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(Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Washington, D.C.)

1. *Seth McClung, rhp, Greenbrier East HS, Lewisburg, W.Va.
2. *Jim Barrett, rhp, Fort Hill HS, Cumberland, Md.
3. Josh Cenate, lhp, Jefferson HS, Shenandoah Junction, W.Va.
4. Kevin Mench, of, U. of Delaware

5. Ryan Childs, rhp, Damascus HS, Gaithersburg, Md.

It's rare for Delaware or West Virginia to have any players drafted in the first 10 rounds, but this is an exceptional year for frontline talent in the region. West Virginia has two potential first-rounders. Maryland has another. And while Delaware's top pick projects a little later, it has a possible first-rounder on the horizon in 2000 . . . Six-foot-6, 240-pound RHP Seth McClung is one of the most powerful players in the draft. He holds his high school's career and season home run and strikeout records and is a delight for scouts who rely on radar-gun readings. His fastball routinely hits 95 mph. McClung goes out and throws it hard with little finesse. He has little feel for the finer points of pitching. The Orioles are a prime candidate to pick him with one of their extra picks in the first and sandwich rounds. McClung has played on the Oriolander youth teams the Orioles sponsor each year . . . Six-foot-4 LHP Josh Cenate is much more polished than McClung but doesn't throw as hard. He can finesse hitters with three solid pitches, including a fastball in the 88-92-mph range, and command of each. His curve, in particular, has gotten better this spring . . . RHP Jimmy Barrett came out of nowhere this spring to become Maryland's best prospect. He has outstanding raw arm strength that belies his 6-foot, 190-pound build. He was clocked consistently at 93-94 mph in the latter half of the season. Barrett has little now other than his fastball, but he is a solid projection. He dabbles with other pitches and should have a full repertoire once he makes mechanical adjustments. He should be a relatively easy sign . . . RHP Ryan Childs entered the season as Maryland's best prospect and is much more refined. He throws three pitches for strikes and was chosen to play for the U.S. junior team that went to Venezuela in April. His next destination may be Clemson if it doesn't work out for him in the draft . . . RHP Randy Truselo should become Delaware's best high school draft pick since Delino DeShields a dozen years ago, but that won't be until next year. This year, that honor will go to OF Kevin Mench, the leading home run hitter in college baseball a year ago with 33. He got off to a slow start with a lot of scouts in attendance and didn't come close to matching that total this year, which may have cost him some bonus money. Mench's best upside tool is power. He swats balls in the same manner as Jeff Bagwell. He has no real weaknesses and is a good baserunner, but not a basestealer. He has solid-average left-field skills with an average arm and good ball-hawking skills.

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