2003 Trade Central

Whenever there’s a trade involving a major leaguer or a Prospect Handbook-caliber minor leaguer, we’ll provide in-depth analysis.


RHP Wilton Chavez, Iowa (AAA)

Dec. 19 • Cubs trade spare pitcher for bench depth
Cubs Expos
Acquire:OF/3B Jose Macias, Montreal


RHP Edwardo Sierra, Kane County (A)

SS/2B J.T. Stotts, Midland (AA)

Dec. 18 • A’s keep busy, grab Hammond in fourth deal in four days
Athletics Yankees
Acquire:LHP Chris Hammond, New York (AL)


LHP Bill Murphy, Midland (AA)

RHP Mike Neu, Oakland

Dec. 16 • Marlins continue to retool, send Redman to Oakland
Athletics Marlins
Acquire:LHP Mark Redman, Florida


C Damian Miller, Chicago (NL)

Dec. 16 • A’s deal Barrett a day after acquiring him
Cubs Athletics
Acquire:C Michael Barrett, Montreal


LHP Brett Price, Modesto (A)

Dec. 15 • A’s fill catching void with Barrett
Athletics Expos
Acquire:C Michael Barrett, Montreal


RHP Chris Buglovsky, Tulsa (AA)

Dec. 15 • Mariners, Rockies swap minor league righties
Rockies Mariners
Acquire:RHP Allan Simpson, Tacoma (AAA)


OF Quinton McCracken, Arizona

Dec. 15 • Colbrunn returns to Arizona after a year away
Diamondbacks Mariners
Acquire:1B Greg Colbrunn, Seattle


cash considerations

Dec. 15 • Brooks moves to fourth organization in five months
Athletics Mets
Acquire:LHP Frank Brooks, Nashville (AAA)


RHP Jason Szuminski, Iowa (AAA)

Dec. 15 • AFL standouts change teams twice in Rule 5 swap
Royals Padres
Acquire:OF Rich Thompson, Nashville (AAA)


LHP John Thomas, San Jose (A)

Dec. 15 • Giants, Twins do Mohr business together
Giants Twins
Acquire:OF Dustan Mohr, Minnesota


RHP Brandon Backe, Tampa Bay

Dec. 14 • Devil Rays trade for versatile Blum
Devil Rays Astros
Acquire:3B/2B Geoff Blum, Houston

Dec. 14 • Jays, Rays, Rockies make three-way pitching deal
Blue Jays Rockies Devil Rays
Acquire:RHP Justin Speier, Colorado Acquire:LHP Joe Kennedy,
Tampa Bay

RHP Sandy Nin,
New Haven (AA)

Acquire:RHP Mark Hendrickson, Toronto


RHP Jeff Weaver, New York (AL)

RHP Yhency Brazoban, GCL Yankees (R)

RHP Brandon Weeden, Staten Island (SS)

Dec. 13 • Yankees grab another expensive ace in Brown
Yankees Dodgers
Acquire:RHP Kevin Brown, Los Angeles


OF Travis Ezi, South Georgia (A)

Dec. 13 • Anemic Dodgers add a bat in Encarnacion
Dodgers Marlins
Acquire:OF Juan Encarnacion, Florida


RHP Adam Wainwright, Greenville (AA)

LHP Ray King, Atlanta

RHP Jason Marquis, Atlanta

Dec. 13 • Braves fill free-agent holes with Drew, Marrero
Braves Cardinals
Acquire:OF J.D. Drew, St. Louis

OF/C Eli Marrero, St. Louis


1B Nick Johnson, New York (AL)

OF Juan Rivera, New York (AL)

LHP Randy Choate, Columbus (AAA)

Dec. 4 • Yankees counter Schilling trade by grabbing Vazquez
Yankees Expos
Acquire:RHP Javier Vazquez, Montreal


RHP Carlos Silva, Philadelphia

INF Nick Punto, Philadelphia

RHP Bobby Korecky, Clearwater (A)

