Players signed indicated in Bold

Round Overall Team Player Position State Bonus
19 567 San Francisco Giants Jason Walls RHP Ala.
Troy's best draft prospect is junior righthander Jason Walls, who has a live fastball that he can't quite command. He has a deep arm stab in his arm action, making it hard for him to repeat his delivery and stay out front. Walls sits at 89-93 mph and has heavy life down in the zone, and a hard slider that can be average if not a tick above. He doesn't have a great changeup and doesn't throw enough strikes, profiling more as a middle reliever. He's 6-feet-5, 205 pounds with a bit of projection left. He was just 4-4, 4.73 and may not go in the first 10 rounds, and Troy obviously would love to get him back for his senior season.
26 773 Seattle Mariners Chris Sorce RHP Ala.
Righthander Chris Sorce was Troy's closer and is a 6-foot righty who touches 93 mph and pitches at 90-91, but he isn't likely to go out higher than the 15th round because of his fringy secondary stuff (slider, changeup).