Players signed indicated in Bold

Pick Overall Team Player Position School State Bonus
1 1052 Pittsburgh Pirates Reid Matthews 2B Dobyns-Bennett HS, Kingsport, Tenn. Tenn.
2 1053 Seattle Mariners Cory Scammell OF St. Francis Xavier HS, Edmonton Alberta
Outfielder Cory Scammell is a physical 6-foot-5 and 205 pounds, but he doesn't run well and his arm is just average, so all his value will lie in his bat. He has strength and shows flashes of loft power with his lefthanded swing; he just needs more experience.
3 1054 Arizona Diamondbacks Ross Gerdeman RHP Bowling Green State Ohio
Though righthanders Nick Johnson and Ross Gerdeman hit 94 mph with their fastballs this spring, neither has had consistent success in college. Gerdeman is more physical (6-foot-3, 205 pounds) and has better command.
4 1055 Baltimore Orioles Lindsey Caughel RHP Stetson Fla.
Righthander Lindsey Caughel had come back from an ankle injury that caused him to miss four starts, and he was back on the mound for the postseason. Caughel's 88-91 mph fastball and curveball earn average grades when he's at his best, and he has a pro body at 6-foot-3, 195 pounds.
5 1056 Kansas City Royals Gabriel Gray OF Hazelhurst (Miss.) HS Miss.
6 1057 Washington Nationals Alex Kreis RHP Jamestown (N.D.) N.D.
7 1058 Cleveland Indians Mason Radeke RHP Cal Poly Calif.
Righthander Mason Radeke pitched well in the Mustangs rotation this season. He's a great competitor with a four-pitch mix: a fastball in the 87-91 mph range, a curveball, cutter and changeup.
8 1059 Chicago Cubs Ian Dickson RHP Lafayette (Pa.) Pa. $100,000
9 1060 Houston Astros Chris Morales RHP Clear Creek HS, League City, Texas Texas
10 1061 Milwaukee Brewers Doug Elliot C Connecticut Conn.
Scouts have been impressed with the way senior Doug Elliott has handled UConn's pitching staff, which brought him into draft consideration. Elliott stepped into the starting job after incumbent catcher Joe Pavone tore his ACL in the preseason, and he was hitting .320/.371/.389 through 54 games. Elliott is a contact hitter with good receiving skills and an average arm.
11 1062 New York Mets Chase Bradford RHP Central Florida Fla.
12 1063 Florida Marlins Johnny Omahen RHP Cal State San Marcos Calif.
13 1064 Los Angeles Dodgers Mike Thomas LHP Rider N.J.
14 1065 Los Angeles Angels Stephen Tromblee LHP Lamar Texas
15 1066 Oakland Athletics Max Perlman RHP Harvard Mass.
16 1067 Detroit Tigers Eric Heckaman RHP Western Michigan Mich.
17 1068 Colorado Rockies Richard Pirkle C Georgia College & State Ga.
18 1069 Toronto Blue Jays Jerrick Suiter RHP Valparaiso (Ind.) HS Ind.
Righthander Jerrick Suiter's athletic prowess drew interest from college programs in multiple sports. Indiana offered him a baseball scholarship and the chance to walk on its basketball team, but he opted to sign with Texas Christian, where he'll try to make the football team as a walk-on wide receiver. The Horned Frogs may give him a chance to contribute on the diamond as a two-way player, but they and pro teams value his 6-foot-4, 215-pound frame on the mound. His speed and delivery haven't been as good as they were last summer, when he showed a 90-94 mph fastball and feel for three pitches. He has pitched more at 86-89 mph this spring, and his breaking ball and changeup (which has splitter action) haven't been as sharp. Scouts don't think pro teams can sign Suiter away from TCU, where he could blossom into a first-round pick for 2014.
19 1070 St. Louis Cardinals Drew Madrigal RHP California Baptist Calif.
20 1071 Chicago White Sox Joe Dvorsky RHP Texas State Texas
21 1072 Boston Red Sox Carlos Coste C Academia Bautista HS, San Juan, P.R. P.R.
22 1073 San Diego Padres Travis Whitmore 2B Pittsburgh Pa.
23 1074 Texas Rangers Cy Sneed RHP Twin Falls (Idaho) HS Idaho
High school righthander Cy Sneed has a tall, slender frame and has been mostly in the 86-89 mph range this spring. He just doesn't have a lot of strength yet, so he'll likely wind up at Dallas Baptist. A team that likes his arm speed and projection, however, might try to bring him in now. His older brother Zeb has been up to 95 mph this year as a sophomore at Northwest Nazarene in Idaho and should be a draft prospect next year.
24 1075 Cincinnati Reds Sam Kimmel 2B Indian River (Fla.) JC Fla.
25 1076 Atlanta Braves Mike Hashem LHP Fisher (Mass.) Mass.
26 1077 San Francisco Giants Shawn Payne OF Georgia Southern Ga.
27 1078 Minnesota Twins Phillip Chapman C Memphis Tenn.
28 1079 New York Yankees Chris McCue RHP Ardrey Kell HS, Charlotte N.C.
Chris McCue doesn't fit the mold of projectable righthander, but he still has intriguing stuff. He's just 6-foot-1, 165 pounds, so scouts wonder if his stuff will hold up over the course of a season. He sits 90-92 mph with his fastball and works in a changeup with straight sink and a sharp curveball. He's another North Carolina commitment.
29 1080 Tampa Bay Rays Johnny Magliozzi RHP Dexter HS, Brookline, Mass. Mass.
Magliozzi is a 5-foot-9 righty who sits in the low 90s and can rev his fastball up to 95 thanks to great arm speed. Magliozzi comes from an athletic family of hockey players, and scouts loud his competitive attitude on the mound, saying he pitches like a bulldog. Magliozzi drops his arm angle on his secondary stuff to help create plane on his pitches. His changeup shows good fading action and he can spin a curveball, and both might be average offerings. Magliozzi repeated his sophomore year of high school and will be a draft-eligible freshman if he attends Florida. Because of his size and stuff, Magliozzi profiles as a back-end reliever, but he'll consistently have to command the ball and prove doubters wrong throughout his career.
30 1081 Philadelphia Phillies Kyle Freeland LHP Jefferson HS, Denver Colo.