Dec. 3 • Phillies trade for another expensive lefty in Milton
Phillies Twins
Acquire:LHP Eric Milton, Minnesota


2B Aaron Miles, Chicago (AL)

Dec. 2 • White Sox, Rockies swap infielders
White Sox Rockies
Acquire:SS Juan Uribe, Colorado


2B Junior Spivey, Arizona

1B Lyle Overbay, Arizona

LHP Jorge de la Rosa, Pawtucket (AAA)

C Chad Moeller, Arizona

INF Craig Counsell, Arizona

LHP Chris Capuano, Arizona

Dec. 1 • Brewers trade best player for middling Diamondbacks
Diamondbacks Brewers
Acquire:1B Richie Sexson, Milwaukee

LHP Shane Nance, Milwaukee

OF “Noochie” Varner, Huntsville (AA)

Nov. 28 • Red Sox give thanks for Schilling
Red Sox Diamondbacks
Acquire:RHP Curt Schilling, Arizona Acquire:LHP Casey Fossum, Boston

RHP Brandon Lyon, Boston

LHP Jorge de la Rosa, Pawtucket (AAA)

OF Mike Goss, Augusta (A)

Nov. 26 • Padres get huge upgrade behind plate
Padres Athletics
Acquire:C Ramon Hernandez, Oakland

OF Terrence Long, Oakland

Acquire:OF Mark Kotsay, San Diego

Nov. 25 • Cubs upgrade at first base with Lee
Cubs Marlins
Acquire:1B Derrek Lee, Florida Acquire:1B Hee Seop Choi, Chicago (NL)

RHP Mike Nannini, West Tenn (AA)

Nov. 21 • Devil Rays bring Martinez back home
Devil Rays Cardinals
Acquire:1B Tino Martinez, St. Louis Acquire:RHP Evan Rust, Durham (AAA)

1B John-Paul Davis, Orlando (AA)

Nov. 18 • A’s begin dealing, send Lilly to Jays
Blue Jays Athletics
Acquire:LHP Ted Lilly, Oakland Acquire:OF Bobby Kielty, Toronto

Nov. 14 • With Mauer coming, Twins deal Pierzynski
Giants Twins
Acquire:C A.J. Pierzynski, Minnesota Acquire:RHP Boof Bonser, Fresno (AAA)

RHP Joe Nathan, San Francisco

LHP Francisco Liriano, AZL Giants (R)

Nov. 3 • Phillies find closer, Astros stash cash
Phillies Astros
Acquire:LHP Billy Wagner, Houston Acquire:RHP Taylor Buchholz, Reading (AA)

RHP Brandon Duckworth, Philadelphia

RHP Ezequiel Astacio, Clearwater (A)

Sept. 9 • Sears escapes one logjam, may face another
Padres Twins
Acquire:1B Todd Sears, Rochester (AAA) Acquire:SS Alex Garcia, Eugene (SS)

Sept. 2 • Phillies get de los Santos to patch bullpen
Phillies Brewers
Acquire:LHP Valerio de los Santos, Milwaukee Acquire:cash considerations

Aug. 31 • Marlins replace Lowell with Conine
Marlins Orioles
Acquire:1B/OF Jeff Conine, Baltimore Acquire:RHP Denny Bautista, Carolina (AA)

RHP Don Levinski, Jupiter (A)

Aug. 31 • Phillies add Stinnett right before postseason deadline
Phillies Reds
Acquire:C Kelly Stinnett, Cincinnati Acquire:OF Eric Valent, Scranton/W.-Barre (AAA)

Aug. 28 • Red Sox bring Merloni back home
Red Sox Padres
Acquire:SS/2B Lou Merloni, San Diego Acquire:RHP Rene Miniel, Portland (AA)

Aug. 26 • After getting Giles, Padres ship White to Royals
Royals Padres
Acquire:OF Rondell White, San Diego Acquire:LHP Chris Tierney, Wilmington (A)

