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Round-by-Round Selections
Bold indicates players signed
1. Chris Smith, lhp, Cumberland (Tenn.) U.
1. Mike Fontenot, 2b, Louisiana State U. (Choice from Yankees‹19th‹as compensation for Type A free agent Mike Mussina).
1. Bryan Bass, ss, Seminole (Fla.) HS (Supplemental pick‹31st‹for loss of Mussina).
2. (Choice to Indians as compensation for Type A free agent David Segui).
3. Dave Crouthers, rhp, Southern Illinois U.-Edwardsville
4. Rommie Lewis, lhp, Newport HS, Bellevue, Wash.
5. James Johnson, rhp, Endicott-Union HS, Endicott, N.Y.
6. Eli Whiteside, c, Delta State (Miss.) U.
7. Joe Coppinger, rhp, Seminole State (Okla.) JC
8. Chris Britton, rhp, Plantation (Fla.) HS
9. Dustin Yount, 1b, Chaparral HS, Phoenix
10. Woody Cliffords, of, Pepperdine U.
11. John Hardy, ss, Centennial HS, Boise, Idaho
12. T.W.Mincey, lhp, The Citadel
13. Richard Salazar, lhp, Miami-Dade CC
14. Cory Keylor, of, Ohio U.
15. Corey Morris, rhp, Dallas Baptist U.
16. Brad Edwards, lhp, Indiana U.
17. James Tiller, rhp, Elysian Field (Texas) HS
18. Trevor Caughey, lhp, San Luis Obispo (Calif.) HS
19. Adam Thomas, of, Abilene Christian U.
20. Andrew Perkins, lhp, Cal Poly Pomona
21. Dustin Hahn, of, Galena HS, Reno, Nev.
22. Adam Larson, rhp, Mississippi State U.
23. Josh Potter, rhp, Philipsburg Osceola HS, Philipsburg, Pa.
24.Adam Manley, 1b, Missouri Valley College
25. Richard Hackett, of, U. of the Pacific
26. Brent Burger, rhp, Paso Robles (Calif.) HS
27. Antoan Richardson, of, American Heritage School, Delray Beach, Fla.
28. Adam Dunavant, lhp, Prince George HS, Disputania, Va.
29. Kyle Schmidt, rhp, Dunedin (Fla.) HS
30. Coby Mavroulis, of, Cooper HS, Abilene, Texas
31. Evan Seibly, lhp, Moorpark (Calif.) HS
32. Lorenzo Mack, of, Larue County HS, Hodgenville, Ky.
33. Daniel Hanna, c, Eastern Arizona JC
34. Michael Coles, of, Hammond (Ind.) HS
35. Joshua Wilkening, rhp, Green River (Wash.) CC
36. Jeff Montani, rhp, SUNY Binghamton
37. Dwayne Carter, rhp, East Bakersfield (Calif.) HS
38. Sean Letsinger, rhp, Glen Oaks (Mich.) CC
39. Jesse Saunders, lhp, Eastside Catholic HS, Seattle
40. Michael Done, 3b, U. of Washington
41. Eric Blevins, rhp, Sullivan East HS, Bluff City, Tenn.
42. Josh Palm, rhp, Conneaut Lake (Pa.) HS
43. Justin Maxwell, of, Sherwood HS, Olney, Md.
44. Doug Brubaker, rhp, Hill (Texas) JC
45. Tabor Woolard, rhp, Antonian HS, San Antonio, Texas
46. Jonathon Fowler, lhp, Kirk Academy, Grenada, Miss.
47. Anthony Cupps, rhp, University Christian HS, Madison, Miss.
48. Bryan Johnson, lhp, Selah (Wash.) HS
49. Oscar Serrato, rhp, Riverside (Calif.) CC

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