Players signed indicated in Bold

Round Overall Team Player Position State Bonus
35 1059 Milwaukee Brewers T.C. Mark C Ariz.
Scouts are divided on catcher T.C. Mark. He didn't catch consistently for his high school team this year and his arm is average, at best, but some scouts think he'll be passable behind the plate, and if he is he offers an intriguing package. One scout compared him to Brad Fullmer, another bat-first prospect who tried to make it as a catcher before he became a corner infielder. Mark has strong forearms and a good line-drive approach from the left side of the plate. He has more of an up-the-middle and opposite-field approach now, and could hit for more power if he starts lifting and pulling the ball. He'll have to tone down his swing, as he has a lot of head movement and is inconsistent. He didn't crack BA's Top 200 but could get drafted in that range because catchers--especially those who can hit--get pushed up draft boards. If he doesn't sign, Mark will head to Arizona.