RHP Brian Sanches, Wichita (AA)

Aug. 26 • Padres complete deal to bring Giles home
Padres Pirates
Acquire:OF Brian Giles, Pittsburgh Acquire:LHP Oliver Perez, San Diego

OF Jason Bay, Portland (AAA)

LHP Cory Stewart, Mobile (AA)

Aug. 25 • Busy Cubs, Reds execute yet another transaction
Reds Cubs
Acquire:LHP Phil Norton, Iowa (AAA) Acquire:LHP John Koronka, Chattanooga (AA)

Aug. 25 • Royals get much-needed mound reinforcement
Royals Indians
Acquire:LHP Brian Anderson, Cleveland Acquire:OF/1B Trey Dyson, Wilmington (A)

RHP Kieran Mattison, Wilmington (A)

Aug. 22 • Cardinals add Hitchcock as possible rotation fodder . . .
Cardinals Brewers
Acquire:LHP Sterling Hitchcock, New York (AL) Acquire:RHP Justin Pope, Palm Beach (A)

LHP Ben Julianel, Peoria (A)

Aug. 22 • . . . minutes after grabbing DeJean for late-inning relief
Cardinals Brewers
Acquire:RHP Mike DeJean, Milwaukee Acquire:RHP Mike Crudale, Memphis (AAA)

RHP John Novinsky, Tennessee (AA)

Aug. 21 • White Sox pick up Sullivan, move into first place
White Sox Reds
Acquire:RHP Scott Sullivan, Cincinnati Acquire:3B/SS Tim Hummel, Charlotte (AAA)

Aug. 19 • With Durham ailing, Giants import Young
Giants Brewers
Acquire:2B Eric Young, Milwaukee Acquire:RHP Greg Bruso, Norwich (AA)

Aug. 19 • Cubs hope Womack can fill Grudzielanek’s shoes
Cubs Rockies
Acquire:SS Tony Womack, Colorado Acquire:RHP Enmanuel Ramirez, West Tenn (AA)

Aug. 16 • Rebuffed twice by Palmeiro, Cubs turn to Simon
Cubs Pirates
Acquire:1B Randall Simon, Pittsburgh Acquire:OF Ray Sadler, West Tenn (AA)

Aug. 12 • After eight years, Mercker returns to Braves
Braves Reds
Acquire:LHP Kent Mercker, Cincinnati Acquire:RHP Matt Belisle, Richmond (AAA)

Aug. 6 • Benitez, Nelson wear out their welcomes
Mariners Yankees
Acquire:RHP Armando Benitez, New York (AL) Acquire:RHP Jeff Nelson, Seattle

July 31 • Yankees ship redundant Ventura to Dodgers
Dodgers Yankees
Acquire:3B Robin Ventura, New York (AL) Acquire:OF Bubba Crosby, Los Angeles

RHP Scott Proctor, Las Vegas (AAA)

July 31 • Giants come away with prized starter in Ponson
Giants Orioles
Acquire:RHP Sidney Ponson, Baltimore Acquire:RHP Kurt Ainsworth, San Francisco

LHP Damian Moss, San Francisco

LHP Ryan Hannaman, San Jose (A)

July 31 • Part two: Yankees get White from Reds
Yankees Reds
Acquire:LHP Gabe White, Cincinnati Acquire:cash considerations

July 31 • Red Sox add Suppan to rotation, make amends for Lyon
Red Sox Pirates
Acquire:RHP Jeff Suppan, Pittsburgh

RHP Brandon Lyon, Pittsburgh

RHP Anastacio Martinez, Altoona (AA)

Acquire:SS/2B Freddy Sanchez, Pawtucket (AAA)

LHP Mike Gonzalez, Pawtucket (AAA)

July 31 • Yankees’ search for bat ends with Boone
Yankees Reds
Acquire:3B Aaron Boone, Cincinnati Acquire:LHP Brandon Claussen, Columbus (AAA)

