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2004 Top 100 Prospects

February 27, 2004

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Baseball America's 15th annual Top 100 Prospects list reflects each player's long-term major league value, considering both his ceiling and the likelihood that he reaches that potential. All players who haven't exceeded the rookie limits of 130 at-bats and 50 innings were eligible, regardless of big league service time. Editor in chief Allan Simpson, managing editor Will Lingo, executive editor Jim Callis, national writer John Manuel and former national writer Josh Boyd (now an area scout with the Padres) compiled the top 100 in consultation with general managers, scouting directors, farm directors, scouts, managers, instructors and other Baseball America correspondents and staff members. Executive Editor Jim Callis wrote the summaries. ETA is our estimate of when the player will become a big league regular.

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1. Joe Mauer c, Twins

Memo to Drew Henson: This is what can happen when a two-sport star sticks to baseball from the beginning. ETA: 2004

Joe Mauer
Minnesota catcher Joe Mauer boasts a career minor league average of .330

2. B.J. Upton ss, Devil Rays

Think Kevin McClatchy would still want the Pirates to take a college player with the No. 1 pick in 2002? ETA: 2004

3. Delmon Young of, Devil Rays

In his first taste of pro ball, he went straight to the Arizona Fall League and batted .417. ETA: 2006

4. Edwin Jackson rhp, Dodgers

Beat Randy Johnson 4-1 in his big league debut. On his 20th birthday. ETA: 2004

Rickie Weeks
No. 5: Rickie Weeks

5. Rickie Weeks 2b, Brewers

Set an NCAA record with a career .473 batting average, then hit .329 in his pro debut and .319 in the AFL. ETA: 2005

6. Alexis Rios of, Blue Jays

His power explosion in the Puerto Rican League was his latest step in becoming the next Dave Winfield. ETA: 2005

7. Kazuo Matsui ss, Mets

Won't be the 30-30 guy he was in Japan, but should be one of the best shortstops in the National League. ETA: 2004

8. Greg Miller lhp, Dodgers

His stock has soared along with his velocity, which went from the mid-80s in early 2002 to the low 90s last year. ETA: 2005

9. Grady Sizemore of, Indians

Like Mauer, wisely made the decision to give up football and became one of baseball's most promising talents. ETA: 2005

Prince Fielder
No. 10: Prince Fielder

10. Prince Fielder 1b, Brewers

Won't win any beauty contests, but he has more power than any player in the minors and could eclipse his dad. ETA: 2005

11. Andy Marte 3b, Braves

Following the Miguel Cabrera path—and Marte is more advanced at the same stage of his career. ETA: 2005

12. Scott Kazmir lhp, Mets

With two plus-plus pitches (fastball, slider), he has averaged 12.7 strikeouts per nine innings as a pro. ETA: 2005

13. Adam Loewen lhp, Orioles

Highest-drafted Canadian ever (fourth overall) also set a record for largest draft-and-follow bonus ($3.2 million). ETA: 2006

Zach Greinke
No. 14: Zack Greinke

14. Zack Greinke rhp, Royals

Sign of impeccable control: More years (age 19) than walks (18 in 140 innings). ETA: 2004

15. Casey Kotchman 1b, Angels

Just needs to avoid injuries, as he has more extra-base hits (64) than strikeouts (58) in his career. ETA: 2005

16. Justin Morneau 1b, Twins

Has more power than anyone in the Minnesota lineup and just needs a spot in the lineup. ETA: 2004

17. Cole Hamels lhp, Phillies

Worries about his broken arm in high school have abated after he was untouchable in his pro debut. ETA: 2006

18. Dustin McGowan rhp, Blue Jays

Toronto scores with first-rounders as well as any club. See also: Alexis Rios, Gabe Gross, Aaron Hill. ETA: 2004

19. J.J. Hardy ss, Brewers

Within a year or two, Hardy and Rickie Weeks will form one of the game's best double-play combos. ETA: 2004

Josh Barfield
No. 20: Josh Barfield

20. Josh Barfield 2b, Padres

Speaking of double-play pairings, Barfield and Khalil Greene have a bright future in San Diego. ETA: 2005

21. David Wright 3b, Mets

Surprisingly for a New York prospect, the hype hasn't caught up to his talent yet. ETA: 2005

22. Jeff Mathis c, Angels

Should start to escape from Joe Mauer's shadow when he reaches the majors this year. ETA: 2004

23. Gavin Floyd rhp, Phillies

Has the best pure stuff in the organization, including Cole Hamels and the big league staff. ETA: 2005

24. Chin-Hui Tsao rhp, Rockies

After his complete comeback from Tommy John surgery, the only thing not to like is his home ballpark. ETA: 2004

25. Jeremy Reed of, White Sox

Now we know it wasn't a fluke when he outhit Rickie Weeks and Michael Aubrey with Team USA in 2001. ETA: 2004

1-25     26-50     51-75     76-100     Breakdown

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