Players signed indicated in Bold

Round Overall Team Player Position State Bonus
33 1026 Texas Rangers Ryan Burr RHP Colo.
Burr has been on the prospect scene for a while, which often leads to players being nitpicked to death by scouts. In the summer, Burr was in the 91-94 mph range and there were reports of him touching even higher. He has an ideal pitcher's frame at 6-foot-4 and 215 pounds, still has a baby face and turns 18 just a few days before the draft. He settled into the 89-92 mph range this spring and mixed in a mid-70s curveball and low-80s changeup. Burr's delivery raises some eyebrows with scouts. He has a long arm action in the back with a big stab and a bit of a wrist wrap. He also tends to land on his heel and both factors make it difficult for Burr to throw strikes and show consistency with his secondary offerings. Those factors, in addition to his commitment to Arizona State, likely mean Burr will end up heading to college.
38 1178 Philadelphia Phillies Geordy Smith 1B Colo.