LHP Charlie Manning, Tampa (A)

July 30 • Beane makes his move, grabs Guillen from Reds
Athletics Reds
Acquire:OF Jose Guillen, Cincinnati Acquire:RHP Joe Valentine, Sacramento (AAA)

RHP Aaron Harang, Sacramento (AAA)

RHP Jeff Bruksch, Modesto (A)

July 30 • Cubs bring Glanville back as extra option in center
Cubs Rangers
Acquire:OF Doug Glanville, Texas Acquire:OF Jason Fransz, Lansing (A)

July 29 • Yankees shuffle Mondesi to offense-hungry Diamondbacks
Diamondbacks Yankees
Acquire:OF Raul Mondesi, New York (AL) Acquire:OF David Dellucci, Arizona

RHP Bret Prinz, Tucson (AAA)

C Jon-Mark Sprowl, South Bend (A)

July 29 • Red Sox bullpen gets stronger with Williamson
Red Sox Reds
Acquire:RHP Scott Williamson, Cincinnati Acquire:LHP Phil Dumatrait, Sarasota (A)

LHP Tyler Pelland, GCL Red Sox (R)

July 29 • Angels, White Sox swap five relievers
White Sox Angels
Acquire:LHP Scott Schoeneweis, Anaheim

RHP Doug Nickle, Salt Lake (AAA)

Acquire:RHP Gary Glover, Chicago (AL)

RHP Scott Dunn, Birmingham (AA)

LHP Tim Bittner, Winston-Salem (A)

July 29 • Mariners pick up Sanchez to bolster defense, bench
Mariners Mets
Acquire:SS Rey Sanchez, New York (NL) Acquire:OF Kenny Kelly, Tacoma (AAA)

July 28 • Royals find a bullpen lefty in Lloyd
Royals Mets
Acquire:LHP Graeme Lloyd, New York (NL) Acquire:RHP Jeremy Hill, Wichita (AA)

July 22 • Yankees get lefty reliever in vintage model Orosco
Yankees Padres
Acquire:LHP Jesse Orosco, San Diego Acquire:cash considerations

July 22 • Pirates really begin dismantling by dealing Ramirez, Lofton
Cubs Pirates
Acquire:3B Aramis Ramirez, Pittsburgh

OF Kenny Lofton, Pittsburgh

Acquire:2B Bobby Hill, Iowa (AAA)

SS/3B Jose Hernandez, Chicago (NL)

RHP Matt Bruback, Iowa (AAA)

July 22 • Red Sox shuffle their bullpen, add Sauerbeck
Red Sox Pirates
Acquire:LHP Scott Sauerbeck, Pittsburgh

LHP Mike Gonzalez, Nashville (AAA)

Acquire:RHP Brandon Lyon, Boston

RHP Anastacio Martinez, Portland (AA)

July 20 • Williams returns to Philadelphia
Phillies Pirates
Acquire:RHP Mike Williams, Pittsburgh Acquire:LHP Frank Brooks, Reading (AA)

July 18 • Rangers find some mound help with Rodriguez
Rangers Indians
Acquire:RHP Ricardo Rodriguez, Cleveland

OF Shane Spencer, Cleveland

Acquire:OF Ryan Ludwick, Texas

July 18 • Unneeded in Arizona, Womack finds a new home
Rockies Diamondbacks
Acquire:SS Tony Womack, Arizona Acquire:RHP Mike Watson, Asheville (A)

July 16 • Yankees nail down bullpen help with all-star Benitez
Yankees Mets
Acquire:RHP Armando Benitez, New York (NL) Acquire:RHP Jason Anderson, New York (AL)

RHP Anderson Garcia, Battle Creek (A)

RHP Ryan Bicondoa, Tampa (A)

July 16 • Jays, Twins swap similar outfielders in Stewart, Kielty
Twins Blue Jays
Acquire:OF Shannon Stewart, Toronto

