Lynx owner despairs in Ottawa

By Tim Pearrell
July 18, 2002

Triple-A Ottawa owner Ray Pecor says he's disappointed with the club's attendance but will give fans a little longer to prove minor-league baseball is viable in Canada's capital.

The Lynx, who were 10 games over .500, had drawn 93,043 in 41 openings, an average of 2,269–by far the lowest total in the International League.

“I'd be lying if I told you it wasn't discouraging,” Pecor told the Ottawa Sun. “The weather's been lousy, there's no question about it . . . But I'm not going to give up the ship.

“How patient can you be? Well, I'm giving it until August. Around the 10th or 15th of the month. If we aren't where we need to be, then clearly Ottawa has sent a message that it doesn't want baseball here.”

Pecor said he needs to draw about 300,000 fans, or an average of about 4,000. That would mean Ottawa would need to average almost 7,000 the remainder of the season.