Players signed indicated in Bold

Round Overall Team Player Position State Bonus
7 226 Texas Rangers Jimmy Reyes LHP N.C. $125,000
College baseball offers few quality lefthanders for this year's draft, and Reyes was taking full advantage. He got off to a terrible start to his junior season, as a loss to Rice--his first after winning his first 12 decisions with Elon--sent him into a funk. He was pressing for scouts, trying to throw harder for radar guns, and lost the life and command on his fastball. When Reyes backed off to a still-firm 88-91 mph, his season took off. He creates some angle and downward plane on his fastball even though he's just 5-foot-10, 194 pounds. When he doesn't overthrow, he gets good life on the pitch with boring action in to righthanded hitters. That helps set up his slider, which can be an above-average pitch when he locates it well. It has tilt, and Reyes has shown the ability to back-foot it to righthanded hitters. His changeup has come along as well, giving Reyes another weapon to combat opposite-side hitters. He had thrown at least seven innings in six consecutive starts entering the Southern Conference tournament and had a gaudy 187-37 strikeout-walk ratio the last two seasons in 171 innings. Reyes offers little projection and lacks athleticism, his biggest negative. He has improved as a fielder and at holding runners, but neither will ever be a strong suit. His strong finish was pushing him up draft boards, perhaps as high as the fourth or fifth round.
15 465 Minnesota Twins Thomas Girdwood RHP N.C.
Girdwood stands a good chance of being drafted in the first eight rounds after setting Elon and Southern Conference career saves records. He's a lower-slot righthander who has to stay on top of his slider and fastball to be effective. When he's too close to sidearm, his 91-93 mph heater flattens out and his 81-85 mph slider lacks depth, and he's prone to allowing home runs. When he's right, though, both pitches play as above-average offerings, and his fastball has touched 95. He added a changeup, which has made progress but is still a third offering. Girdwood wasn't throwing as well down the stretch, faltering in the Southern Conference tournament. He has plenty of mound presence and experience pitching in big situations and profiles as a set-up man.
29 879 Milwaukee Brewers Dan Britt RHP N.C.
31 939 Milwaukee Brewers Mike Melillo C N.C.
35 1050 Cleveland Indians Ken Ferrer RHP N.C.
Righty Ferrer wound up winning nine games for Elon, second only behind ace Jimmy Reyes, and has one of the area's better fastballs, sitting 90-94 mph even in starting roles. His secondary stuff remains unrefined, and he didn't have a pitch to put hitters away. His control is also lacking, and he hit 15 batters in just 70 innings.
36 1081 Arizona Diamondbacks Justin Hilt OF N.C.