Players signed indicated in Bold

Round Overall Team Player Position State Bonus
12 384 Los Angeles Angels Justin LaTempa RHP Ore.
Oregon's best draft-eligible pitcher is redshirt senior Justin LaTempa. LaTempa is a 6-foot-5, 210-pounder who will often pitch around 90-92 mph at the beginning of a game, getting to 92-94 mph in the second inning and 95-96 by the third. Scouts in California, where he went to high school and junior college, have even seen him up to 98 mph in the past. He typically sits at 91-93 mph with sink, and his cutter has turned into an 87 mph slider. His changeup shows promise in the bullpen, but he rarely uses it in games. Scouts aren't in love with his stiff arm action, but pitching coach Andrew Checketts has done a good job at smoothing his mechanics out. The biggest issues with LaTempa are his age (23) and his history of shoulder problems. Scouts see him as a reliever in pro ball.
17 523 Detroit Tigers Drew Gagnier RHP Ore.
Righthander Gagnier is a 6-foot-4, 225-pound redshirt junior with an over-the-top delivery. His brother L.J. is a prospect in the Tigers system. Some days his fastball is 92-94 mph, while on others it's 89-91. When his curveball is on, it's a real downer pitch around 80 mph that some scouts call a splitter. He was a little tough for scouts to see this year because he was strictly used as a closer and threw just 20 innings. Gagnier should go in the eighth- to 12th-round range, and profiles best as a reliever.
23 695 Oakland Athletics Zach Thornton RHP Ore.
Righthander Thornton is a 6-foot-4, 210 pound senior who wears size 17 shoes and has a funky, low three-quarters arm action. Early in the year his sinking fastball sat around 90-93 mph, though later he was more 86-88. He has the best changeup and command on the Oregon staff, but his breaking ball is nothing special.
32 977 Florida Marlins Eddie Rodriguez C Ore.
Catcher Rodriguez consistently gets the bat on the ball and is a good receiver but had to work through a case of the yips this spring. He runs well for a catcher and has an average arm.