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Top 100 Unsigned Picks (2001 Draft)

The following players were selected in the 2001 draft and elected to attend junior college or did not attend school at all. They remain under control of the team that drafted them. Teams have until May 28--one week before this year's draft--to sign the players, or they go back into this year's player pool. The list includes righthander Matt Harrington, a first-round draft pick of the Rockies in 2000 who went unsigned and was drafted by the Padres last year.

The following are the 100 highest unsigned draft-and-follows from 2001 and the college they attended:



Club. Player, Pos.


Padres. Matt Harrington, rhp, St. Paul (Northern)

no school



Reds. Jose Rodriguez, c, HS--Downey, Calif.

Cypress (Calif.) JC



Giants. T.J. Large, rhp, HS--Seminole, Fla.

Chipola (Fla.) JC

11th ROUND


Devil Rays. Mark Worrell, rhp, HS--Boynton Beach, Fla.

Indian River (Fla.) CC

Expos. Kyle Pawelczyk, lhp, Chipola (Fla.) JC

Chipola JC

12th ROUND


Reds. Craig Bartosh, of, HS--Duncanville, Texas

Grayson County (Texas) CC

14th ROUND


Twins. Ryan Anderson, lhp, HS--Tampa

St. Petersburg (Fla.) CC

White Sox. Matt Mitchell, rhp, JC of Lake County (Ill.)

JC of Lake County

Giants. Jeff Timmons, c, HS--Hollywood, Fla.

Manatee (Fla.) CC

15th ROUND


Brewers. Tim Dillard, c, HS--Saltillo, Miss.

Itawamba (Miss.) CC

Angels. Micah Posey, rhp, HS--Tallahassee, Fla.

Tallahassee CC

Padres. Carlos Fisher, of, HS--Duarte, Calif.

Citrus (Calif.) JC

Blue Jays. Nick Thomas, rhp, HS--Elk Grove, Calif.

Sacamento CC

Mariners. Chris Colton, of, HS--Newnan, Ga.

Middle Georgia JC

16th ROUND


Twins. Brian Stitt, rhp, HS--Wellington, Fla.

Indian River (Fla.) CC

Indians. Sean Smith, rhp, HS--Pleasant Hill, Calif.

Sacramento CC

Yankees. Nic Touchstone, lhp, Okaloosa-Walton (Fla.) JC

Okaloosa-Walton JC

17th ROUND


Brewers. Justin Wilson, lhp, HS--Chandler, Ariz.

Chandler-Gilbert (Ariz.) CC

Angels. Mike Galloway, lhp, HS--Allen, Texas

Grayson County (Texas) CC

Yankees. Quinton Robertson, rhp, Texarkana (Texas) JC

Texarkana JC

Braves. Anthony Mandel, rhp, HS--Pensacola, Fla.

Chipola (Fla.) JC

White Sox. Jason McCurdy, lhp, HS--Miami

Broward (Fla.) CC

18th ROUND


Orioles. Trevor Caughey, lhp, HS--San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Cuesta (Calif.) JC

Yankees. Josh Smith, rhp, Navarro (Texas) JC

Navarro JC

Mets. Justin Barnes, ss, HS--Merritt Island, Fla.

Manatee (Fla.) CC

Giants. Dayton Buller, c, Fresno CC

Fresno CC

19th ROUND


Devil Rays. Jason Hammel, rhp, Treasure Valley (Ore.) CC

Treasure Valley CC

Rangers. Craig Frydendall, lhp, Cowley County (Kan.) CC

Cowley County CC

Yankees. Mike McGowan, rhp, HS--Carrollton, Texas

Navarro (Texas) JC

Dodgers. John Urick, 1b, Cowley County (Kan.) CC

Cowley County CC

20th ROUND


Red Sox. Devoris Williams, ss, HS--Greensboro, Ala.

Lurleen B. Wallace (Ala.) JC

Yankees. Jason McMillan, lhp, HS--Carpentersville, Ill.

Elgin (Ill.) JC

21st ROUND


Phillies. Julian Williams, of, HS--Upland, Calif.

Long Beach (Calif.) CC

Expos. Tim Wood, rhp, HS--Tucson

Pima (Ariz.) CC

Astros. Jeff Derrickson, c, HS--Lexington, Ky.

Odessa (Texas) JC

Marlins. Dane Mason, rhp, HS--Marlton, N.J.

Grayson County (Texas) CC

Rockies. Roberto Martinez, rhp, HS--Brandon, Fla.

St. Petersburg (Fla.) JC

Reds. John Palmer, rhp, Georgia Perimeter JC

Georgia Perimeter JC

Dodgers. Jereme Milons, of, HS--Starkville, Miss.

Jefferson Davis (Ala.) CC

White Sox. Louis Palmisano, c, HS--Fort Lauderdale

Broward (Fla.) CC

22nd ROUND


Expos. Arlandus Brown, of, Copiah-Lincoln (Miss.) JC

Copiah-Lincoln JC

Pirates. John Koch, rhp, HS--Berrien Springs, Mich.

Lake City (Fla.) CC

Angels. Brock Keffer, rhp, HS--LaSalle, Ill.

Illinois Valley JC

Padres. Drew Macias, of, HS--Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

Chaffey (Calif.) JC

Mariners. Ladd Hall, rhp, HS--Hereford, Ariz.

Eastern Arizona JC

23rd ROUND


Rangers. Scott Beerer, rhp, Orange Coast (Calif.) JC

Orange Coast JC

Expos. Ja'mar Clanton, ss, Triton (Ill.) JC

Triton JC

Royals. Jermaine Johnson, of, HS--Glynn, Ga.

