Players signed indicated in Bold

Pick Overall Team Player Position School State Bonus
1 1013 Tampa Bay Rays Matt Long RHP Cal State San Bernardino Calif.
2 1014 Pittsburgh Pirates Matt Payne 3B North Carolina State N.C.
3 1015 Kansas City Royals Brett Richardson RHP Wenatchee (Wash.) Valley JC Wash.
4 1016 Baltimore Orioles Travis Keating RHP Northern Colorado Colo.
Northern Colorado played a difficult schedule and pulled of an unlikely victory against Arizona State in March, the Sun Devils' first loss of the season. The Bears don't have any prospects as good as Brennan Garr, now pitching in the Rangers system, but they have a pair of physical pitchers in 6-foot-7 lefty Jon Klausing, who throws a fringy fastball, slider and changeup, and 6-foot-6 righty T.R. Keating, whose fastball has touched 91.
5 1017 San Francisco Giants Frank LaFreniere RHP Ahuntsic (Quebec) JC Quebec
Quebec righty Francois LaFreniere, a 17-year-old with a clean arm, pitcher's body and below-average present fastball. His curveball has shown more potential.
6 1018 Florida Marlins Matt Lokken 3B St. Helens (Ore.) HS Ore.
7 1019 Cincinnati Reds Bryan Gardner LHP Ithaca (N.Y.) N.Y.
8 1020 Chicago White Sox Marcus Semien SS St. Mary's HS, Berkeley, Calif. Calif.
9 1021 Washington Nationals Brian Pruitt OF Stetson Fla.
10 1022 Houston Astros Jordan Jankowski C Peters Township HS, McMurray, Pa. Pa.
11 1023 Texas Rangers Ryan Schlecht RHP Mount Olive (N.C.) JC N.C.
12 1024 Oakland Athletics Riley Welch RHP Desert Mountain HS, Scottsdale, Ariz. Ariz.
13 1025 St. Louis Cardinals Jack Cawley C Pace (N.Y.) N.Y.
Pace's Jack Cawley is solid hitter for average with a strong arm behind the plate and plenty of athleticism--he's an above-average runner.
14 1026 Minnesota Twins Adam Purdy RHP Pell City (Ala.) HS Ala.
15 1027 Los Angeles Dodgers Andrew Darwin OF San Jacinto (Calif.) HS Calif.
16 1028 Milwaukee Brewers Calvin Drummond RHP Huntington Beach (Calif.) HS Calif.
17 1029 Toronto Blue Jays Austin Armstrong RHP Palm Beach (Fla.) JC Fla.
18 1030 Atlanta Braves Matt Price RHP Walker School, Augusta, Ga. Ga.
19 1031 Chicago Cubs Bubba O'Donnell RHP High Point (N.C.) N.C.
20 1032 Seattle Mariners Ty Tostenson OF Oak Ridge HS, El Dorado Hills, Calif. Calif.
21 1033 Detroit Tigers Bryan Pounds 3B Houston Texas
22 1034 New York Mets Justin Garber OF Shippensburg (Pa.) Pa.
23 1035 San Diego Padres Matt Gaski 2B UNC Greensboro N.C.
24 1036 Philadelphia Phillies Blaine O'Brien RHP Scituate (Mass.) HS Mass.
Scituate righthander Blaine O'Brien has considerably more projection in his 6-foot-7 frame, but he's mostly a one-pitch guy now, relying on an 87-88 mph fastball that touches 90 occasionally. O'Brien could add velocity as he fills out a lanky frame that one scout compared to that of Tom Hanks' Woody character from "Toy Story." O'Brien is unlikely to be bought out of his commitment to Georgia.
25 1037 Colorado Rockies Ryan Radcliff C Fairview HS, Fairview Park, Ohio Ohio
26 1038 Arizona Diamondbacks Jake Elmore SS Arizona State Ala.
27 1039 Los Angeles Angels Drew Taylor LHP North Carolina State N.C.
28 1040 New York Yankees Brad Rulon RHP Georgia Tech Ga.
Senior righthander Brad Rulon led the Yellow Jackets staff in appearances this year and throws a fastball in the upper 80s and a plus curveball that he uses to put hitters away.
29 1041 Cleveland Indians Collin Brennan RHP Bradley Ill.
30 1042 Boston Red Sox Zak Sinclair RHP West Allegheny HS, Imperial, Pa. Pa.
Sinclair has a big frame (6-foot-4, 220 pounds) and an excellent athletic pedigree as a standout high school quarterback, but he lacks a breaking ball. Sinclair's fastball tops out at 91 but has room for projection.