Players signed indicated in Bold

Round Overall Team Player Position State Bonus
3 89 Texas Rangers Tim Murphy LHP Calif. $436,000
In high school and during his first two years at UCLA, Murphy was a two-way prospect who showed promise as a hard-hitting outfielder. He since has established himself as one of the premier college leftys in the nation. Murphy's build is strong and mature, and while not the lanky and projectable type, he is nonetheless a fine athlete--one who played quarterback and safety in high school and was an 11th-round pick in 2005. Scouts also appreciate Murphy's competitive attitude. He displays the ability to wiggle out of tough jams and survives outings in which his stuff is less than optimal. Since starting the season strongly, Murphy has struggled. When sharp, his fastball ranges from 89-92 mph, but dipped to 87 as the season wore on. He does a decent job of moving that pitch around, and has no reservations about challenging hitters with the four-seamer. Murphy's best offering is his mid-to-high 70s curve, an old-fashioned, over-the-top two-plane drop with 11-to-5 break. Murphy is sound mechanically, though a long back stroke in his arm action makes it difficult for him to maintain a consistent release point. His command suffers as a result. Murphy projects comfortably as either a back-of-the-rotation starter or, thanks to his curveball, as a lefthanded set-up man.
4 117 San Francisco Giants Brandon Crawford SS Calif. $375,000
Crawford sparkled as one of the best players in the nation during his freshman and sophomore seasons. His march toward the top half of the draft has not gone well, however, starting last summer, when he hit just .189 in the Cape Cod League. His junior year has been disappointing, as has that of preseason No. 1 UCLA, which was flirting with .500. Crawford has used several different stances at bat, searching for a solution. While he has average raw power, Crawford doesn't make enough contact to get to it and had struck out in 27 percent of his at-bats. His problems at the plate have him profiling as a utility player, and some scouts have criticized his energy level. His best tools are his speed, defense and plus arm. He shows advanced playmaking ability at short and is particularly adept at charging slow hoppers and making the throw on the run.
5 155 St. Louis Cardinals Jermaine Curtis 3B Calif. $181,000
Curtis had academic issues as a sophomore and got off to a difficult start as a junior before rallying. He's lauded by opponents and scouts for his leadership skills and gritty play. He'll have to learn a new position as a pro, moving to second base, because he lacks the arm strength and power for third. His other tools grade out as average at best but play up because of his effort and hustle.
15 463 Detroit Tigers Alden Carrithers 2B Calif.
17 528 Arizona Diamondbacks Ryan Babineau C Calif.