LHP Dave Gassner, New Haven (AA)

Acquire:OF Bobby Kielty, Minnesota

July 14 • Dodgers hope Burnitz can boost ailing offense
Dodgers Mets
Acquire:OF Jeromy Burnitz, New York (NL) Acquire:2B Victor Diaz, Jacksonville (AA)

RHP Joselo Diaz, Jacksonville (AA)

RHP Kole Strayhorn, Vero Beach (A)

July 13 • Herges gives Giants more bullpen depth
Giants Padres
Acquire:RHP Matt Herges, San Diego Acquire:RHP Clay Hensley, San Jose (A)

RHP R.D. Spiehs, Norwich (AA)

July 13 • Rockies give up on Petrick, deal him for Bernero
Tigers Rockies
Acquire:OF/C Ben Petrick, Colo. Springs (AAA) Acquire:RHP Adam Bernero, Detroit

July 11 • Urbina nets Rangers former No. 1 overall pick, two others
Marlins Rangers
Acquire:RHP Ugueth Urbina, Texas Acquire:1B Adrian Gonzalez, Carolina (AA)

OF Will Smith, Carolina (AA)

LHP Ryan Snare, Carolina (AA)

July 6 • Latest Jimenez trade lands him with Reds
Reds White Sox
Acquire:2B D’Angelo Jimenez, Chicago (AL) Acquire:RHP Scott Dunn, Chattanooga (AA)

July 6 • Royals swing another deal, add infield insurance
Royals Dodgers
Acquire:SS Gookie Dawkins, Las Vegas (AAA) Acquire:LHP Scott Mullen, Omaha (AAA)

SS Victor Rodriguez, Wichita (AA)

July 2 • Royals find bullpen help with Leskanic
Royals Brewers
Acquire:RHP Curtis Leskanic, Milwaukee Acquire:2B Alejandro Machado, Wichita (AA)

RHP Wes Obermueller, Omaha (AAA)

July 1 • White Sox continue overhaul by adding Everett
White Sox Rangers
Acquire:OF Carl Everett, Texas Acquire:OF Anthony Webster, Kannapolis (A)

RHP Josh Rupe, Kannapolis (A)

RHP Franklin Francisco, Win.-Salem (A)

July 1 • Mets start makeover, send Alomar to White Sox
White Sox Mets
Acquire:2B Roberto Alomar, New York (NL) Acquire:LHP Royce Ring, Birmingham (AA)

RHP Edwin Almonte, Charlotte (AAA)

IF Andrew Salvo, Kannapolis (A)

June 25 • Yankees add depth with Garcia, Miceli
Yankees Indians
Acquire:OF Karim Garcia, Cleveland

RHP Dan Miceli, Cleveland

Acquire:cash considerations

June 23 • Tribe gets Santos for Brown
Indians Red Sox
Acquire:INF Angel Santos, Pawtucket (AAA) Acquire:RHP Jamie Brown, Buffalo (AAA)

June 19 • Hernandez returns to Cubs
Cubs Rockies
Acquire:SS Jose Hernandez, Colorado Acquire:3B Mark Bellhorn, Chicago (NL)

RHP Travis Anderson, West Tenn (AA)

June 6 • Red Sox end Rule 5 trial with White
Mariners Red Sox
Acquire:LHP Matt White, Boston Acquire:OF Sheldon Fulse, Inland Empire (A)

June 6 • Rangers part ways with Sierra again
Yankees Rangers
Acquire:OF Ruben Sierra, Texas Acquire:OF Marcus Thames, Columbus (AAA)

May 29 • Arizona, Boston exchange all-stars
Red Sox Diamondbacks
Acquire:RHP Byung-Hyun Kim, Arizona Acquire:3B Shea Hillenbrand, Boston

May 27 • Brewers exile Sanchez to Detroit
Tigers Brewers
Acquire:OF Alex Sanchez, Milwaukee Acquire:OF Gary “Noochie” Varner, Erie (AA)

