How Much They Spent

Bonus totals for each team's top 10 picks

Here's a list of how much each team spent on signing bonuses for its players selected in the top 10 rounds. Now this is not a complete list of each team's signing budget—later we'll add the numbers for players selected after the first 10 rounds, but this is a pretty good illustration of how much each team spent in the draft this year.

(ROUNDS 1-10)
Kansas City Royals $10,165,000
Tampa Bay Rays $9,357,000
Boston Red Sox $8,990,000
San Francisco Giants $8,703,000
Pittsburgh Pirates $8,256,000
Milwaukee Brewers $7,408,500
Texas Rangers $6,992,300
Minnesota Twins $6,708,000
Baltimore Orioles $6,077,000
Houston Astros $5,892,000
Philadelphia Phillies $5,851,000
New York Mets $5,778,500
Oakland Athletics $5,473,000
San Diego Padres $5,064,000
St. Louis Cardinals $4,893,000
Cleveland Indians $4,662,000
Florida Marlins $4,653,000
Chicago Cubs $4,587,000
Atlanta Braves $4,371,000
Chicago White Sox $4,362,500
Arizona Diamondbacks $4,058,000
Los Angeles Dodgers $3,828,500
Toronto Blue Jays $3,589,500
New York Yankees $3,473,000
Cincinnati Reds $3,310,000
Detroit Tigers $3,284,500
Washington Nationals $3,001,000
Colorado Rockies $2,998,000
Seattle Mariners $1,769,000
Los Angeles Angels $1,743,000