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More Draft Information Than You Ever Imagined Possible

You've been clamoring for it, and now it's here.

Draft Deluxe, our exclusive, comprehensive coverage of the amateur draft, is now available. For those of you who are already familiar with the package and just want to order, here's what you need to know:

Call our customer-service department at 800-845-2726 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time. They'll take your credit-card order and your e-mail address. We will assign you a user name and a password and e-mail it to you as soon as your order is processed. Then you'll have access to all the draft information we have.

If you're a longtime Baseball America reader, you've come to depend on us to provide timely, reliable information on baseball's up-and-coming players. If you've just discovered BA, we hope you'll find that out soon.

Nowhere is our leadership more apparent than in our coverage of the draft. Baseball America has brought an unprecedented level of attention to the draft, and our coverage is the best of any draft in any sport.

Since our editor and founder, Allan Simpson, started Baseball America in 1981, the draft has been a passion of his and the magazine's. Our annual Draft Preview issue is the best place to get the lowdown on the top draft prospects. It provides scouting information on hundreds of players, and it's read by everyone who cares about the draft, from fans to those who work in the game.

What's even more amazing is that we compile much more information than we can ever put into the issue. Now through Baseball America Online, we're able to make that information available to you in our Draft Deluxe package, available at a special introductory price of $25.

Do you like our region-by-region ratings? Draft Deluxe will give you even more, more than twice as many players in some cases. We’ll also provide expanded profiles and more scouting information for the top draft prospects. Enjoy our Draft Notebook? Draft Deluxe will feature more notes on more players in more places, with frequent updates. You'll also get much more information on the history of the draft, on bonuses and on what each team's plans are for the draft, among many other topics.

Even better, you'll have instant access to the information. As soon as we have information, it will be on the Website. And we'll be adding to it daily as the draft approaches.

And the great coverage will continue on draft day and beyond, as we give you a fast, accurate breakdown of the picks, round by round. We'll also talk about the big surprises of the draft and give our opinions on how each team did. Then we'll follow all the important signings.

You know how important the draft is. You also know how valuable the information provided by Baseball America is. Now you can get more of it than ever before. For just $25 per subscriber, we think you'll agree that it's money well spent.

The print edition of the Draft Preview will still have everything you've come to expect, and we have plenty of information on the Website available without charge. But for baseball professionals, families that might have a son who will get drafted this year, or avid draft followers, Draft Deluxe is an essential addition, available only at Baseball America Online.

So start enjoying our draft coverage, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. And thanks for your continued support of Baseball America and Baseball America Online.

Will Lingo
Managing Editor

If you have a question or comment on the Draft Deluxe package, send e-mail to

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