97. Bryan Bullington rhp, Pirates
98. Brent Clevlen of, Tigers
99. Jake Dittler rhp, Indians
100. Jason Lane of, Astros

2005 Top 100 Prospects
1. Joe Mauer, c, Twins
2. Felix Hernandez, rhp, Mariners
3. Delmon Young, of, Devil Rays
4. Ian Stewart, 3b, Rockies
5. Joel Guzman, ss, Dodgers
6. Casey Kotchman, 1b, Angels
7. Scott Kazmir, lhp, Devil Rays
8. Rickie Weeks, 2b, Brewers
9. Andy Marte, 3b, Braves
10. Hanley Ramirez, ss, Red Sox
11. Lastings Milledge, of, Mets
12. Dallas McPherson, 3b, Angels
13. Matt Cain, rhp, Giants
14. Jeff Francoeur, of, Braves
15. Prince Fielder, 1b, Brewers
16. Adam Miller, rhp, Indians
17. Jason Kubel, of, Twins
18. Jeremy Hermida, of, Marlins
19. Chad Billingsley, rhp, Dodgers
20. Jeff Niemann, rhp, Devil Rays
21. Brian Dopirak, 1b, Cubs
22. Carlos Quentin, of, Diamondbacks
23. Jeff Francis, lhp, Rockies
24. Nick Swisher, of, Athletics
25. Jose Capellan, rhp, Brewers
26. Chris Nelson, ss, Rockies
27. Ryan Howard, 1b, Phillies
28. J.J. Hardy, ss, Brewers
29. Mike Hinckley, lhp, Nationals
30. Edwin Jackson, rhp, Dodgers
31. Felix Pie, of, Cubs
32. Daric Barton, 1b/c, Athletics
33. Jeremy Reed, of, Mariners
34. Zach Duke, lhp, Pirates
35. Gavin Floyd, rhp, Phillies
36. Eric Duncan, 3b, Yankees
37. Brian Anderson, of, White Sox
38. Scott Olsen, lhp, Marlins
39. Erick Aybar, ss, Angels
40. Conor Jackson, of, Diamondbacks
41. Michael Aubrey, 1b, Indians
42. Ryan Sweeney, of, White Sox
43. Dan Meyer, lhp, Athletics
44. Brian McCann, c, Braves
45. Josh Barfield, 2b, Padres
"46. Yusmeiro Petit, rhp, Mets
47. Anthony Reyes, rhp, Cardinals
48. Homer Bailey, rhp, Reds
49. Brandon McCarthy, rhp, White Sox
50. Philip Humber, rhp, Mets
51. Shin-Soo Choo, of, Mariners
52. Thomas Diamond, rhp, Rangers
53. Kyle Davies, rhp, Braves
54. Franklin Gutierrez, of, Indians
55. Mark Rogers, rhp, Brewers
56. Edwin Encarnacion, 3b, Reds
57. Curtis Granderson, of, Tigers
58. Merkin Valdez, rhp, Giants
59. John Danks, lhp, Rangers
60. Chris Burke, 2b, Astros
61. Sergio Santos, ss, Diamondbacks
62. James Loney, 1b, Dodgers
63. Jesse Crain, rhp, Twins
64. Aaron Hill, ss, Blue Jays
65. Nick Markakis, of, Orioles
66. Ryan Harvey, of, Cubs
67. Jeff Mathis, c, Angels
68. Javier Herrera, of, Athletics
69. Brandon League, rhp, Blue Jays
70. J.D. Durbin, rhp, Twins
71. Cole Hamels, lhp, Phillies
72. Brandon Moss, of, Red Sox
73. Clint Nageotte, rhp, Mariners
74. Andy LaRoche, 3b, Dodgers
75. Billy Butler, 3b, Royals
76. Kendry Morales, of, Angels
77. Joaquin Arias, ss, Rangers
78. Fred Lewis, of, Giants
79. Guillermo Quiroz, c, Blue Jays
80. Ezequiel Astacio, rhp, Astros
81. Neil Walker, c, Pirates
82. Ubaldo Jimenez, rhp, Rockies
83. Brandon Wood, ss, Angels
84. Brad Snyder, of, Indians
85. Mark Teahen, 3b, Royals
86. Kyle Sleeth, rhp, Tigers
87. Joey Gathright, of, Devil Rays
88. Angel Guzman, rhp, Cubs
89. Russell Martin, c, Dodgers
90. Jeremy Sowers, lhp, Indians
91. Jon Papelbon, rhp, Red Sox
92. Jake Stevens, lhp, Braves
93. Richie Gardner, rhp, Reds
94. Hayden Penn, rhp, Orioles
95. Josh Fields, 3b, White Sox
96. Tadahito Iguchi, 2b, White Sox
97. Huston Street, rhp, Athletics
98. Ian Kinsler, ss, Rangers
99. Anthony Lerew, rhp, Braves
100. Greg Miller, lhp, Dodgers

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