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Giants Draft Report

By Jeff Fletcher
June 4, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO--Sticking with the idea that you can never have too much pitching, the Giants on Tuesday drafted a pitcher with their top pick in the draft for the seventh time in the past eight years.

This time it was Matthew Cain, a righthander from Houston HS in Germantown, Tenn.

"This kid is only 17 and already throwng up to 95," said farm director Dick Tidrow. "We felt he was the best guy for us to take to develop and would project as a power starter."

Cain went 7-3, 1.02 this season, striking out 83 batters and walking 23 in 62 innings.

Tidrow was particularly impressed that Cain got better as the year went on, improving his command with his fastball and getting a sharper curve ball.

Tidrow said Cain is already more polished than the last high school pitcher the Giants took in the first round, Boof Bonser. Bonser, picked in 2000, had an outstanding year in 2001, but this year he's struggling while he tries to learn a slider.

By contrast, Tidrow said, Cain has it all.

"I don't think Cain needs to add anything," Tidrow said. "He just needs to be healthy for two or three years and grow into his body. I expect him to get a little taller and a little stronger. I think a normal progression with his kind of stuff, he'll be moving through the system rapidly."

Cain has a scholarship to Memphis, but Tidrow doesn't expect a problem signing him.

"We thought that if we picked him in the right spot and treated him right that he would sign," Tidrow said.

After Cain, the Giants somewhat diverted from their normal policy of loading up on pitching.

In the second and third rounds, the Giants took outfielder Fred Lewis from Southern University and outfielder Daniel Ortmeier from Texas-Arlington.

Lewis is a speedy center fielder and Ortmeier, a power-hitting corner outfielder, Tidrow said.

"We didn't think we could pass on those guys," Tidrow said. "They were just too good sitting there in those positions. We went and took those two gentelemen instead of going our normal way drafting as much pitching as we can."

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