LHP Chad Petty, Lakeland (A)

May 26 • Texas gets former first-rounder for Yan
Cardinals Rangers
Acquire:RHP Esteban Yan, Texas Acquire:OF Rick Asadoorian, Palm Beach (A)

April 24 • Brewers claim Nicolas, deal him to Sox
Red Sox Brewers
Acquire:RHP Mike Nicolas, Mobile (AA) Acquire:LHP Brian Adams, Portland (AA)

March 29 • Cubs grab another pitching prospect
Cubs Giants
Acquire:RHP David Cash, Shreveport (AA) Acquire:C Gerard McCall, Jackson (indy)

RHP Jeff Verplancke, did not play in 2003

March 25 • Tigers add to Rule 5 fun with Spurling
Acquire:RHP Chris Spurling, Altoona (AA) Acquire:LHP Matt Coenen, West Michigan (A)

March 25 • Phillies pick up Magee as insurance
Acquire:OF Wendell Magee, Cleveland Acquire:RHP Mike Fyhrie, Philadelphia

March 24 • Giants get creative, dump Hernandez
Acquire:RHP Livan Hernandez, San Francisco
C Edwards Guzman, Fresno (AAA)
Acquire:RHP Jim Brower, Montreal
LHP Matt Blank, Edmonton (AAA)

March 24 • Brewers, Rays swap role players
Acquire:C Javier Valentin, Minnesota Acquire:OF Jason Conti, Tampa Bay

March 19 • Yankees take on salary for prospect
Acquire:OF Rondell White, Yankees Acquire:OF Bubba Trammell, San Diego
LHP Mark Phillips, Lake Elsinore (A)

March 18 • Rockies make Rule 5 deal for Lopez
Acquire:LHP Javier Lopez, El Paso (AA) Acquire:RHP Ryan Cameron, Carolina (AA)

March 16 • Rangers find way to keep McDougall
Acquire:INF Marshall McDougall, Akron (AA) Acquire:LHP Derrick Van Dusen, Tulsa (AA)

March 11 • Cust finally gets his chance to DH
Acquire:OF Jack Cust, Colorado Acquire:OF/1B Chris Richard, Baltimore

March 6 • Reds, Royals swap prospects
Acquire:RHP Jeff Austin, Omaha (AAA)
LHP Brian Shackelford, Wichita (AA)
Acquire:OF Alan Moye, Billings (R)
3B Damaso Espino, GCL Reds (R)

Jan. 27 • NL West foes exchange role players
Acquire:OF/2B Jason Romano, Colorado Acquire:OF Luke Allen, Los Angeles

Jan. 25 • Dodgers pick up disappointing Ward
Acquire:OF Daryle Ward, Houston Acquire:RHP Ruddy Lugo, Jacksonville (AA)

Jan. 15 • Colon winds up in Sox—White Sox
Acquire:RHP Bartolo Colon, Montreal
2B/SS Jorge Nunez, Ottawa (AAA)
Acquire:RHP Orlando Hernandez, New York (AL)
OF/1B Jeff Liefer, Chicago (AL)
RHP Rocky Biddle, Chicago (AL)
Acquire:RHP Antonio Osuna, Chicago (AL)
RHP Delvis Lantigua, Charlotte (AAA)

Jan. 11 • Marlins add starter, but it’s not Colon
Acquire:LHP Mark Redman, Detroit
RHP Jerrod Fuell, West Michigan (A)
Acquire:LHP Rob Henkel, Portland (AA)
LHP Nate Robertson, Florida
RHP Gary Knotts, Florida

Jan. 7 • Jays finally get Griffin
Acquire:OF John-Ford Griffin, Midland (AA) Acquire:DH/OF Jason Perry, Dunedin (A)

Jan. 2 • A’s add Fikac to bullpen
Acquire:RHP Jeremy Fikac, San Diego Acquire:cash considerations