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David Espinosa, ss
Gulliver Prep; Miami

Photo: Rick Battle

His stock has remained high all spring, especially after he put on a great show for West Coast scouts in April as Gulliver Prep won the National Classic, the nation's elite high school tournament. His intangibles set him apart from most players. He plays with unrivaled enthusiasm for the game, has uncanny instincts and understands his role on a team to precision. An accomplished offensive player, he switch-hits, bats leadoff and has excellent speed (6.5 in the 60) with no fear on the bases. Some scouts wonder about his potential with the bat and whether he has the arm or hands to be a true shortstop. Conventional wisdom is that he'll eventually move to second base or even center field. He was on the Marlins' short list for the No. 1 pick less than two weeks before the draft and would be a popular hometown choice.

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