Players signed indicated in Bold

Pick Overall Team Player Position School State Bonus
1 1502 Pittsburgh Pirates Zech Lemond RHP Waltrip HS, Houston Texas
2 1503 Seattle Mariners Esteban Tresgallo 1B Colegio Marista de Guaynabo (P.R.) P.R.
3 1504 Arizona Diamondbacks David Masters SS Timberland HS, Wentzville, Mo. Mo.
4 1505 Baltimore Orioles Brendan Butler OF Carroll School, Bel Air, Md. Md.
5 1506 Kansas City Royals Kash Kalkowski 3B Nebraska Neb.
6 1507 Washington Nationals Tony Nix OF UC Riverside Calif.
Nix signed for a $1,000 bonus on June 11, but the contract was later voided.
7 1508 Cleveland Indians Tyler Baker C Shawnee Heights HS, Tecumseh, Kan. Kan.
8 1509 Chicago Cubs Cody Edwards RHP Bellevue (Wash.) JC Wash.
9 1510 Houston Astros Colton Davis OF Lake Wales (Fla.) HS Fla.
10 1511 Milwaukee Brewers Matt Franco OF St. Thomas Aquinas HS, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Fla.
11 1512 New York Mets Eddie Rohan C Winthrop S.C.
12 1513 Florida Marlins Cory Caruso LHP Cal State San Bernadino Calif.
13 1514 Los Angeles Dodgers Chris Ellis RHP Spain Park HS, Birmingham Ala.
Righthander Rocky McCord emerged as the second-best pitcher in the state behind Clay Holmes, after Chris Ellis was injured this spring. Ellis, a Mississippi recruit, has an excellent body at 6-foot-4, 190 pounds, with a funky arm action that hurts his projection, and he was never fully healthy all spring. He's headed to school.
14 1515 Los Angeles Angels Trent Garrison C Fresno State Calif.
Fresno State's biggest wild card is catcher Trent Garrison, who was one of the better catch-and-throw guys on the West Coast coming into the season, with a 70 arm on the 20-80 scouting scale. Garrison has also hit well from the left side of the plate, but tore his left ACL and MCL during the first game of the season. If healthy, Garrison could have been a first-five-rounds pick this year, and a team still may take a flyer on him later in the draft.
15 1516 Oakland Athletics Travis Pitcher RHP Cypress (Calif.) JC Calif.
16 1517 Detroit Tigers Brandon Webber OF Bishop Carroll HS, Wichita, Kan. Kan.
17 1518 Colorado Rockies Heath Holder OF Loganville (Ga.) HS Ga.
18 1519 Toronto Blue Jays Eric Brown RHP British Columbia British Columbia
19 1520 St. Louis Cardinals Tyler Sibley 2B Texas State Texas
20 1521 Chicago White Sox Jack Graham 2B Seneca Valley HS, Harmony, Pa. Pa.
21 1522 Boston Red Sox John Gorman RHP Catholic Memorial HS, West Roxbury, Mass. Mass.
22 1523 Texas Rangers K.C. Wiser RHP Linfield (Ore.) Ore.
23 1524 Cincinnati Reds Austin Robichaux RHP Notre Dame HS, Crowley, La. La.
Robichaux, 6-foot-5, 180 pounds, has a projectable frame and has bumped some low 90s fastballs but mostly sits in the upper 80s. He's the son of Louisiana-Lafayette coach Tony Robichaux, who is also the team's pitching coach and has given his son a good feel for his curveball and for his overall craft. Many scouts considered Robichaux likely to join his father's program for the next three seasons.
24 1525 Atlanta Braves Kevin McKague RHP Army N.Y.
McKague looked like a possible top-five-rounds selection at the team's scout day and early this spring, as he pumped mid-90s heat and flashed a sharp slider, but a back injury limited him to three appearances. He might get a medical redshirt and come back for a fifth season.
25 1526 San Francisco Giants Waldyvan Estrada OF International Baseball Academy, Cieba, P.R. P.R.
26 1527 Minnesota Twins Bryan Burgher RHP Emerald Ridge HS, Puyallup, Wash. Wash.
27 1528 New York Yankees Cody Stewart OF Great Oak HS, Temecula, Calif. Calif.
28 1529 Tampa Bay Rays Ian Tomkins C Abilene Christian (Texas) Texas
29 1530 Philadelphia Phillies Koyla Stephenson RHP Ocean City (N.J.) HS N.J.