Saints offer up zany promotions

March 18, 2002

Mimes re-enacting double plays, not-quite accurate fairy tales and a simultaneous Big Bang will all be sights and sounds at Midway Stadium during the St. Paul Saints' upcoming baseball season in the independent Northern League.

All promotions will be familiar. The Saints are celebrating their 10th anniversary season by staging the team's best promotions of all-time. Some will be slightly modified to reflect the change in times. For instance, Seat Cushion Night on Friday, June 7, has a twist: it will feature Bud Selig.

Fractured Fairy Tales, Mime-O-Vision, Homecoming, The Blues Brothers, Myron Noodleman and the St. Patrick's Day Celebration will all return from the Saints' annals as all-time favorites.

A unique bobblehead giveaway will honor Saints first base coach Wayne Terwilliger.

Customary favorites like opening night calendars, fireworks and the 50th anniversary of Bat Day will all be a part of the Saints' promotional calendar.