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2000 First Round Update

Text by Josh Boyd
May 16, 2003

1. Marlins, Adrian Gonzalez, 1B AAA Looking like a lot more than just a bargain-priced prospect
2. Twins, Adam Johnson, rhp Majors Hasn't been able to build off a hot start to career
3. Cubs, Luis Montanez, ss High-A Stumbling in Class A, most still see a bright future ahead, possibly at second base
4. Royals, Mike Stodolka, lhp High-A Has been hampered by injuries, struggling to get back to prep form
5. Expos, Justin Wayne, rhp Majors Of the six 2000 first-rounders who have been since traded, he's one of four to reach the majors
6. Devil Rays, Rocco Baldelli, of Majors Has emerged as the consensus top talent from this class; a potential superstar
7. Rockies, Matt Harrington, rhp None Has been drafted again in each of the following two years, but is still yet to sign
8. Tigers, Matt Wheatland, rhp Low-A Unable to stay healthy, still no light at the end of the tunnel
9. Padres, Mark Phillips, lhp High-A Traded to Yankees, he's earned a reputation as a slow-starter, and a live arm
10. Angels, Joe Torres, lhp High-A A hidden injury may be preventing him from rediscovering his electric stuff
11. Brewers, Dave Krynzel, of AA Brewers may have the answer atop the lineup by 2004
12. White Sox, Joe Borchard, of Majors One of the top power prospects in the game, maybe not the immediate impact some expected
13. Cardinals, Shaun Boyd, 2b High-A Considered a reach with the 13th pick, he blossomed last year
14. Orioles, Beau Hale, rhp AA Never quite got going for the O's, succumbed to shoulder surgery this spring
15. Phillies, Chase Utley, 2b Majors Essentially blocked in Philly by Polanco and Bell, his future is in the majors, somewhere
16. Mets, Billy Traber, lhp Majors Without overpowering velocity, or even the velo he had as an amateur, Traber is on the Indians staff
17. Dodgers, Ben Diggins, rhp Majors Might have been drafted for his bat by another team, could still develop into a power-armed closer
18. Blue Jays, Miguel Negron, of Low-A This super-saver pick hasn't turned out as well as '99 pick Alexis Rios
19. Pirates, Sean Burnett, lhp AA Rising rapidly towards Pittsburgh with his uncanny knack for pitching, and sneaky velocity
20. Angels, Chris Bootcheck, rhp AAA Still hears the same criticism he did at Auburn--he doesn't miss enough bats--but has a shot to be a valuable big league starter
21. Giants, Boof Bonser, rhp AA Was rushed in 2002 after winning 16 games in '01, looks more polished in second Double-A stint at 21
22. Red Sox, Phil Dumatrait, lhp High-A Made promising progress from raw talent to pitcher after hitting a speed bump with 2001 injury
23. Reds, David Espinosa, ss High-A One of the draft's toughest signs, he commanded little value in '02 trade to Detroit
24. Cardinals, Blake Williams, rhp High-A Stalled by Tommy John surgery, he rejoined the Cards after Rule 5 stint with the Reds this spring
25. Rangers, Scott Heard, c High-A Hasn't answered questions about the bat yet after hitting .292 as a senior
26. Indians, Corey Smith, ss AA Moved to third, may still reach those Sheffield comparisons, though he's a long-term project
27. Astros, Robert Stiehl, rhp Low-A Like Wheatland, hasn't been healthy long enough to show off first-round arm
28. Yankees, David Parrish, c AA A surprise first-rounder, hasn't fulfilled the Yankees billing
29. Braves, Adam Wainwright, rhp AA The prototypical Braves pick continues to advance a year at a time as their best prospect
30. Braves, Scott Thorman, 3b High-A Disappeared off of the radar screen when shoulder surgery cost him 2001, returned with 16 HRs last year

2000 In Retrospect:

1. Rocco Baldelli
2. Rich Harden
3. Xavier Nady
4. Adam Wainwright
5. Sean Burnett
6. Adrian Gonzalez
7. Dontrelle Willis
8. Jason Stokes
9. Laynce Nix
10. Dustin McGowan
11. Grady Sizemore
12. Joe Borchard
13. Cliff Lee
14. Taylor Buchholz
15. Corey Hart
16. Brandon Webb
17. Dustin Moseley
18. Bubba Nelson
19. Chase Utley
20. Bobby Jenks
21. Jason Young
22. Boof Bonser
23. Dave Krynzel
24. Freddy Sanchez
25. Edwin Encarnacion
26. Vince Perkins
27. Bobby Hill
28. Joel Hanrahan
29. Koyie Hill
30. Todd Wellemeyer

Also In the Mix:

Mark Phillips
Justin Wayne
J.D. Durbin
Jason Kubel
Billy Traber
Sean Henn
Chris Narveson
Ryan Hannaman
Lance Niekro
Manny Delcarmen
Nic Jackson
Corey Smith
Garrett Atkins
Ben Diggins