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Draft '99 WISCONSIN ****

1. Jack Taschner, lhp, U. of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
2. Chad Kopitzke, c, U. of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
3. Ryan Warpinski, rhp, Denmark HS, Maribel

The Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference was one of two Division III leagues that used wood bats in all its games this season. The results were dramatic for the nation's top team, Wisconsin-Oshkosh, which posted a 1.01 ERA on its way to a 31-1 record. The school's pitching staff is so dominant that 6-foot-3, 195-pound LHP Jack Taschner, the state's top pro prospect, is only the No. 3 starter in the rotation. Taschner has kept his record intact of never losing a collegiate game. Of more importance to scouts, he has a fresh arm. He was an outfielder in high school and has thrown little more than 100 innings in his collegiate career. Mechanically, he compares to Jarrod Washburn, a second-round pick out of the same school in 1995, but is further ahead because he has a better breaking ball. Taschner's fastball touches 92 mph; he often struggles with command . . . C Casey Kopitzke is one of the best defensive catchers in the country. His hitting, previously a concern, came a long way this spring as he hit .390. He also had eight home runs while using a wood bat . . . Six-foot-3, 215-pound RHP Ryan Warpinski, by far the most successful high school player in Wisconsin over the course of his career (25-1, 0.61 ERA, 322 SO in 162 IP), was bothered by a sore elbow this spring. His 92-mph fastball is particularly dominating against local competition. He doesn't know how to throw a breaking ball yet. If healthy, Warpinski would likely be a 10th- to 12th-round pick.

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