Players signed indicated in Bold

Round Overall Team Player Position State Bonus
7 211 Colorado Rockies Erik Stavert RHP Ore. $120,000
While teammate Drew Gagnier may be a sexier pick from a physical standpoint, Oregon's first player off the board is likely to be Stavert. Stavert gets heavy sink on a 89-92 mph two-seam fastball that's been up to 94. He commands the pitch well and also has a plus changeup that he'll throw to righthanded or lefthanded hitters. Like his fastball, the changeup also gets good downward action, giving him two pitches hitters pound into the ground. Stavert's breaking ball is a work in progress. Right now it's a slurvy pitch in the 77 mph range and pitching coach Andrew Checketts has been working with him to refine it as either a true curveball or a true slider.
14 423 Oakland Athletics Drew Gagnier RHP Ore.
There's a common theme among Oregon's pitching staff: size. The Ducks are loaded with physical, pro-bodied hurlers, and righthander Drew Gagnier is the biggest at 6-foot-4, 225 pounds. Gagnier has the stuff to match his size. While some days his fastball is 89-92 mph, other times it's 92-95. Like many pitchers, his fastball tends to straighten out at higher speeds. He developed an 85 mph cutter/slider that he uses as an out pitch and has a changeup, though he rarely throws it. Gagnier has some head tilt during his delivery, which contributes to spotty control (he walked 25 batters over 30 innings this year). Because of his size and big arm, Gagnier projects to go in the top 10 rounds--his brother Lauren was a 10th-round pick by the Tigers out of Cal State Fullerton in 2006. As a draft-eligible sophomore, though, he could return to Eugene to work on his control with the hope of improving his stock.
32 953 Seattle Mariners Ben Whitmore LHP Ore.
Ducks lefthander Bennett Whitmore also has a pro body at 6-foot-3, 215 pounds, but hasn't shown consistent velocity or command. He lost confidence in his stuff and tried to overthrow, though could still get popped in the latter rounds, as he was by the Red Sox last year coming out of Fresno (Calif.) CC.