Lake City (Fla.) CC

Astros. Matt Albers, rhp, HS--Sugar Land, Texas

San Jacinto (Texas) JC

Angels. Mitch Arnold, rhp, New Mexico JC

Modesto (Calif.) JC

Padres. Kyle Cullinan, 3b, HS--Fullerton, Calif.

Cypress (Calif.) JC

Mariners. Aaron Braithwaite, of, HS--Miami

Indian River (Fla.) CC

24th ROUND


Rangers. Richie Gardner, rhp, Santa Rosa (Calif.) JC

Santa Rosa JC

Expos. Jimmy Treece, rhp, HS--Riverside, Calif.

Orange Coast (Calif.) JC

Pirates. Marcus Davila, rhp, Tallahassee (Fla.) CC

Tallahassee CC

Angels. William Robbins, rhp, HS--Sharon, S.C.

Spartanbug-Methodist JC

Red Sox. Jason Ramos, ss, HS--Miami

St. Petersburg JC

Dodgers. Ryan Lennerton, lhp, HS--Langley, B.C.

Eastern Oklahoma State CC

Giants. T.J. Healey, rhp, HS--Fort Lauderdale

Manatee (Fla.) CC

25th ROUND


Devil Rays. Daron Roberts, c, HS--Portland, Ore.

Orange Coast (Calif.) JC

Rangers. Ryan Rote, rhp, HS--Delafield, Wis.

Kishwaukee (Ill.) JC

Expos. Zach Lerch, rhp, HS--Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Muscatine (Iowa) CC

Pirates. Robert Coomer, rhp, John A. Logan (Ill.) JC

John A. Logan JC

D'backs. Chase Bassham, lhp, HS--Benbrook, Texas

Grayson County (Texas) CC

Dodgers. Garrett Murdy, rhp, HS--Laguna Hills, Calif.

Orange Coast (Calif.) JC

Mets. Nathaniel Craft, lhp, HS--Palm Harbor, Fla.

Manatee (Fla.) JC

26th ROUND


Twins. John Herrera, rhp, HS--Redlands, Calif.

Arizona Western JC

Devil Rays. John Asanovich, 2b, HS--Gold Canyon, Ariz.

Central Arizona JC

Rangers. Dustin Scheffel, lhp, Sacramento CC

Sacramento CC

Orioles. Brent Burger, rhp, HS--Paso Robles, Calif.

Cuesta (Calif.) JC

Brewers. Manuel Parra, lhp, American River (Calif.) JC

American River JC

Yankees. Andrew Marcus, rhp, Tyler (Texas) JC

Tyler JC

Reds. Will Crouch, 1b, HS--Austin, Texas

San Jacinto (Texas) JC

Braves. Alex Trommelen, rhp, HS--Pace, Fla.

Pensacola (Fla.) JC

Giants. Bobby Wilson, c, HS--Seminole, Fla.

St. Petersburg JC

27th ROUND


Twins. Justin Elliott, c, HS--Lakeland, Fla.

South Florida CC

Cubs. Chad Farr, lhp, HS--Memphis

Chipola (Fla.) JC

Rangers. Tim Lloyd, of, HS--Memphis

Northwest Mississippi CC

Expos. Daniel Smith, rhp, Sacramento CC

Sacramento CC

Orioles. Antoan Richardson, of, HS--Delray Beach, Fla.

Palm Beach (Fla.) CC

Royals. Derrik Lytle, of, Mesa (Ariz.) CC

Mesa CC

Astros. Henry Colbert, rhp, Columbia Basin (Wash.) CC

Columbia Basin CC

Angels. Kelly Sisco, lhp, Connors State (Okla.) JC

Connors State JC

Padres. Elliot Singletary, 2b, HS--North Fort Myers, Fla.

South Florida CC

Blue Jays. Adam Daniels, lhp, HS--North Vancouver, B.C.

Capilano (B.C.) College

Indians. Josh Lex, c, Sacramento CC

Sacramento CC

Yankees. Jeffrey Tuttle, of, Cypress (Calif.) JC

Cypress JC

Dodgers. Eric Hutcheson, lhp, HS--Lockhart, Ala.

Jefferson Davis (Ala.) CC

White Sox. Tom Collaro, of, HS--Sunrise, Fla.

Palm Beach (Fla.) JC

28th ROUND


Cubs. Tony Sipp, lhp, HS--Moss Point, Miss.

Okaloosa-Walton (Fla.) JC

Devil Rays. Mumba Rivera, rhp, Marshalltown (Iowa) CC

Marshalltown CC

Expos. Michael Richardson, rhp, HS--Richland, Wash.

Columbia Basin (Wash.) CC

Orioles. Adam Dunavant, lhp, HS--Disputania, Va.

Chipola (Fla.) JC

Royals. Lucas Palmer, rhp, HS--Baker City, Ore.

Columbia Basin (Wash.) CC

Padres. Michael Watson, lhp, Midland (Texas) JC

Midland JC

Blue Jays. Joel Kirsten, lhp, Los Angeles Pierce JC

Los Angeles Pierce JC

Marlins. Jonathan Hunton, rhp, HS--North Plainfield, N.J.

Miami-Dade CC

Reds. Brian Martin, lhp, HS--Texas City, Texas

San Jacinto (Texas) JC

Indians. Brandon Harmsen, rhp, Grand Rapids (Mich.) JC

Grand Rapids JC

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