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Top 100 Prospects

Compiled by Allan Simpson and Jim Callis.

Baseball America's top 100 list identifies the top draft-eligible prospects in the country. It is not intended to represent the actual order in which players will be selected.

1. B.J. Upton, ss Video Clip

2. Scott Kazmir, lhp Video Clip

3. Bryan Bullington, rhp

4. Adam Loewen, lhp

5. Jason Neighborgall, rhp

6. Bobby Brownlie, rhp

7. Chris Gruler, rhp Video Clip

8. John Mayberry Jr., 1b Video Clip

9. Cole Hamels, lhp

10. Zack Greinke, rhp Video Clip

11. Jeremy Guthrie, rhp

12. Scott Moore, ss Video Clip

13. Jeremy Hermida, of

14. Jeff Baker, 3b

15. Jeff Francis, lhp

16. Clint Everts, rhp-ss Video Clip

17. Joe Saunders, lhp

18. Joseph Blanton, rhp

19. Russ Adams, ss-2b

20. Denard Span, of Video Clip

21. Matt Whitney, 3b

22. Jeff Francoeur, of

23. Mark McCormick, rhp Video Clip

24. Prince Fielder, 1b Video Clip

25. Luke Hagerty, lhp

26. Royce Ring, lhp

27. Drew Meyer, ss

28. Sergio Santos, ss Video Clip

29. Kevin Jepsen, rhp

30. Darrell Rasner, rhp

31. Anthony Reyes, rhp

32. Jon Lester, lhp

33. Brent Clevlen, of

34. Nick Swisher, 1b-of

35. Khalil Greene, ss

36. Brian Dopirak, 1b Video Clip

37. Dave Bush, rhp

38. Matt Cain, rhp

39. Jeff Clement, c Video Clip

40. Brian Slocum, rhp

41. Blair Johnson, rhp

42. Micah Owings, rhp Video Clip

43. Brian McCann, c Video Clip

44. Adam Donachie, c Video Clip

45. John McCurdy, ss

46. James Loney, lhp

47. Greg Miller, lhp

48. Derick Grigsby, rhp

49. Eric Thomas, rhp

50. Micah Schilling, 2b Video Clip

51. Wardell Starling, rhp-of Video Clip

52. Zach Hammes, rhp Video Clip

53. Ben Fritz, rhp-c

54. Zach Segovia, rhp

55. Jason Pridie, of

56. Jake Blalock, ss

57. Travis Ishikawa, 1b-of

58. Nick Bourgeois, lhp

59. Trevor Hutchinson, rhp

60. Mike Esposito, rhp

61. Steve Doetsch, of

62. Jonathan Broxton, rhp Video Clip

63. Michael Johnson, 1b

64. Tyler Parker, c

65. Robbie Sovie, of

66. Bill Murphy, lhp

67. Rich Hill, lhp

68. Jason Cooper, of

69. Romelio Lopez, rhp

70. Chris Snyder, c

71. Brandon Weeden, rhp Video Clip

72. Steven White, rhp

73. Chadd Blasko, rhp

74. Kris Harvey, rhp

75. Justin Jones, lhp

76. Christian Madson, rhp Video Clip

77. Taber Lee, ss

78. Mark Romanczuk, lhp Video Clip

79. Larry Broadway, 1b

80. Jesse Crain, rhp

81. Matt Farnum, rhp

82. Rory Shortell, rhp

83. Dan Meyer, lhp

84. Cory Shafer, 1b Video Clip

85. Jesse English, lhp

86. Xavier Arroyo, of

87. Sean White, rhp

88. Curtis Granderson, of

89. Brandon Jones, 3b-of

90. Alex Hart, rhp

91. Brett Nyquist, lhp

92. Forrest Beverly, lhp

93. Aaron Coonrod, rhp

94. Tom Wilhelmsen, rhp Video Clip

95. Clay Dirks, lhp

96. Elijah Dukes, of Video Clip

97. Justin Maureau, lhp

98. O.J. King, rhp

99. Charlie Morton, rhp

100. David Jensen, 1b

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